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How to make an X-Men "Cyclops" suit: 15 steps (with pictures)

Lycra Suit

1. Get yourself a full-body blue lycra suit. (Fig. 1)

2. You cut off the gloves parts of the costumes at the wrist

3. Cut off the feet at the ankles and set the material aside

4. Lower the zipper all the way down and begin to release the zipper at the main area. When you release the zipper down to the neck area you cut off the headpiece. Set the head piece aside

5. Take the fabric you got from your feet and disassemble them. You want to get a strip of material to create a collar. Use that strip and sew the strip into the neckline of the suit to create a collar.

6th Sew the zipper in the new collar.

7th Lower the zipper, cut the excess, put a tray of hot glue in the corners of the zipper's teeth so that the actual zipper is not pulled off. (Fig. 2)

8. You have to make some EVA foam straps and glue them directly onto the suit. Just measure up a few strips, seal with plastic dip and paint them and then glue on the thigh areas. You can use chalk to mark where to attach the straps.


8. Take a pair of leather shoes. Comfort is the key here because you usually walk around a lot.

ninth You can put some soft insoles in the boots to help with comfort.


0th It is best to take a short boot with a small heel (to make the suit more feminine) (picture 3)


11. I bought some yellow short gloves in a halloween shop. The most important thing is to make sure you have the right color. (image 4)


12. I wanted to tailor the gloves a bit to make them more tactical so I wanted buckle protection.

thirteenth I used a coin as a template to cut out small circles from craft foam (Fig. 5)

14. I led the craft foam up and pressed them into my palm to make them concave.

15th I covered each coin in worbla so they were difficult. Worbla is a thermoplastic that softens when heated. You can buy a roll of it online.

16th To remove canned texture, cover worbla in wood glue.

17th Paint the hardened knuckles, put on the glove and glue in place. (Fig. 6)

18. I used a thin piece of EVA foam and craft foam to create a lid on the back of my hands. I sealed them with plastic dip, painted them and glued them directly on the gloves. (image 6)


19. I spent some time looking for red sunglasses. I found a decent couple in a whale. Wearing sunglasses is a nice option if you want to take a break from wearing the visor. (Fig. 6)

Makeup and earrings (Fig. 6)

20. Cyclops doesn't strike me as someone who wears a lot of makeup. Just a regular base foundation.

21st I think cyclops would have a red or nude lipstick.

22nd Maybe some red earrings.

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