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How to put polaroid pictures on a wall

Polaroid pictures are a classic type of instant movie photos that are still very popular today. If you have a large Polaroid collection, you may be wondering how you can put them up on your wall to show them off or just enjoy them yourself. There are many ways you can do this to complement the other decor in your space, so feel free to get creative and show off your Polaroids in a way that shows your unique taste and style. Think about things like the amount of Polaroids you have available to display and the type of aesthetics you will choose how you want to lay them out.


[[[[Edit]Covers a wall in polaroids

  1. Choose enough Polaroids to create a large grid that covers your wall. Decide how big you want the grid for pictures to be and make sure that the size you decide on will fit on the wall you want to cover. Browse your Polaroid photos and select the photos you want to view as part of your Polaroid wall.[1]
    Put Polaroid Pictures on a Wall Step 1.jpg
    • For example, you can create a grid that is 12 photos wide by 14 photos high. For this you need to choose 168 Polaroids.
    • If you do not have enough Polaroids to completely cover your wall, it’s OK. You can only create a large grid that covers the middle of it, the top half of it or one side of it. It is entirely up to you and the aesthetic you want to create. You can always add more polaroids later as well.
  2. Stick 4 pieces of double-sided tape on the back of a Polaroid. Peel a piece of double-sided tape that is approximately far away from the roll. Stick it on the back of a Polaroid image in one of the corners. Repeat this for each corner of the photo.[2]
    Put polaroid pictures on a wall Step 2.jpg
    • If you do not have double-sided tape, you can only use plain clear self-adhesive tape instead. Just double the tape back over itself, with the sticky side facing outwards to create a small loop that is sticky on both sides.
  3. Tap the Polaroid photo on the wall where the top edge of your grid will be. Hold the picture up against the wall and make sure the top edge is straight. Press the photo against the wall and tap each corner to help the tape stick to the wall.[3]
    Put Polaroid Pictures on a Wall Step 3.jpg
    • Always start at the top of your grid. This way, you can use the ceiling to help you adjust the first photo. Otherwise, you could end up with a crooked grid.
  4. Repeat the process of attaching photos under the first Polaroid to create a column. Select all the images you want in your first column with Polaroids. Paste double-sided tape on the back of each photo, in all four corners, and paste the polaroids one by one below the previous photo until you have completed the column.[4]
    Put polaroid pictures on a wall Step 4.jpg
    • For example, if you decided to make your grid 12 photos high, paste 11 photos longer under the first Polaroid.
    • Try to place the edges of all your photos directly against each other, so you end up with a dense, nice grid.
  5. Create adjacent columns with Polaroids to make your grid of images. Stick another Polaroid at the top of the wall, next to the first photo you placed. Fill in the wall below it with an equal number of photos next to them in the first column. Keep adding columns until the grid is the width you want.[5]
    Put Polaroid Pictures on a Wall Step 5.jpg
    • For example, if you want your grid to be 14 photos wide, create 13 columns next to the first one.
    • If you have Polaroids in different sizes or orientations, make sure that all the photos in a row have the same size and orientation, so that your grid is even.

[[[[Edit]Shows polaroids in creative ways

  1. Make a photo frame to cycle up an old picture frame. Remove the glass and support from a wooden picture frame, if it has them so that you are only left with the frame. Screw a pair of frame-hanging loops into the inner vertical edges of the frame, across from each other and tie a piece of thread or thread between them. Cut your Polaroids on the string or thread with clothespins and then hang the frame on your wall.[6]
    Put Polaroid Pictures on a Wall Step 6.jpg
    • You can use a large frame that takes up much of your wall or use a smaller frame and mix it with other framed art and pictures on the wall. Get creative to achieve the look you want in your place.
    • One cool thing about this way of hanging Polaroid pictures is that you can keep the frame on your wall and replace the pictures whenever you want. All you have to do is delete a photo you are tired of and put up a new one.
  2. Cut polaroids to headlights to create a boho fairy light wreath. Hang string lamps from the ceiling against the wall or side to side across the wall. Use clothespins to clamp your Polaroids to the string cables between the bulbs.[7]
    Put polaroid pictures on a wall Step 7.jpg
    • This creates a magical, cozy wall gallery for your Polaroids. You can turn off the headlights and relax in the fairy light’s bright glow, all while admiring the photos you’ve taken and being reminded of the good memories.
  3. Use a slide show to view Polaroid arrangements. Open a glass frame and upload multiple Polaroid images, but you want to view them. Close the glass to lubricate the pictures in place and then hang the frame on the wall.[8]
    Put polaroid pictures on a wall Step 8.jpg
    • For example, you can use a bunch of overlapping photos to create a busy collage. On the other hand, you can space just a few to create a more minimal look. It’s entirely up to you, so do what you think looks best.
    • You can even try tasting other things together with the polaroids in the glass frame to give it a unique touch. For example, you can use dried leaves to give the framed pictures an autumn look.
  4. Put your Polaroids on an old wooden door for a shabby chic look. Use clothespins to cut photos for the slats in an old wooden door. Hang the door on the wall to display Polaroids.[9]
    Put polaroid pictures on a wall Step 9.jpg
    • You can create two of these shutter galleries and hang them on your wall on either side of a window to make the shutters look like they belong in the window.
    • If you do not have clothespins, you can also use double-sided tape to attach the photos to the slats.
  5. Attach polaroids to a cork, foam or magnetic card to create a useful decoration. Put a cork board, foam board or magnetic card on the wall. Use thumbtacks or other types of pins to attach your Polaroids to a cork board or foam board. Use magnetic clips to place your photos on a magnetic card.[10]
    Put polaroid pictures on a wall Step 10.jpg
    • These types of boards are great for spaces like home offices or kitchens, so you can also pinch things like notepads or recipes.
  6. Stick polaroids on your wall with colorful washi ribbons to add fun accents. Washi tape is a decorative paper masking tape that is available in all types of different colors and patterns. Place it over the corners or edges of your Polaroid photos and paste them wherever you want on the wall.[11]
    Put Polaroid Pictures on a Wall Step 11.jpg
    • Washi tape is easy to remove without damaging the surface to which it is attached, so you do not have to worry about damaging your photos or your wall.

[[[[Edit]Things you need

[[[[Edit]Covers a wall in polaroids

  • Polaroid Pictures
  • Double-sided tape


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