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How to monitor your iPhone / iPad battery from your Mac – Easy help

Follow the steps described in this guide to monitor the battery charge on your iPhone or iPad directly from your Mac. You even get a notification when a battery runs out.

  iphone battery charging macos message

With the amazing Batteries for Mac app, you will be able to monitor the battery levels from the Today panel of the Notification Center on your Mac. If you have visited Simple Help before, you know that we usually prefer to use free and / or Open Source software. Batteries for Mac are neither, but it is very at reasonable prices at $ 5 – and we are big fans of supporting really good software. There is a 14-day completely free trial, so you have two weeks to decide if you want to buy it.

  1. Go to Batteries for Mac website and download the .tar.gz file (similar to a .zip file) ̵
    1; just double-click it and Archive Utility opens and extracts the file Batteries.app . Drag that file into your Applications folder to install Batteries for Mac.
  2. Make sure your iPhone and / or iPad is configured to allow WiFi syncing in iTunes (macOS Mojave) or View this device while on Wi-Fi in Finder (macOS Catalina) and that your iOS devices are on the same WiFi network as your computer.
  3. Now start Batteries from your Applications folder. There's not much to it – just make sure to check the box Enabled next to Notifications . Then put a check next to all devices that you want to monitor and if you want to be notified when the specific device is out of power. Once you have adjusted your settings to suit you, exit the window.
  4. Click the Open Notification Center button at the top right of the screen.
  5. Select the tab Today .
  6. Click the New button at the bottom of the panel.
  7. Find the newly added BATTERIES object and click on the "plus sign" (see screenshot below) to add it to your Today screen.
  8. Use the "3 dash" icon to drag the newly added panel up or down until you find the location where you want it to be.
  9. Click the Ready button.
  10. Ta-da! A dedicated section of your Today panel will now contain the battery percentage for your devices. If a particular device is loaded at that time, it will have a small "flash bolt" icon next to it.
  11. As soon as one of your devices charges 20% in the battery charge, a message will appear on your Mac.
  12.   iphone battery charging macos message

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