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How to Open .RAR Files in MacOS – Easy Help

This wizard takes you step by step by opening a .RAR file on your Mac.

  1. Without going into much detail, a .RAR file is much like a .zip file. It contains one or more files and / or folders that are all combined into one file – an RAR. To access these files and folders, you must open the RAR file. Unlike ZIP files, RAR files require software that is not included in macOS. Fortunately, there is a fantastic, small and free app that allows you to open .RAR files. Go to the Unarchiver site and download the latest version. When the download is complete, open the .dmg file and drag Unarchiver.app to your Applications folder to install it, just as you do most macOS apps.
  2.   install unarchiver for macos

  3. Start Unarchiver from your Applications folder. When prompted to click the Accept button.
  4.   accept the terms of the unarchiver

  5. Now you need to configure the Unarchiver, which takes about 3 seconds. Start by removing the checkmark from Zip Archive . It is not important that you do this, but you can just as easily let macOS open your .zip files as it is a built-in feature of the operating system. The important part is to place a check in the box marked RAR Archive – that's why you are here after all. You can now close this window.
  6. Locate the .RAR file you want to open and double-click it.
  7. Unarchiver opens automatically, extracts all files and folders stored inside the .RAR file and then closes itself. All these files and folders will now be in the same folder that .RAR is in. That's it!

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