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How to Recycle Nespresso Pods

Nespresso machines are practical and easy to use. Unfortunately, you can't throw in your skis with your regular recycling – they are too small for most recycling machines and they are made of a unique plastic and aluminum that most recycling facilities cannot process. Fortunately, Nespresso offers several free and easy-to-use methods to dispose of its products responsibly. You can take the used skis to a collection point in a special Nespresso bag or leave the bag to a delivery driver the next time they bring you a delivery. You can also take your skis to a Nespresso store or UPS store. Keep in mind that you can actually re-use Nespresso skis 2-3 times before reusing them.

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[ Edit ] Take your ski to a gathering place

  1. Order a Nespresso recycling bag with your next delivery. Before you buy skiing online, add a recycling bag to your shopping cart. They are free and you can order 1
    -2 bags with any online order. The next time your order arrives, it will contain a special bag designed to store your skis after you use them. [1]
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    • If you pick up your Nespresso skis from a store, they will have the recycling bags available for free. However, you can't get them from a big box store.
  2. Find a nearby collection site using Nespresso's recycling map. Search for collection points in your area by visiting https://www.nespresso.com/us/en/how-to-recycle-coffee-capsules. Enter your address to see a map of nearby collection sites. There are Nespresso collection points in most countries that sell Nespresso products. Find a collection site that is convenient for you. [2]
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    • Many collection points are located in or near Nespresso dealers. This makes it easy to drop them the next time you go to get some skiing.
    • You can also use the search engine for collection points in the Nespresso app for Android or iOS.
  3. Fill your bag with used skis and close it when it is full. Store the bag near your Nespresso machine and discard the used skis every time you make an espresso. The bag can contain 200 original size capsules or 100 VerturoLine capsules. Once filled, seal it at the top by pressing the plastic tabs together and folding it over the top. [3]
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    • There is only one size of recycle bag.
    • You can include the aluminum tabs that peel away from the top of the skis.
    • Do not overfill the bag or it may not fit in the collection container.
  4. Place your bows in the container or drop them at the customer service desk. Take your used skis to the collection point in the recycling bag. Some of the gathering places are public compartments that sit out in the lobby or entrance to a store. Others are held behind a customer service to ensure that no foreign objects fall into the Nespresso recycling bin. Drop your bag in the container or leave it at a customer service company to recycle your bows. [4]
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    • The collection points are collected periodically by a Nespresso pickup service and taken to a special plant for recycling.

[ Edit ] Drop Nespresso Pods in a Store or UPS Store

  1. Find a UPS or Nespresso Store nearby. Use an online search engine to find a nearby UPS or Nespresso store. You can take your used skis to most Nespresso stores and UPS shipping centers to have them shipped to a recycling facility. [5]
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    • You can find a UPS store online at https: // www. theupsstore.com/tools/find-a-store.ebrit19659012??You can find a Nespresso store online by visiting https://www.nespresso.com/us/en/storeLocator#map-intro.ebrit19659009 ?? Call a UPS or Nespresso store to find out if and how they collect skis. Some UPS stores may not have the right equipment to store and transport Nespresso skis, and some retailers may not participate in the Nespresso recycling program. Call ahead to see if a store is participating in the recycling program and ask them how to package your skis. [6]
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      • This is a different service from the Nespresso collection point program. Collection sites require the skis to be placed in Nespresso recycling bags. While some of the stores and UPS stores may need the same bag, others will not.
    • Take your used skis to the location in the container they specified. Take your skis with you the next time you go to a Nespresso store or have any outgoing mail that you need to send. You can use the Nespresso recycling bag to make sure the store takes them. [7]
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    • Release your used skis with an employee to have them reused. Let the clerk behind the counter know that you have some skis to recycle. They either accept your skis and sort them on your own or ask you to place them in a special shipping container. The skis are sent to Nespresso for recycling. [8]
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      • There is no charge for this service.

[ Edit ] Return used skis to Delivery Driver

  1. Order a Nespresso recycling bag with your next order. You can order a special recycling bag for free the next time you make an online order of coffee. As you go through your skis, place the used units in the special recycling bag. [9]
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  2. Make a new order for Nespresso Pods and a recycling bag when you go low. When you need to place a new order, buy a second recycling bag. This will make it easy to continue the recycling process the next time you get coffee. [10]
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  3. Give your recycling bag to the delivery driver when he shows up. Wait until the delivery driver gives you your order. When they arrive, tell them you have a Nespresso bag filled with used skis. The delivery driver takes your bag and takes it back to the delivery center on his truck. [11]
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    • There is no extra charge to give your delivery driver a recycling bag to take back with them.
    • Keep ordering recycling bags every time you buy skis to repeat this process indefinitely.

[ Edit ] Recycle your ski

  1. Remove the cover and clean a used ski by rinsing it in cold water. You can reuse your skis 2-3 times after the first time you use them. To start, rip the aluminum foil onto the lid and set it aside for later recycling. Tap the pod on the edge of a trash can to remove most chips. Place the beam in the sink and run it under cold water to remove debris and difficult to remove soil. [12]
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    • After 2-3 uses, a reused ski begins to lose its shape and will not be a viable alternative.
    • Wipe your ski with a paper towel or cloth.
  2. Use a pair of scissors to cut a circular cover of aluminum foil. Pull out a short length of aluminum foil. Place it over your pod and use scissors to cut it around. Leave an extra aluminum foil hanging on each side of your pod. You do not need to compress the coffee if you do not want a strong cup. [13]
      Recycle Nespresso Pods Step 13.jpg
    • It may be easier for you to cut a square aluminum foil and then cut the edges to make it circular.
  3. Fill your ski with ground and leave 1 millimeter of space at the top. Use a spoon or scoop to fill your ski with ground. Fold down the ground with your thumb or spoon to compress them and increase the taste of your espresso. Leave a small space on the top so that your aluminum foil can be compressed into your coffee when brewed. [14]
      Recycle Nespresso Pods Step 14.jpg
    • If you leave too much space on top, the aluminum foil can push into the cup and send ground all over your Nespresso machine.
  4. Place the foil over your bow and wrap it under the lip. Place the aluminum foil flat over the top of your arch so that a small piece protrudes past each side of the strip. Use a small touch on the edge with your non-hand-held hand to set the aluminum foil in place as you use your free hand to wrap the foil under the lip of the board. When you're done, pinch the aluminum foil to the edge to fix it permanently to your bow. [15]
      Recycle Nespresso Pods Step 15.jpg
  5. Use your refilled pod the same way you would use a normal pod. Place your pod in your Nespresso machine and use it as you normally would. The pod works the same way a standard Nespresso pod does. When you're done, you can repeat the process or put the plate in a Nespresso recycling bag. [16]
      Recycle Nespresso Pods Step 16.jpg
    • If your aluminum foil falls off, you must clean the inside of your machine with a wet paper towel or cloth. This can be annoying, but it will not be very difficult to do.

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