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How to make clay earrings

The clay earrings make a simple gift and a fun statement piece. To collect your goods, start in the clay round at a local craft store to get the best possible feel from your materials. You will need oven-baked clay, a package of clay sculpting tools, earrings, jewelery pliers, super glue and earrings.

For jump rings, errors on the side of larger. Jumpers that are too small cannot connect the earrings without breaking the clay. You also need a clay roll and parchment and wax paper. You may also want to buy clay mold cutters or cookie cutters in the shapes you want to form.

A note about clay: Mixing clay marks can cause cracks and bubbles in your final product. We recommend using regular Sculpey Oven Bake Clay, not the soufflé version of Sculpey.

  clay earrings on paper board

Step 1 – Preheat oven and roll Clay

Preheat the oven to 225 Fahrenheit and let the preheating process run for at least 30 minutes. This helps your oven bake more evenly. Fold a baking sheet with parchment paper and set it aside.

While your oven is heating up, take your clay out of the package and start rolling it out on the wax paper. You can mix clay colors together to create unique designs or rotate clay colors together to create a marbled look. If you want to go for a pattern, roll out a base color and cut shapes into contrasting colors. Place the contrasting shapes on top of the base and roll them lightly in the base color. Roll until the contrasting pieces are firmly joined to the base. The ideal thickness is 1/8 to 1/4 inch.

  Twisted Sculpture Material of Clay

Step 2 – Cut Shapes

Take your rolled out clay and start cutting the shape of your earring. Popular clay earrings consist of circles, squares, rectangles, half circles, rainbows and freehand. People often roll bead shapes and flatten one side to create small, pear-shaped earrings. As you roll and cut your earrings, make sure to punch holes for the jump ring to go through if you want to make stacked earrings. Make the jump ring hole bigger than you think it must be because it will close up a bit when you bake. It is also a good idea to look at the size and shape of your jump rings to decide where to place the holes.

  clay button earrings with mottled tan and white

Once your earrings have been cut out, step away and let them air dry for 15-20 minutes. Air drying is not necessary but will make it easier to transfer your earrings to paper lined parchment. You will need a clay scraper to remove your earrings from the wax paper. This scraper should be included in your clay sculpture starter kit.

  clay sculpture tool

Step 3 – Bake Clay

Behind your earrings for twelve minutes. When you pull them out of the oven, they can still be soft, so don't touch them. Let them rest on the counter for at least an hour if not overnight. Once your earrings have cooled and hardened, use your jump rings and pliers to connect your earrings. Then use super glue to glue the earrings on the back of the ears. Don't use hot glue – it won't last. A glue dries, your earrings are ready to wear!

  clay earrings on paper cards

Additional tips

The best way to get amazing earrings is to practice, practice, practice. You can create hundreds of earrings from just a few packages of clay, so don't stress. You have lots of clay to play with. If you want to gift your earrings, check out Amazon or a local craft store for earrings to put your fun new creations on. You can also create your own fun wrapping paper to complete your gift.

Oven baked clay can be fragile, so handle your creations with care. If an earring snaps, chips or breaks, you can use a very small amount of hot glue to repair it.

If you love craft with clay, you can try some other creations like embossed clay wallpaper or a clay frame !

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