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How to repair your clothes

Whether it’s a tear, rip or, hole, you do not have to say goodbye to your favorite clothes when it gets a little beaten. Learning some simple clothes that repair notches can help you keep your favorite garments in great shape and save your wallet during the process.

Makes jeans

Jeans wear better than most clothes, but tears and tears can really make your favorite pair of Levi unbearable. If you have a rip in a seam, use an invisible seam to quickly sew up the hole. There are some variants of an invisible or disappearing seam, all of which are made by hand. It is important that you use a strong thread or even embroidery thread to do the repair. You also need a strong needle as well.

If you have a hole in the knee of your jeans, patching is usually the most functional option. While you can try on the invisible seam, you will probably lose the ability to bend your knees in your jeans if you do. Patching gives you a complete range of bending movements in your jeans when you choose a fabric with a little stretch. To patch a knee, take a piece of fabric and cut it slightly larger than the hole in your jeans. Then place the fabric inside your jeans and top stitches around it on the outside of the jeans to secure the patch in place.

knee pads

If you can not chop the patch, you can damage your jeans so that the hole looks as if it came intentionally. Use a seam breaker to pick out the hem of the jeans to get a trendy look and use a non-slip to undo the jeans’ thighs. You can add more holes with cloth scissors or sprinkle some bleach for a little pattern. You can even add embroidery or external stains to spread the pants and make them a whole new jean dream.

zigzag sewing pattern for denim repair

Repair tops, dresses and skirts

Because clothes are available in all different fabric types, it can be a little harder to repair. If you work with a really stretchy fabric, you can skip the machine and repair by hand. If you work with a stiffer fabric or cotton, you may be able to sew your clothes on a machine.

If you work with a small hole, buy a small ironing bag. This allows you to close the hole with a small piece of the iron patch. If the hole is small enough, a small iron patch can do the trick. If your hole is a little larger, you will want to sew over the top of the patch to secure it and make sure the repair remains repaired. Match your thread to the fabric as best you can and keep your seams tight.

sewing kit with patches and thread

If you find that the hole in your clothes is more of a tear, you may be able to use an invisible seam to reassemble the clothes. If not, you may need to get creative and consider turning your top into a crop or your midi into a mini. Do not be afraid to get a little messy and cut your clothes, add something new or turn it into something completely different.

Once you have patched a hole, it may look a little gnarled. If so, get creative. Add embroidery over the top of the patch job or an external patch. Even dressing up a top with pins and buttons can add a little personality and act as a cover for a spotty patch job.

Stitch Kit

Create a stitch package to have in the car, send to college with your kids or gift to a newlywed. These practical kits make it easy to repair clothes and save time and money. In a small bag, place a few needles of different sizes, basic threads in black and white, a needle threader and some safety pins. This simple kit is a great gift and a must in the house for people who do not have full sewing collections.

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