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How to print on fabric with freezing paper: 15 steps

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If you want to print a picture but do not want to Spend money on fabric transfer paper, you can use freezing paper instead. Cut a piece of fabric and a sheet of freezing paper, both of which are 8.5 by 11 inches. Set the iron to dry and high level, place the fabric on top of the freezer paper and make sure the shiny side of the freezer paper is facing the fabric. Smooth the fabric gently onto the freezer paper to secure it. Place the ironed sheet in the printer tray so that it is set to print on the fabric side. Then select your image from your computer and send it to your printer. Once the image is on the fabric, let it dry on a flat surface for 24 hours. When the ink is dry, peel off the peel and freezing paper. To learn how to take care of your printed fabric, keep reading!

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