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How to make the shadow paper aircraft: 11 steps

Stylish, fast and long line, Shadow is a neat "flying wing" paper plane. The shadow is a refined version of Aerowing which has aerodynamic refinements and a modified internal structure.

Shadow's development began in late 2017 to improve its foundation and development continued throughout and throughout 2018. During the first half of 2019, the final improvements were adapted to the prototypes. The aircraft's design was completed, but did not feel inclined to publish the design. This would change …


On April 22, 2019, the 1940s Northrop N-9MB, which belonged to the aircraft Famous Air Museum, was destroyed in a tragic loss resulting in the total destruction of the aircraft. The N-9MB had been the only survivor of its family and its loss disappeared the world with nothing like that.

I had personally interacted with the N-9MB as a volunteer with the museum many years earlier, so the loss was a personal upset. The crash was a tragedy and unfortunately a swinging replica will never arise.


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When I learned the crash I felt I needed get Shadows tutorial ready and published as a tribute to flying wings. Although the shadow has prominent dorsal fins, its shape is very similar to the N-9MB otherwise. The aircraft's profiles are actually almost identical.

My goal with the shadow is simple: to allow flying aircraft to fly on. Hopefully, the shadow will encourage it.

TAA USAF Designation: F470-1

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