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How to make decorative mason jars for Halloween

With the case over us, it’s the perfect time to make some simple and fun seasonal patterns with mason jars. This is a simple craft for both adults and children that gives your home some festive decor at a minimal cost.

Step 1 – Decide on your theme

You can make these jars to suit any theme or season. Maybe you even recycle your cans all year round! For fall, you can go with more of an autumn theme or one that embodies the spirit of Halloween. Decide which one to go for to set the tone for the rest of the project.

Step 2 ̵
1; Collect materials

You do not have to have anything fancy to complete this craft. Mason jars of virtually any size, tissue, scissors, mod podge, paper, foam brushes and paint are pretty much all you need to make as many jars as your heart desires. You also want to put newspaper or some type of paper on the table or counter to avoid a mess.

Step 3 – Cut strips of tissue paper

Cut strips of tissue paper so that they are ready to use to cover your jars. They do not all have to be the same size or the exact length of your jars, so do not worry about the measurements. Depending on how many cans you plan to make, you will want to cut a lot of strips into different lengths and widths. Set them aside.

colorful tissue

Step 4 – Cover the jar in Mod Podge

Now turn the first jar upside down and cover it in a thin layer of mod podge with your foam brush. This will help you to easily attach your tissue to the jar. You want to do this just before you start putting tissue on the jar as it dries quickly.

Step 5 – Cover the jar in tissue paper strips

Lay the strips with tissue paper that you cut for good use! Cover the jar with these strips by placing them lightly – vertically – on the jar. They should easily stick to the thin layer of mod podge you brushed on in the previous step. Overlap these slightly. If you have to fold the strips at the bottom of the jar, that’s fine. However, if the strips are not long enough to cover the entire length of the jar, do not worry about it at the moment. Continue storage strips until the entire jar is covered. If necessary, place a few strips of tissue paper horizontally around the bottom of the jar to fill empty space.

Step 6 – Brush Mod Podge over the jar

Using a foam brush, apply more mod podge on top of the tissue strips to completely attach them to the jar and make sure they are flat on the jar. If there are any wrinkles to glue down the strips, there is nothing to worry about. Do not worry if some of the mod podge looks clumsy and white as it dries clearly.

hands attaching decoration to a glass jar

Step 7 – Cut out cardboard shapes

You will now leave the jar you covered upside down to dry for a few minutes while cutting your shapes. You can either do this manually or use a slicer to do it. If you go with a Halloween theme, cut out jack-o-lantern faces. Cut out leaf shapes or acorns and squirrels for an autumn theme. This is your chance to get creative! You can also cut out ghosts, spiders, bats or black cats. If desired, you can use large googly eyes on these jars for a fun effect.

Step 8 – Glue down your shapes

Now it’s time to use mod podge again to glue your shapes down on your jar. Put a thin spot of mod podge where you hold the shape of the jar. Then – one piece at a time – paste your shapes on the mod podge site and place more mod podge on top of it to glue it down completely. Especially if you use thick cardboard, you may need to use a lot of mod podge to get the job done. Again, do not worry about any “puddles” of glue on the jar – it dries completely.

decorative Halloween mason jars

Step 9 – Let the jar dry

Now let the jar dry completely. It should not take more than an hour.

Step 10 – Paint the top

Now paint the mouth of your jar to finish the project. On Halloween jars, a light green or purple jar accentuates nicely. For an autumn can, a reddish brown or olive green would be an excellent choice. You can paint the mouth of the jar with a foam brush.

Now, just let the color of the jar dry and your project is ready! These look great next to each other with different patterns. The thinness of the thin paper makes it easy to put a battery-powered votive in each jar to give a flickering effect.

marker and paint on lit halloween mason jar

For another type of effect, you can skip the tissue in favor of color and marker, then leave the jar open at the end and place a candle inside to create a magical glow and cast spooky or beautiful shadows. Use common sense when deciding where to place your can-o-lantern – dried corn stalks or loose fabric can quickly go up in flames and create a scarier situation than you thought.

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