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How to remove a ring with a string

If your ring is stuck on your finger, don't panic! There are several techniques you can try to remove it. If you want to use the string technique, wrap a thin wire or floss tightly around your finger, start at the center joint and work your way up to the ring. Slide the end of the thread under the ring, pull it tight and start loosening it in the same direction to slowly strip the ring. If that does not work, you may want to try your finger to reduce swelling or apply a lubricant such as cooking oil.

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Wrap the Finger with Thread or Floss

  1. Select a thin thread or floss for the job. Thin or dental floss slides more easily under a fastener. The waxy surface of dental floss can make it even more useful in this situation. If you choose to use thread, make sure it is thin but strong. [1]
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    • If you only have access to a thicker string, like a shoelace, go ahead and give it a try! [19659009] Place the 1 end of the thread at your center knot above the ring. Use your free hand to place the end of the thread or thread at the knuckle on the fingertip side of the finger. Relieve the string around the knuckle once to get started with the wrapping process. [2]
        Remove a ring with string Step 2.jpg
      • If you are working yourself, you may need to hold the string in place by squeezing the fingers of the affected hand tightly together.
    • Pull the thread around the finger from the knuckle to the ring edge. The idea is to compress your skin near the ring, so wrap the thread tightly around your finger. Keep winding it around as you slowly walk toward the ring. Make sure each cover is directly adjacent to the previous cover. Stop stopping when you reach the edge of the ring. [3]
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      • You should not be able to see any meat under or between the thread from your knuckle to the ring. [19659009] Pull the end of the string under the ring and pull it up the other side. Now that your thimble is compressed you should be able to wedge the end of the thread under the ring and guide it to the other side. Pull the thread up and toward your center knob. [4]
          Remove a ring with a string Step 4.jpg
      • Remove the thread from this position to slowly remove the ring. Pull the thread tight against the knuckle and begin to loosen the string. Each time you relieve 1 of the bearings, the ring will move a little further up on the compressed skin of your finger. Continue rolling the thread until you reach the starting point at your knock. [5]
          Removing a ring with a strict Step 5.jpg
        • It can help you gently push the ring with your free hand to help it as you wrap the ring thread. [6]
      • Pull the detached ring completely from your finger. Once you have loosened the thread, you should be able to pull the ring completely from your finger. If the ring is still stuck, you may want to try another removal technique or seek emergency help. [7]
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[ Edit ] Using Other Removal Techniques

  1. Lift and ice pallets the affected finger for 5-10 minutes to reduce the swelling. Raise your hand so that blood flows out of the affected area. Then hold an ice pack at your finger for 5-10 minutes to reduce the swelling around the ring. After 10 minutes you can relax with your hand and try to pull off the ring with your free hand. [8]
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    • Do not try to force it! This can cause further swelling. If the ring does not come off at this time, try another technique.
  2. Cut off the ring of the finger with a ring cutter. You can get a ring knife from a jewelry store, fire department or emergency department. It is best to have a professional cut the ring off your finger so that you do not injure yourself. Remember that the ring will be damaged if you cut through it. [9]
      Remove a ring with a string Step 9.jpg
    • Ask a jeweler if the metal can be welded to repair the tape after you have loosened it.
  3. Apply soapy water or olive oil and rotate the ring as you pull it. Cover the skin around and under the ring with warm soapy water or olive oil. When the area is saturated, use your free hand to turn the ring clockwise and counterclockwise to loosen it. Then continue to turn as you gently try to tilt the ring off. [10]
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    • You can use whatever oil you have on hand for this. For example, baby oil, vegetable oil and jojoba oil are all good lubricants.

[ Edit ] Things You Need

[ Edit ] [19659036] Wrap the Finger with Thread or Floss

  • Thin Thread or Waxy Dental Thread [19659035] [ Edit ] Using other removal techniques
    • Ice
    • Soap water or cooking oil [19659041] Ring cutter

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