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How to make your own delicacies

To sew a simple stamp, you need fabric, a sewing machine, a safety pin, thread, scissors and a thick rubber band. It takes about twenty to thirty minutes to finish and it is an easy way to look up your hair accessories or create a quick gift.

Cotton cloth works best for sewing stitches. You can buy fat blocks in a sewing shop or even Walmart a lot of the time. Fat neighborhoods are a great way to get cute fabric and keep the cost of the overall project down. If you want to buy fabric at the yard, you need less than a quarter to create a scraper.

Step 1
– Cut out

Take your fabric and cut a long skinny strip. This strip will be folded in half to create the width of your scrunchie, so cut accordingly. You can make this strip thick or thin, long or short. The longer the fabric, the more crash. The thicker the fabric, the thicker the end product. A good starting measurement to get off is three and a half inches for width and fifteen inches for length. For thicker hair, a thicker piece of fabric may work better.

  Scissors next to a home-made curl

Step 2 – Sew

After cutting your fabric, turn it so that the pattern is on the inside and the outside is facing up. Then you should sew a straight line all the way down the side of the pipe. Make sure you assemble three or four times at both ends of the tube. This is extremely important. When you have sewn down the side, cut off any excess fabric.

 homemade scunchie material with scissors and thread

After sewing the whole tube, turn it so the right side is out. This process can take a while, especially if your pipe is really small. You can buy a special tool to help you turn the tube, but it is much more cost effective to turn your fingers.

Step 3 – Attach tape

 homemade scunchie with paper clip rubber band and scissors

When the tube is tilted, take your rubber band and cut it. You can use any rubber band you want, but the basic yellow rubber bands in the home office department in all stores work well.

 homemade scunchie fastened to rubber band with safety pin

Attach a safety pin to the end of the rubber band and begin to pull it through the tube. This process can be a bit tricky, and it is important that you do not drop the rubber band and drop it into the tube. If you do, you can always pull it out from the bottom, but you have to start over.

 homemade polo dot scrunchie with rubber band and safety pin

Step 4 – Tie or Tuck

After reviewing the fabric tube as you pull the rubber band through, tie the rubber band together. Tie a double or triple knot, just to be sure. There are then two ways to end the study. You can take one end of the step and stop it about an inch inside the other end of the step. This method is fast and really simple. Especially for beginners or young sewers, the tucking method can be a good place to start.

  fingers holding polka dot scrunchie with rubber band

The second way to complete the scunchie also involves closing. You take one end of the study and put it about half a centimeter at the other end. Then you take a needle and thread and sew the opening closed by hand.

You can use matching thread and sew small stitches along the outside, or you can try the invisible stitch. If you know how to make an invisible stitch, this would be a great place to give it a go. If you do not know how to make an invisible stitch, this would not be the place to start learning.

 fingers with homemade scunchie

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