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How to make your kitchen look expensive

You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so you want it to be an attractive and comfortable space. Although upgrades to the kitchen can be costly, you do not have to spend much to make your kitchen expensive. With some budget-friendly ideas you can make an old kitchen look new again, make your little kitchen beautiful or immediately upgrade a boring kitchen. If you can afford an upgrade of the kitchen, consider investing in a new color job, better cabinet doors and other stylish additions that give your kitchen a complete makeover.

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[ Edit ] Make instant style enhancements

  1. Remove all magnets from your refrigerator to create a clean look . Your refrigerator is a convenient place to hang reminders, food lists and your child's appreciated drawings. However, a messy refrigerator creates a disorganized, messy appearance. Your kitchen looks better if your fridge is free of decorations, so clean everything from the doors and sides of your appliance. [1]
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    • If your refrigerator is dusty or sticky, wash it with a detergent that has a grease fight.
  2. Store small appliances and kitchen utensils in your cupboards or drawers. Keeping your appliances, cooking utensils, and kitchenware frequently used on the counter top can be convenient, but it also makes your kitchen look messy. An empty countertop looks more expensive than a messy counter, so don't leave these items out. Put all your small appliances and other cooking equipment in your cupboards or kitchen drawers so they are not in sight. [2]
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    • Design an easily accessible cabinet for appliances you use frequently, such as your toaster and coffee maker.
    • If you have a jar for the kitchen utensils, place the entire jar in the cupboard so that you can easily remove it while cooking. When you are ready to cook, put the jar back in the cupboard.
  3. Hang a large piece of art to quickly upgrade your space. You don't have to spend a lot of money on art, so buy a piece that fits your budget. Choose the largest piece of art that fits in the space you have for maximum effect. Stick to a monochromatic color scheme for abstract pieces as they look better. Alternatively, you can get an art painting or print. [3]
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    • For an affordable alternative, look for sale on canvas art in a craft store or store. You can also paint your own abstract art.
    • If you cannot afford a large piece of art, create a small gallery wall by hanging 3-5 pieces of art together on the same wall.
  4. Keep fresh flowers in a vase on your table or countertop. Fresh flowers make your kitchen look exclusive and healthy. Acquire a new bouquet each week to illuminate the space. The flowers will make your home look advanced without having to spend a lot of money. [4]
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    • Choose flowers that suit your style or season. You can get wildflowers in the summer, poinsettias in the winter or pink roses in the spring.
  5. Choose a monochromatic color palette to make your kitchen look good. By using a limited color scheme, your kitchen will look bigger and better looking. Stick to black, white and gray or brown, tan and beige for most of your decor. If you like, integrate another color to add a personal touch. [5]
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    • For example, you can keep most of your kitchen white and gray but use mint-colored towels or integrate color into your wall art.
    • If you have dark wooden cabinets, you can paint your kitchen brown. Your mat and towels can be a mix of brown and beige with a hint of color, such as sky blue.

[ Edit ] Adding stylish accessories

  1. Get a new carpet to change your floor. Replacing the floor can be expensive, but you can get a similar effect by replacing the carpet. Choose a rug that is a full color or has an abstract print so it doesn't make your kitchen decor look too busy. Place your mat in front of the sink, in the middle of the kitchen floor or between your cabinets and your kitchen island if you have one. [6]
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    • For example, you can put a yellow and white striped rug in front of your sink or a large gray rug in the middle of your kitchen.
    • Avoid print that can be dated, like a floral print or fine art, like a cat-shaped mat or mustache mat. While these styles are cute, they usually don't look expensive.
  2. Cover an old worktop with a large wooden cutting board. Old countertops can reduce the appearance of your kitchen, but they are expensive to replace. Fortunately, you can upgrade your kitchen cheaply with a large wooden cutting board. Choose an attractive wood that fits your design aesthetic. Then keep it out on your countertop to cover part of the surface. [7]
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    • A good alternative is a large butcher block cutting board. However, you can also try a bamboo cutting board for a cheaper alternative.
  3. Replace your cupboard and drawers for a budget-friendly update. They may be small, but cabinets and drawer hardware affect the overall look of your kitchen. Getting new hardware can actually make your cabinets look new. Purchase new hardware from a local home improvement store or online. Then use a screwdriver to remove the old features and install the new ones. [8]
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    • For example, you can install new metal features in your cabinets and drawers. [19659009] Replace obsolete decorative items for modern furnishings. It is fun to decorate your kitchen with what is in style, but your décor may look outdated as the styles change. This can make your kitchen look cheaper. Donate decorative items that are no longer trendy and replace them with more modern styles. [9]
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      • For example, let's say you have faux grape vines draped over the top of your window frame. You may want to remove this article because it is no longer trendy. Instead, place a small succulent plant on your windowsill to get some greenery to the area.
      • Similarly, you can have a large fruit pressure bowl that you use for fresh fruit. You can replace this bowl with a fruit bowl in bamboo.
    • Hang curtains to add style to your windows. Choose curtains that are a full color or pure for a more expensive look. Choose a color that complements your wall color so that the curtains help warm up the space. For a small window, hang curtains that reach the bottom of the window sill. If you have a large window that does not have a cabinet under it, choose curtains that reach the floor. [10]
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      • For example, you can hang large beige curtains if your kitchen is painted tan or brown. For a gray kitchen you can hang solid light yellow curtains.
    • Install floating shelves to show your best dishes. Your stamware or fine crockery can be an eye-catching addition to your kitchen decor. Also, it can be convenient to view them because you can easily access them. Hang floating shelves that complement your kitchen colors. Then arrange the items you want to display on the shelf. [11]
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      • Stemware and solid white dishes are the easiest items to display. Stack them neatly in rows and do not overload the shelves.

[ Edit ] Invest in kitchen upgrades

  1. Paint your kitchen a light color to light up the space. A light color can make your kitchen look bigger and better looking. In addition, you can paint your kitchen directly upgrade the overall look of your kitchen. Choose a white, light gray or light pastel color for your walls. [12]
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    • It is best to stick to a neutral color such as white or gray. But your kitchen can still look expensive with a light yellow or sky blue.
  2. Install a nice back plate above the worktops. A backsplash goes along the wall above the countertop, and a nice flat or stone backsplash can look very expensive. Look for a shell-and-stick backsplash that fits your style in a local home improvement store or online. Then follow the instructions provided with your backsplash to peel it off the substrate and apply it to your wall. [13]
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    • Shell-and-stick backsplashes look like real tiles but are easy to remove and replace if you decide to change it.
  3. Install a chandelier or pendant light instead of your old lighting. Updated lighting adds a glamorous touch to your kitchen and can also brighten up your space. Choose a large light fixture, such as a chandelier or pendant light. Then use a screwdriver to remove your old fixture and install the new one. [14]
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    • You can browse lighting fixtures in a local home improvement store. But you can also buy one online if you do not want to look in person.
    • If you feel nervous about installing the light yourself, you may want to consider hiring a contractor or practitioner to help you.
  4. Replace your cupboard doors with glossy or glass doors. Old, outdated cabinets can make your kitchen look and feel sad. However, getting new cabinets involves rebuilding the entire kitchen, which is very expensive. For a budget-friendly upgrade, you can buy new cabinet doors that look modern and fresh. Then unscrew the old doors and install the new ones. [15]
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    • You can buy new cabinet doors in a home improvement store.
  5. Upgrade your old sink faucet to a modern style. If your sink is very old or damaged it may be time for a new one. Choose a sink that fits into the tap hole in your sink. Then follow the installation instructions to replace your old crane with the new one. [16]
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    • Make sure you turn off the water before turning off the tap.
    • If you are not sure what type of crane you need, bring the old crane to the home improvement store and ask for advice.
    • It is best to hire a plumber to help you install the crane so you do not. It ends with a leak.
  6. Add faux wood flooring or tile to change the overall look of your kitchen. Old floors can degrade the look of your kitchen, so it's worth replacing it if you can afford it. Choose a faux wood or latex tile to get a bigger bang for your buck. These styles look expensive but are budget friendly compared to the real deal. Install your new floor yourself or hire a construction contractor to help you. [17]
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    • Some flooring companies offer installation at an affordable fee.
  7. Apply a stainless steel finish to your appliances to make them look new. New appliances can be expensive, but that doesn't mean you can't have an expensive looking kitchen without a big price tag. If your appliances work but are outdated, paint them with a stainless steel surface to make them look more modern. Buy an appliance stain from a local home improvement store or online and then apply it as directed. [18]
      Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive Step 14 Version 2.jpg
    • To make the stain stick better, first grind your appliances with a coarse sandpaper.
    • The stain creates the appearance of stainless steel appliances.

[ Edit ] Tips

  • Keeping your kitchen interior looking and looking is the best way to make your kitchen look good.
  • Do not introduce too many colors and patterns as they can detract from the overall look of your kitchen.

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