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How to make Emoji cookies

Emojis have taken over the text language. Instead of sending LOL, you can use a smiley face or a laughing Emoji. Instead of sending your love, you can only send one heart. You can turn these funny faces into cakes to dazzle your friends and family by making sponge cakes as a base and using royal icing to decorate them.

[ Edit ] Ingredients

[ Edit ] Sugar Cookies

  • 1
    cup (227 g) softened butter
  • 1.5 copper (300 g) granulated sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • of vanilla extract
  • 2.75 copper (398 g) flour
  • 1 teaspoon (13 g) baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon (196 g ) 6.5 g baking powder

[ Edit ] Frosting Base

  • 4 cups (500 g) confectionery sugar
  • 3 tablespoons (30 g) meringue powder [19659007] 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) extract (vanilla, lemon, almond)
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup (120 to 180 ml) warm water
  • Food color

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Baking Sugar Cookies

  1. Preheat the oven to. Turn on the oven before you start mixing the ingredients so that it is ready for your cakes. Keep it so that your cakes bake the perfect texture. [1]
      Make Emoji Cakes Step 1 Version 2.jpg
  2. Combine butter and sugar in a large bowl. Mix one cup (227 g) softened butter and 1.5 cups (300 g) granulated sugar with a baking spatula. Mix them together until they make an even mixture. [2]
    • If you have a store-bought sponge cake mix, you can use it instead.
  3. Beat in 1 egg and vanilla extract. Crack a large egg into the bowl and make sure there are no eggshells. Pour in the vanilla extract and stir the mixture until smooth. [3]
    • Use imitation vanilla extract for a cheaper alternative.
  4. Mix in flour, baking powder and baking powder. Add 2.75 cups (398 g) flour, 1 teaspoon (13 g) baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon (6.5 g) baking powder to your bowl. Stir them in gradually with a baking spatula until your mixture is combined and makes a soft dough. [4]
    • Try not to overmix your dough, otherwise you may make your dough denser.
  5. Roll out your dough with a rolling pin. Pour a thin layer of flour onto a countertop or cutting board. Use a rolling pin to spread your dough until it is about thick. [5]
    • With flour, the dough helps to become less sticky and roll out more smoothly.
  6. Use cookie cutters to cut out circles, hearts, and other Emoji shapes. Place a few different cookie cutter shapes, such as circles and hearts to create shapes for your Emojis. Cut out all shapes until you run out of dough. [6]
    • Circles are good for Emoji faces, and you can even use the top of a Christmas cake cutter to make poo Emoji.
    • Add small horns to the top of a pie cake to make a devilish Emoji shape.
    • Use a unicorn cookie cutter for a cute unicorn emoji.
  7. Place your cookies on a cookie sheet. Carefully pull your shapes up and out of the dough. Place them on a baking sheet with approximately between each cake. [7]
      Make Emoji Cookies Step 7 Version 2.jpg
    • Because sugar cookies have a lot of butter in them, you do not need to grease your baking tray.
  8. Bake your cookies for 8 to 10 minutes. Place your cookies on the middle rack in your oven and take them out when they are hard around the edges. Make sure your cookies do not get too brown or that they may burn. [8]
      Make Emoji Cookies Step 8 Version 2.jpg
  9. Take out your cookies and let them cool. Place your baking tray on your hob so that your cakes cool. Wait for about an hour or until they reach room temperature. [9]
      Make Emoji Cookies Step 9 Version 2.jpg
    • If you have a cooling rack, use a spatula to transfer them there to make them cool faster. [19659046] [ Edit ] Add a Frosting Base
      1. Make a batch of royal icing. Combine 4 cups (500 g) confectionery sugar, 3 tablespoons (30 g) meringue powder, 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) vanilla extract and water in a mixing bowl. Mix them until you have even and creamy frosting. [10]
        • If you have an electric mixer, you can use it to quickly combine your ingredients.
      2. Add a drop of food coloring to small pieces of icing. Separate your glaze stack into 5 to 6 small, equal parts. Add yellow, pink, red, brown and black food coloring to a bowl of icing at a time and leave 1 pure white. Mix your food coloring and frosting to create bright, vibrant colors. [11]
        • If you do not plan to make a poo Emoji, you do not need a brown glaze.
      3. Put your frosting in pipe bags. Use a baking spatula to spoon different frosting colors into tube bags. Cut off the tip of each bag for a small hole that your frosting can come out of. [12]
        • If you do not have a tube bag, you can make your own by stapling parchment paper in a triangle.
      4. Make a yellow base on each pie. Draw a yellow outline with frosting around the edge of each pie. Use the frosting to fill in the circle and then let it sit for 10 minutes to harden. [13]
        • Letting the frosting harden makes it a better base so that it does not blend into your other colors.
        • You can also use a purple base for a devil Emoji cake, or a white base for a unicorn cake.
      5. Decorate your heart cakes with pink or red icing. Stir a disposition of frosting around the edges of each heart cake. Use the same frosting to fill the inside of the heart and then let your cookies sit for at least 10 minutes. [14]
      6. Add brown frosting to your poo Emoji cake. Use brown frosting in a tube bag to create a thin outline around your Christmas tree cookie. Then fill in the middle with the brown icing and let your cookie sit for 10 minutes. [15]

      [ Edit ] Piping the Details of Your Cookies

      1. Add a white mouth and closed eyes for the smiling emoji. Touch a rectangular outline near the bottom of a yellow pie cake and fill it with white icing. Use black frosting to create a grid with upper and lower teeth in the mouth. Then draw two closed eyes in a crescent shape up for a cute, happy Emoji. [16]
        • This is one of the easiest Emojis faces to decorate.
      2. Tube black sunglasses and a smile for sunglasses Emoji. Outline thin black sunglasses near the top of a pie. Fill each lens so that they are completely black. Then touch a thin smiling mouth under the glasses. Let your cookie dry for 10 minutes. [17]
          Make Emoji Cookies Step 17 Version 2.jpg
      3. Add white eyes and a smile to your poo Emoji. Touch 2 small ovals near the top of your poo Emoji cookie. Use the same white glaze to create a smiling mouth under the eyes. Then add two small black dots to the eyes to make pupils and let your cake dry for about 10 minutes. [18]
      4. Draw a red heart on a kissing face for the kissing Emoji. Touch 1 full eye and one blinking eye on top of a yellow pie. Use the same black icing to make a mouth by drawing a 3 on your cookie. Then touch a small red heart near the mouth and fill it completely. Let your cookie dry for 10 minutes before serving. [19]
        • You can also add eyebrows to this Emoji to make it more realistic.
      5. Add blue tears to the laughing Emoji. Touch 2 eyes in crescent shapes so they look like they are closed. Add a few raised eyebrows in black above each eye. Use white and black frosting to lead an open, smiling mouth with a row of white teeth. Then use blue frosting to lead 2 big blue tears coming out of your Emoji's eyes. [20]
        • The Laughing Emoji is one of the most easily recognized Emojis.
      6. Use hearts for eyes for the heart-eyes Emoji. Stir 2 small hearts at the location of the eyes near the top of a yellow circle cake. Add a simple black mouth that smiles under the eyes for a sweet, easily recognizable cake with heart-eyes. [21]
        • You can also use large heart splashes for the eyes if you have them.
      7. Decorate a purple cake with a beautiful face for the devil Emoji. Draw two circular black eyes in the center of your cookie and place some thick black eyebrows pointing downwards on top. You can make your devilish Emoji smile with a happy face or angry at a wrinkled face for an evil cake. [22]
        • Since there are two devilish Emojis, you can choose which one you want to make or even make them both.
      8. Touch a small rainbow on a circle cake for a rainbow emoji. Take an empty cake and use red, yellow, blue and green to draw the lines of a rainbow in the middle. Use white frosting to make clouds on either side of the emoji, or leave it blank for a more realistic rainbow. [23]
          Make Emoji Cookies Step 23 Version 2.jpg
        • Add some edible glitter on top of your cookie for an extra sparkle.

      [ Edit ] Things You Need

      • Mixing bowl
      • Baking spatula
      • Baking plate
      • Pipe bags

      [ Edit ] Tip

      • Look at the Emojis on your phone for a guide when decorating your cookies.

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