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How to repair faux leather

Faux leather is also known as imitation, synthetic or artificial leather. It has a similar look to natural leather, but faux leather items usually consist of a fabric base with a polyurethane coating. This composition means that faux leather will inevitably peel and crack over time, in which case there are various methods you can use to repair it. With a few leather repairs and the right techniques, you can restore most faux leather goods to extend their usability, although they will not last forever.

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Covers peeling or cracking with leather color

  1. Peel away all loose pieces of cheated leather. Use your fingers to pull away any loose faux leather tabs that protrude from the object. Stop when you can no longer peel off. [1]
      Repairing faux leather Step 1.jpg
    • You can use a blunt object, such as a butter knife, to help you scale up and scrape away the loose pieces of faux leather if it is difficult to do with just your fingers .
    • This method works for all types of faux leather items that peel or crack including furniture, clothing and accessories. Keep in mind that it will probably only restore the look of cheat clothing and that it will not look brand new. You will eventually get better at replacing the item.
  2. Wipe the peeled section and surrounding area with a leather cloth. Open a jar of leather cloths and pull out a single wipe. Rub all over the place you have just peeled and the surrounding chimney to clean the surface for painting. [2]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 2.jpg
    • Leather cloths are specifically formulated for cleaning leather and work well on faux leather, but you can also use another type of mild cleaning napkin, such as a cloth.
  3. Choose an acrylic leather color appropriately. Choose a color of acrylic leather color that matches the color of your faux leather item. Acrylic leather paints are available online, in craft stores and in leather retail stores. [3]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 3.jpg
    • If you do not find the right color for acrylic leather color, you can mix several colors together to create a color that matches closely with chic.
  4. Brush on the leather color horizontally with a small brush. Pour some of your chosen color into a plastic cup and dip a small brush, like the type used for art, into the cup to get some color on it. Spread the color over the peeled area in long horizontal strokes. [4]
      Repair faux leather Step 4.jpg
    • If there are different parts of faux leather in different sizes that you want to repair, it may be good to have several small paintbrushes of different sizes to paint smaller and larger damaged areas.
  5. Let the color dry for at least 30 minutes. Wait 30 minutes, then gently pull the painted area with your fingertip to see if it is dry when touched. Let it dry longer if it is still sticky until it feels completely dry. [5]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 5.jpg
    • You can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process if you wish. Set it to medium heat and keep it about the painted surface, then slowly move it back and forth over the painted patch until it is dry.
  6. Paint on additional layers until you are satisfied with Quit. Use your brush to apply more layers of the same color. Allow each coating to dry before applying the next. [6]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 6.jpg
    • Pay particular attention to certain areas that may require more color to blend the repaired area, such as around the edges where the color meets the existing cheat clothing and any stains near the seams.
  7. Add a clear acrylic top coat to seal the paint job. Choose a matte, glossy or semi-gloss acrylic finish based on how shiny the existing faux leather is. Use a clean brush to apply the clear acrylic that is finished over the entire painted area and the surrounding edges with long horizontal strokes. [7]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 7.jpg
    • Don't worry if the acrylic finish looks white when you first apply it when it will dry on clear.
    • Watch out for any runs or drops as you go and wipe them off with your brush.
  8. Allow the item to dry overnight before using it. Leave the item in peace until the next day so that the top layer has plenty of time to cure. Make sure no one else uses the item if there is something in common like a sofa. [8]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 8.jpg
    • Remember that your faux leather will not look perfect when you examine it up close, but at a distance it will look much better than before when it was peeled and ugly .

[ Edit ] Fixing Minor Peeling with Leather Dye

  1. Put on a pair of latex gloves. Use a pair of well-fitted latex gloves that the type of doctors wear. This will protect your skin from being colored but allows you to use your fingertips to effectively apply the dye. [9]
      Repair faux leather Step 9.jpg
    • This method works best for small damaged areas where faux leather is just beginning to peel or crack.
  2. Choose the appropriate color for the leather repair color. Choose a color that matches the color of the faux leather items you want to repair. Leather repair dye is available online or in leather repair shops. [10]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 10.jpg
    • You can use leather repair dyes to color exposed fabric that the faux leather has peeled off and to fasten loose pieces of faux clothing down.
  3. Shake up the bottle and cover the damaged area with dye. Make sure the lid is firmly seated, then shake the bottle upside down to mix the dye. Open the bottle cap with paint and tilt it up and down over the peeling or crack area. Squeeze out enough droplets of dyes to cover the exposed material under cheat. [11]
      Repair faux leather Step 11.jpg
    • The color will be absorbed into the fabric, so go ahead and apply it generously. You don't have to worry about adding too much.
  4. Work the dye under a few loose pieces of cheat. Use a fingertip to gently lift any loose tabs of scaling faux leather. Spread the dye around under the flaps so that it sinks into all the exposed fabric underneath and gets on the underside of the tab. [12]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 12.jpg
    • Apply more color as needed while doing this until there is enough to get it over the damaged area and the color of the exposed fabric looks dark enough.
  5. Press the loose pieces of faux leather down into the wet dye with your fingers. Carefully drop all loose flaps of cheat clothes down to the colored fabric with your fingertip. Gently rub them against the center of the damaged area to even out. [13]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 13.jpg
    • The leather repair dye also acts as an adhesive, so that the loose flaps will stick when the dye dries.
    • If you purchased a leather color repair kit, you can also use any application tool that comes with the kit to help push down and smooth out the loose tabs in faux leather. [14]
  6. Wipe the repaired area with a hair dryer. Turn on a hair dryer to medium heat and keep it away from the repaired area. Wiggle back and forth over the wet dye for a few minutes until it is dry when touched. [15]
      Repair faux leather Step 14.jpg
    • You can also use a heat gun to dry the paint if you have one available.
    • If you have nothing to speed up the drying process, the leather dye will take 1-2 hours to dry on your own.
  7. Take up the repaired area with additional dye. if necessary. Check the place you repaired after it is dry. Add more color if you want to make it darker or if there are still loose flaps of faux leather that stick out that you want to smooth out. [16]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 15.jpg
    • You can repeat the process of drying the colored area with a hair dryer and stir it as many times as you like until you are satisfied with the results.
  8. Let the repaired faux leather dry overnight. Wait until the next day before touching the repaired area or using the item. This gives the dye a lot of time to cure and ensure that the loose pieces of cheat clothing are strongly adhered to the fabric underneath. [17]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 16.jpg

[ Edit ] [19659060] Sealing tears with a leather repair kit

  1. Buy a suitable colored leather or vinyl repair kit. Leather and vinyl repair kits have colored patches, sandpaper, a cleaning solution, at least 1 patch and glue. Buy one that has a patch that closely matches the color of your damaged faux leather item. [18]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 17.jpg
    • These ventures are usually marketed to repair leather and faux leather furniture and car seats. They are available online, in a home improvement center or from a leather or car sales store.
    • You can use this type of kit to fix tears, scratches and holes in faux leather goods.
  2. Rub the area inside the grate with the accompanying sandpaper. Grind down the damaged area, taking care not to grind the intact faux leather around the tear to remove oils and fibers. Try to get the damaged area as smooth as possible so that the patch will stick well. [19]
      Repair faux leather step 18.jpg
    • If your kit did not come with sandpaper, use your own fine-grained sandpaper, such as 120-grit.
  3. Wipe the area with a soft cloth and the included cleaning solution. Pour some of the kit's cleaning solution onto a soft, clean cloth. Rub the area inside the tears you just sharpened, as well as the surrounding cheat to remove dirt and debris. [20]
      Repair faux leather Step 19.jpg
    • If the kit did not give you cleaning solution, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean the damaged area.
  4. Cut off any flaps of faux leather around the grate with sharp scissors. Cut off all pieces of faux leather that are tagged, pointing upwards or overhanging tears. This will clean up the tears so that the patch blends in better. [21]
      Repair faux leather step 20.jpg
    • You can use a sharp tool knife or box cutter to do that too.

    [19659009] Cut off the kit's patch so that it becomes slightly larger than the tears. Use a sharp scissors to cut a piece of repair kits to the shape of the area you want to patch, making it slightly larger. This allows you to attach the surrounding cheat clothes on top of the patch to seal the tears. [22]

      Repairing faux leather Step 21.jpg
    • Some kits can have multiple spots, in which case you can choose between different colors to get as close a match as possible.
  5. Squeeze the supplied adhesive around the edges of the tears. Carefully lift up the edges around the grate and squeeze some glue underneath. Use all the included tools, such as a small plastic spatula, to spread the glue around. [23]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 22.jpg
    • Be careful not to attach any glue to the good faux leather around the tear. If you do, gently scrape it with the edge of an old card before it dries.
  6. Push the note firmly into the tear. Pull the patch into the torn area and center it so that it lies beneath the surrounding chimney edges. Press and hold it in place for the recommended time, according to the instructions in your repair kit. [24]
      Repair Faux Leather Step 23.jpg
    • If the tears are very small, like a thin slit from a knife, you do not necessarily need to use the correction. You can skip to the next step and try to glue down the surrounding faux leather to seal the tears.
  7. Glue the edges of the surrounding faux leather down to the patch. Apply another thin bead of the included glue under the edges of faux leather around the patched tear. Press down the edges firmly and smoothly so that they stick around the patch. [25]
      Repairing faux leather Step 24.jpg
    • If you couldn't find a piece of paint that fits close to your faux leather item, you can paint over it with leather paint or use leather paint to dye it. Some kits may even come with different dyes that you can apply on top of the patch.

[ Edit ] Things You Need

[ Edit ] [19659089] Covers larger peels with leather color

  • Leather cloths
  • Butter knife (optional) [19659009] Acrylic Leather Paint
  • Acrylic Finish
  • Brushes
  • Plastic Cup
  • Hair Dryer (optional)

[ Edit ] Fixing Minor Peeling with Leather Dye [196590889] Leather dye ] Latex Gloves
  • Hair Dryer
  • [ Edit ] [19659103] Sealing of Tears with a Leather Repair Kit

    • Leather or Vinyl Repair Kit
    • Soft Fabric
    • Scissors

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