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How to make dried orange slices

Dried orange slices make a classic decoration for trees and garlands during the holidays. They are also a good taste! After you cut an orange into slices, wipe them with an oven, a microwave, a food dehydrator or even natural sunlight. When the slices look and feel dry, they are ready!

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Cut and prepare fresh orange slices

  1. Cut the orange width into slices. Think of the stealing page on the "North Pole" on the orange and orient it so that it is on its side. Gently use a sharp kitchen knife to create even slices. Discard the first and last discs ("north" and "south poles"). [1]
    • For best results, use ripe (but not overripe) oranges without bruises or blemishes.
  2. Remove all surface moisture with paper towels. Place all cut slices on a plate or tray and then dip them with a paper towel to soak up any surface moisture. Turn the discs over and repeat the process with another clean paper towel. [2]
    • This step is not absolutely necessary, but it helps the discs dry out faster.
    • Use plain white paper towels. Decorated paper towels can sometimes transfer colored stains onto the disks.
  3. Nail the sliced ​​slices with cloves to make decorations. Use a knife tip to cut a small hole through each fresh orange slice, just inside the pith and skin rings, so you can loop a string through each opening after the slices have dried. Press a clove with the star side up in the middle of each orange slice. Then, if desired, create a ring with cloves around the inner perimeter of the disc. [3]
    • After the sheets have dried, simply tie a colorful yarn or string through the hole in each sheet so you can hang them.
    • Dried orange slices decorated with cloves are a traditional Christmas tree and wreath ornament in the UK. You can skip the cloves if desired.
  4. Sprinkle on spices to make a sweet treat from the slices. Put the fresh slices on a plate or tray and then sprinkle them over white sugar, brown sugar or coconut sugar. Follow up with a dusting of cinnamon, ginger or both. Or try other spice combinations until you find your favorite! [4]
    • When the dried slices are dried, it makes a good snack or dessert to garnish.
    • If you want to use a slice as a drink, you can cut a line into a fresh slice from the middle through the skin on its perimeter. This will be a small wedge-shaped cut when the disc is dried.
    • Use seeds oranges for snacking, or pick seeds from the slices before drying them.

[ Edit ] [19659019] Drying in the oven

  1. Set the oven to or as low as possible. If your oven does not allow a setting as low, set it as low as it will go. It usually takes about 3.5-4.5 hours to dry the orange slices. [5]
      Make dried orange slices Step 5.jpg
    • It usually takes 2.5-3.5 hours. [6]
    • We expect it to take 2-3 hours. [7]
    • Even if it takes longer, aim for the lowest temperature you can. This significantly reduces the chance of burning the discs instead of drying them.
  2. Space the disks on an oven rack or other wire rack. Remove the oven rack from the preheat oven, or use an oven-proof wire shelf. Place the discs on the stand so that they have at least space on all sides. [8]
    • Distributing the discs on a wire shelf improves air flow and reduces drying time. Using a baking sheet can increase the drying time by up to double.
    • If you choose to use a baking sheet, load it with parchment paper so that the slices do not stick.
  3. Put the rack in the oven and turn the discs every 30-45 minutes. Often, the disks help get stuck. It also reduces the chances of burning, especially if the oven has a slightly higher temperature. Simply pull the tray from the oven and use pliers to turn the discs when it's time to turn them. [9]
      Make dried orange slices Step 7.jpg
  4. Let the slices cool on the rack as they look and feel dry. Pull the slices out of the oven as soon as they look completely dried and feel dried when you stir with the tongs. Allow them to cool to the touch on the rack and then confirm with their fingers that they feel completely dried. [10]
      Make dried orange slices Step 8.jpg
    • It may take up to 30 minutes for the slices to cool to room temperature.

[ Edit ] Using Your Microwave

  1. Lubricate your sliced ​​slices between two thick layers of paper towels. Place 5-6 white paper towels on the microwave tray or a microwave safe plate. Place 4-5 orange slices on top of the paper towel and make sure they both have space all around. Cover the slices with 5-6 more sheets of white paper towels. [11]
    • Do not use decorated paper towels as they can transfer dyes to the orange discs.
    • Dry the discs in batches if you have more than 4- 5 to dry.
  2. Microwave the covered discs with 50% power for 8 minutes. Do not heat the slices with full force, otherwise you will end up with burnt slices instead of dried rounds! See your microwave user manual if necessary. [12]
    • Use 50% power if your microwave oven is rated at 1000 watts or less. If it is greater than 1000 watts, set it to 40% or even 30% power.
    • Each microwave oven is different, so be sure to test and try to find the perfect power level and warm-up time for your orange slices
  3. Replace the paper towel and repeat the drying process. After 8 minutes, remove the orange slices, flip them over and grease them between layers of 5-6 fresh paper towels. Put them back in the microwave for another 8 minutes with 50% power (or less, depending on your model). [13]
  4. Stop microwaving the discs when they are almost completely dried. After 2, 3, or possibly even four rounds of microwave oven, the orange slices should be almost completely dried out. They will never completely dry in the microwave without burning, so pull them at this point. Place them on a wire shelf and give them 30-60 minutes to finish drying. [14]
    • If it's a humid day, you may want to finish drying the slices in the oven. Set it as low as possible – preferably – and heat the discs for about 30 minutes on a wire shelf. [15]

[ Edit ] Using a Dehydrator or Natural Sunlight

  1. Follow the dehydrator instructions for the simplest drying method. Place the orange slices on the dehydrator rack, following the fruit spacing for your model. Set the drying time based on your device's instructions – it usually takes about 6 hours to dry orange slices. [16]
    • A food dehydrator takes longer than most drying methods, but it is also the only option "set it and forget it". [19659008] Place the disks on a clean window screen for drying outdoors. If you want to dry your orange discs with only sunlight, place them on a framed window pane. (Clean the screen thoroughly with soap and water, then let it dry completely before using it!). Allow space between discs. [17]
        Make Dried Orange Slices Step 14.jpg
      • If you plan to dry fruit regularly in this way, buy a window display for this purpose only.
      • Outdoor drying works best if you live in a warm, sunny, dry climate. Don't expect it to work on a cloudy, humid day!
    • Set up the window screen in a place that gets full sunshine. For example, place the corners of the window on concrete blocks or use something else that raises the screen at least from the ground. Choose a place that gets full sunlight for at least 6 hours, and preferably 8 or more.
        Make Dried Orange Discs Step 15.jpg
      • The higher you bump the screen, the more air flowing the underside of the discs will get. This speeds up the drying process considerably.
      • Reinforcing the screen also helps protect the orange discs from hungry animals!
    • Turn the slices every 30-45 minutes until dry. Often turning is the key to even drying in the sunlight. Use pliers or fingers to flip over each disc. When they feel completely dry, they are ready! [18]
        Make dried orange slices Step 16.jpg
      • The drying time will vary greatly depending on your environmental conditions. The discs can dry in as few as 2 hours, or as many as 8-10 hours.

[ Edit ] Tips

  • Especially if you use the dried slices as a snack or garnish, store everything you do not use directly in an airtight container with a zipper. They will usually last for 2-7 days in this way, depending on their moisture level and humidity. Look for any mold stains before eating them. [19]

[ Edit ] Warnings

  • Use a sharp knife and work safely when cutting oranges. Children should be closely monitored if they help.

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