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How to password protect your iPhone and iPad notes – Easy help

This short guide explains how to password protect any of your iPhone / iPad notes without having to install additional software.

  1. Launch the app Notes open a note you want to password protect and click the "Share" button (the one directly to the left of the Done button, see screenshot below).
  2.   ios listing app with the arrow pointing to the Share button

  3. Scroll down a bit and then press the menu item Lock Note .
  4. Now you must enter a password for your notes. Enter it in the spaces and use a good password Tip ̵
    1; if you forget this password, your notes will not be recoverable . You can also choose to use the function Touch ID if your iPhone or iPad supports it. When you have configured everything, click Issued .
  5. A "lock" icon will now appear at the top of your note. Tap it.
  6. This immediately locks your note. Click either the lock icon or the link View Note .
  7. Enter your password (or use the Touch ID if applicable) and your note will be revealed.
  8. That's it! You can lock any of your notes and each will be protected with the same password. If you use the macOS Notes app and synchronize it with your iPhone or iPad, the password will also be applied to these notes.

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