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How to mount an LCD TV on the wall

Mounting your LCD TV on the wall can seem challenging, but using the right tools is a breeze. First, choose where you want to mount the TV and look for wall bolts or install flip-flops that you can use to support it. Then install the mounting bracket on your wall and attach the mounting plate to the back of your TV. After that, connect the plate to the console on the wall, and hit back and enjoy your newly fitted TV!

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Select a mounting location

  1. Select a wall where you want to place your TV. Choose a wall that allows the entire room to see the TV and provides the best picture quality and is not affected by sunlight coming in from windows. You also need to consider the furniture's location in the room and in which direction they are facing. [1]
      Wall Mounting an LCD TV Step 1 Version 6.jpg
    • Because you have to screw holes in the wall to mount your LCD TV, check your location before you start installing it!
    • In a living room, the middle of the wall across the main entrance makes a wider viewing angle.
  2. Position your TV so it is at eye level. Place your TV on the wall where it is probably at eye level when you watch it. If you plan to mostly watch it while sitting on the couch, you want to place it lower than you would if you plan to mostly watch it while standing or in a bar. Use a ruler or tape measure to measure from the floor to the best height to set the TV at eye level and lightly mark the height with a pen. [2]
      Wall mounting an LCD TV Step 2 version 7.jpg
    • Placing your TV at the ground will put the screen at eye level when the average adult is seated.
    • If you plan to watch the TV more often when standing, then mount it from the ground.
    • Mount the TV as close to eye level as possible if there is an obstacle such as an existing appliance or furniture.
  3. Select a location that allows you to hide wires and devices. Cables and cables on your TV and any devices you plan to connect to can be ugly. When choosing a place to mount your TV, think about how difficult it will be to hide them to help inform your decision. [3]
      Wall Mount an LCD TV Step 3 Version 7.jpg
    • Centering the TV on a bare wall in the middle of the room can make it difficult for you to hide the wiring.
    • Use furniture placement to hide the wiring.
  4. Move any furniture, pictures or decor from the area. You must have a clear area to work in when installing your LCD TV. Slide over any chairs, tables or sofas so you can easily access the wall. Remove any paintings, pictures or decor so that they are out of your way. [4]
      Wall-mount an LCD TV Step 4 version 6.jpg
    • Carefully place the objects hanging on the wall nearby so that you do not crack or break them.
    • Remove anything that hangs on the wall so that they cannot swing, shake, or possibly fall as you drill into the wall.

[ Edit ] [19659024] Install the mounting bracket

  1. Align the mounting bracket and mark where you plan to drill. Hold the bracket against the wall where you want to place the TV and use a level to make sure it is straight. Then take a pencil and mark where you need to drill holes to mount the bracket on the wall. [5]
      Wall mount an LCD TV Step 5 version 6.jpg
    • Make a pen mark on the wall through the screw holes on the mounting bracket.
    • Set the bracket aside until you are ready to mount it.
  2. Find wall bolts in the area with a pin finder. Look for studs in the area you plan to mount your LCD TV so you can install the framework in them. Take a double finder and run the tool across the wall at the height you plan to mount the TV to find the studs you can use. [6]
      Wall-mounting an LCD TV Step 6 Version 6.jpg
    • Use a pen to easily mark the location of a double on the wall.
    • You can buy stud-finders in hardware stores, department stores and online.
  3. Use a murbite to drill pilot holes in the highlighted areas. Mount a murbite at the end of your power drill. Drill pilot holes in the wall where you marked the locations of the screw holes with your pen. [7]
      Wall mounting an LCD TV Step 7 Version 6.jpg
    • The pilot holes will make it easier for you to install the screws that will support the mounting bracket.
    • Be sure to drill into a wall screw to support the brackets.
  4. Insert rocker buttons if there are no pins. Switch with snap anchors are plastic units that you can put in your wall that help support your TV if there are no studs. Use a drill bit to drill holes in the wall where you need to install the snap anchors to mount the bracket. Press the snap anchors into the holes to secure them. [8]
      Wall-mounting an LCD TV Step 8 Version 6.jpg
    • Make sure all the anchor of the rocker is completely in the wall.
  5. Align the mounting bracket with the pilot holes or change the snap pins. When you have drilled all the pilot holes or installed the anchor of the rocker, replace the piece with a screwdriver bit that fits the mounting screws. Hold the mounting bracket against the wall and align the screw holes with the pilot holes or change snap pins. [9]
      Wall Mount an LCD TV Step 9 Version 6.jpg
    • Hold the bracket so that it is aligned with the wall.
  6. Drill the mounting screws in the pilot holes or change the anchors. Use pressure against the bracket to keep it in line with the wall. Then drill the mounting screws through the screw holes in the bracket and in the pilot holes you drilled or the rocker buttons you installed. [10]
      Wall mount an LCD TV Step 10.jpg
    • Drill the screws all the way into the stud or anchor to secure the bracket.
    • Wrap the bracket to make sure it is secure and tighten the screws if there is any movement.

[ Edit ] Attach the TV to the bracket

  1. Locate the mounting plate mounting holes on the back of your TV. On the back of the LCD TV there are holes that correspond to the screw holes on the mounting plate. If there are already screws in the holes, remove them so you can fasten the plate. [11]
      Wall-mounting an LCD TV Step 11.jpg
    • They can also be covered in plastic if you just bought your TV.
  2. Attach the mounting plate to your TV. Install the screws through the screw holes on the mounting plate and into the corresponding holes on the TV. [12]
      Wall mounting an LCD TV Step 12.jpg
    • The mounting plate will support the TV on the bracket, so make sure the nuts are securely attached to the screws!
    • Give the mounting plate a good shake to make sure it does not move. If available, tighten the nuts on the screws.
  3. Align the mounting plate with the bracket on the wall. Pick up the TV and hold it up to the bracket on the wall. Align the mounting plate on the back of the TV with the compartment that the plate will fit into the bracket. [13]
      Wall-mounting an LCD TV Step 13.jpg
    • Use another person to help you hold the TV up against the wall.
  4. Connect the mounting plate to the bracket. Depending on the mounting plate and bracket you have, you may need to slide the plate into a compartment on the bracket. You may also need to screw the mounting plate into the bracket. Check the manufacturer's instructions to make sure you connect the plate to the bracket correctly. [14]
      Wall mounting an LCD TV Step 14.jpg
  5. Hide the cables with a cord cover. A cord guard is a plastic groove that is mounted directly on the wall above the wires to hide them. Use screws to mount the base on the wall under the TV and place the cord inside them. Then snap the plastic cover into place on top of it. [15]
      Wall mounting an LCD TV Step 15.jpg
    • Choose a color cable color that blends into your wall so that it is less visible.
    • You can remove at the top of the cover at any time if you need to adjust or add additional leads.
  6. Completed.
      Wall Mount a LCD TV Final.jpg

[ Edit ] Tips

  • Let another person help you mount the LCD TV to make the job easier.

[ Edit ] Things You Need

  • Power drill [19659009] TV mounting bracket
  • TV mounting plate
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Wiring protection

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