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How to Make Dirty Keto |

The keto diet limits the amount of carbohydrates you eat so that your body enters a state called “ketosis” and burns fat. Pure keto can be difficult to follow because there are strict rules about food quality and where it comes from. Dirty keto is a little lighter because it allows you to eat the food you want as long as you maintain the ratio of fat to protein to carbohydrates. If you want to try keto but the sheer approach seems daunting, try dirty keto! You may not want to make dirty keto dirty in the long run because it is not super healthy, but it can be a great way to lose weight before switching to a healthier diet in the long run.


[[[[Edit]Now ketos

  1. Limit your daily carbs to less than 50 g per day. Reducing the number of carbohydrates you eat every day is the basis of keto whether you make it clean or dirty. To keep you under 50 grams of carbohydrates daily, cut starch, bread, grains and sugar from your diet. Carbohydrates should not make up more than 5-1
    0% of your daily calories.[1]
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    • Keto is a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. The goal of keto is to put your body in a state called “ketosis” that forces your body to use fat as its primary source of energy, rather than burning carbohydrates and sugar for energy.[2]
    • Other common carbohydrates include pastries, sweets, pasta, breakfast cereals, starches such as potatoes, beans, most fruits and beer.[3]
  2. Make sure that 70-80% of your daily calorie intake comes from fats. Eating fat is important because ketosis forces your body to use fat as its main source of energy. Fat basically replaces carbohydrates as the body’s fuel. Pure keto has many rules about the type and quality of the fat you eat, but dirty keto is more relaxed. Almost all types of fat are fair game. Meat, butter and bacon? Yes thank you![4]
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    • The exact number of grams you consume depends on your weight, height, gender and activity level. Use an online keto calculator to help you calculate exactly how much you need. For example, try https://calculo.io/keto-calculator.
    • Dirty keto is a bit controversial as it does not focus on options for healthy food. You will lose weight in the short term, but over time you may encounter problems such as high cholesterol.[5]
    • Even if you are not strict about it, it is still best to include healthy fats in your diet, such as avocados, olive oil and almonds.[6]
  3. Adjust your diet so that 10-20% of your calories come from protein. Keto is not a high protein diet, so do not go overboard with how much protein you eat each day. Protein should only make up about 10-20% of your calorie intake. If you eat too much, your body converts the excess into sugar, which is basically a carbohydrate.[7]
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    • Use an online keto calculator to determine exactly how many grams of protein you need to eat each day: https://calculo.io/keto-calculator.
    • For dirty keto, you get most of your protein from animal sources such as beef, pork, chicken and turkey.
  4. Be prepared for some temporary symptoms called “ketofluenza. Ketofluenza is not a contagious virus, do not worry. This is just the name of the group of symptoms that most people experience during the first 1-2 weeks of doing keto. Nausea, fatigue, headache, foggy brain, irritability, difficulty sleeping and constipation are the most common symptoms.[8]
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    • The keto flu usually passes after a week or so, so hang in there and ride it out!
    • In the long run, following a keto diet may give you energy and help you improve your focus.[9]
  5. Use blood or urine test strips to measure ketone levels in the body. To find out if you have reached ketosis, use a test to measure your ketones. Urine and blood test strips are available online and in many pharmacies. Urine tests are cheaper, but blood tests are more accurate.[10]
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    • The recommended range for ketosis is 1.5 to 3.0 mmol / l.
    • You can test your ketone levels every week when you start. Once you have taken keto, you only need to test yourself occasionally to make sure you are on the right track.
  6. Allow occasional cheating meals if you make dirty keto. Going over your carb contribution kicks you out of ketosis, but dirty keto makes room for temporary cheating days and slip-ups. If you can not resist the desire, let yourself be pampered without guilt. However, it is important to get back on your diet! The goal of keto is to maintain ketosis.[11]
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    • Remember: if you cheat and eat carbs, you will need to start your diet again to regain ketosis.[12]
    • Cheating days and cheating meals are not allowed in pure keto.

[[[[Edit]Choose keto-friendly foods

  1. Prioritize the ratio of carbohydrates to fats each time you make a food choice. Dirty keto provides angled space when it comes to your actual food options, but balancing the number of carbohydrates, fats and proteins you eat each day is not negotiable for both pure and dirty keto. Remember that 5-10% of your daily calories can come from carbohydrates, 70-80% should come from fats, and proteins should make up the last 10-20%.[13]
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    • Use an online keto calculator to find out exactly how many grams you need for each food group.
    • A keto app can make it easier for you to track your carbs, fats and proteins every day.[14]
  2. Eat keto-approved packaged or processed foods in moderation. In pure keto, these types of foods are a big no-no. Thankfully, dirty keto is a little more relaxed and much more comfortable! Keep in mind that pre-packaged and processed foods are not good for your long-term health.[15] Enjoy food such as:
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    • Ordinary cheeseburgers without bun
    • Artificial sweeteners
    • Processed oils and proteins
    • Fast food with low carbohydrate content, such as potato or tortilla chips and cakes
    • Pork skin and beef
    • Watch out for bloating and inflammation as pre-packaged / processed foods tend to contain a lot of sodium.[16]
  3. Consume your daily fat grams by eating all the high fat foods you want. Eating enough fat every day is important because your body uses that fat as fuel. Dirty keto has no limits on where you get your fat grams. Butter, margarine, vegetable oil, vegetable shortening, full-fat dairy and nuts are on the menu. As long as 70-80% of your daily calories come from fat, you are in the zone![17]
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    • It is important to also work with some healthy alternatives. Healthy sources recommended for pure keto include olive oil, ghee, coconut oil, nuts, nuts, seeds and avocados.
  4. Get protein from high quality sources but do not stress over it. Dirty keto allows the type of protein you want. However, protein is only 10-20% of your diet, so do not stress too much to make perfect choices as long as you meet your daily needs. Almost all types of poultry, dairy products, red meat, lunch meat, jerky, fish and eggs are fair games on dirty keto.[18]
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    • Consider including healthier protein options in your diet from time to time. “Pure” protein includes organic poultry, dairy, meat, salmon and eggs produced without hormones or antibiotics. Preferably processed and minced meat minimally.[19]
  5. Try to incorporate some high-fiber vegetables every day on dirty keto. If a diet without vegetables at all sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is! Even if you make dirty keto, you still need to eat some vegetables so that you get a lot of nutrients and fiber. High-fiber vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, romaine lettuce and asparagus are the most nutritious options, so aim for them.[20]
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    • Cooking vegetables in butter or adding some cheese on top can make them tastier and help you meet your daily fat and protein needs.
    • Small portions of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are also approved for dirty keto if you want a fruit fix.
  6. Eat food to replenish your electrolyte levels every day. Low carb diets, including both pure and dirty keto, deplete your body of four important electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is important to eat low carb foods that are high in electrolytes to balance your levels and avoid feeling tired and sick.[21]
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    • Sprinkle pink Himalayan salt on the food to replenish sodium.
    • Salmon, nuts, avocados, green vegetables and mushrooms are high in potassium.
    • Eat calcium-dense foods such as dark green vegetables, broccoli, salmon and sardines.
    • Add magnesium by eating green leafy vegetables, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, Swiss chard and nuts.
  7. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated on dirty keto. Keto can make you dehydrated, so fluid intake is important. Juices and soft drinks are off the table, even if you make dirty keto, because they have carbohydrates and sugar. The best choices are water, herbal tea and green vegetable juice.[22]
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    • Sometimes chai or coffee drinks with coconut milk and sugar-free syrup drink well for dirty keto.[23]


  • Check out keto-friendly menus online or keto recipe books to add some variety to your diet and prevent boredom and cravings.


  • Most experts do not recommend dirty keto as a permanent diet solution because it is not healthy and the long term effects are not well understood. Use it to lose weight in the short term or work with a dietitian to make sure you meet your nutritional needs.[24]


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