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How to make an Origami giraffe

Origami giraffes are a fun gift for friends and family, or you can use them as a fun decoration. This pattern can be tricky, as it involves many complicated folds and creases. Do not be discouraged if it takes any effort to do this – after all, the exercise is perfect!


[[[[Edit]Create the initial folds

  1. Color in brown spots on some yellow origami paper to design the pattern. Take a brown marker and sketch out different shapes all over the colored side of your origami paper. Color in all spots to create a realistic pattern for your origami giraffe.[1]
    • Preferably use origami paper that is about. However, all square pieces of paper work.[2]
  2. Fold and fold the paper twice to get two folds. Place the square paper on the work surface, and then fold the right and left edges together. Fold along the weight of the paper and unfold it again. To make the paper easier to work with, fold the paper from top to bottom to create another fold in the paper.[3]
    • You currently have two folds that form a “plus” sign on your origami paper.
  3. Turn the same sheet of paper so that it looks like a diamond. Place the folded paper with the pattern side up. Turn the paper 45 degrees so that it looks like a diamond, with the pointed corner facing up.[4]
    Make an Origami Giraffe Step 3 version 2.jpg
    • An origami giraffe requires a lot of folds, so you have to adjust your paper a lot to make all the folds you need.
  4. Fold and fold the paper twice or twice to get two more folds. Replace the paper so that the upper and lower corners touch. Press and slide your finger along the line to create a definite fold along the paper. Fold up the paper and then fold it in half again so that the left and right corners meet. Fold this edge and fold the paper again so that the colored side is facing up.[5]
    • At this point, your paper should have a total of 4 folds.
  5. Squeeze and press the paper into a small square. Press up on the center of the paper with your finger so that the folds tilt away at a downward angle. Fold the paper in half slightly and leave the bottom of the paper open. Squeeze both sides of the collapsible paper and press them toward the center. At this point, flatten the paper into a folded square.[6]
    • The colored, patterned side of the paper will still face outward.
  6. Fold the paper side in half. Take the left corner on top of the folded box and fold down the lower left paper section in the middle, vertically fold. Repeat this process with the right corner of the square. Fold along the edges of these folds so that the paper stays in shape.[7]
    • You just fold up the top layer of paper, not the whole square.
    • At this point, an unfolded triangle will be visible along the square.
  7. Turn the square over and repeat this folding process. Turn your square so that the section you just folded is facing down. Make the same folding pattern as you did before, and place the lower right and left corners along the middle of the fold. Press along the side folds to hold these folds in place.[8]
    • At this point, both sides of the square will be folded. There will also be a wide triangle along the top of the back square.

[[[[Edit]Forms the basic giraffe shape

  1. Fold the upper triangular section of the paper down. Take the entire upper triangle and fold it down at the back of the square. This will form a smaller triangle with folded origami paper.[9]
    • You close all layers of paper instead of just 1.
  2. Turn the paper over and lift up the folded section. Hold your paper triangle with the newly folded triangle facing down. Open the 2 folds on the front of the triangle and then lift the unfolded paper upwards. This will form a large diamond shape in your origami paper.[10]
    • This part can be a little difficult to get down to at first. Do not be discouraged if you do not nail it right away!
  3. Press the paper into a dragon shape. Lay the lower pieces of paper back in a triangular shape along the lower half of your origami paper. Make the top of the diamond a mirror image of the bottom by folding two smaller triangles in the middle of the paper.[11]
    • At this point, your paper will look like a dragon, with four equal triangles of paper folded toward the center.
  4. Do the same turn, fold and press on the other side. Turn your paper over and lift up the small triangle you just folded over. Fold out the larger triangles along the lower half of the diamond, then fold out the paper into a larger diamond as you did before. Press the lower half of the diamond into 2 identical triangles and repeat the same fold with the upper, unfolded part of the paper. When you are done, both sides of the origami will look identical.[12]
    • This episode will also look like a dragon.
  5. Hold the paper structure upright and fold it in half. Squeeze the top half of each diamond on both sides of your origami paper. Drag both sections to expand the paper and create a larger texture. Pull and stretch the folded origami until the top, colored piece of paper is completely flat. Fold the vertical paper vertically so that 4 even paper points protrude in each direction.[13]
    • You will fold the paper backwards instead of forwards when you do this.
  6. Fold the two side points upward to create a paper hat shape. Squeeze along both sides of the front and back points of your origami paper. Check that the triangles match each other and create an even fold. Always fold out along the lower edge of the fold so that the paper stays in shape.[14]
    • At this point, your origami giraffe will look like a paper hat.

[[[[Edit]Fine-tune the functions

  1. Turn the paper over and slide the left paper up. Replace your folded origami paper so that the folded dots now face down. Hold the central part of the paper with one hand, and then use the opposite to push the left point up. When pushed forward, the paper becomes a regular folded triangle, similar to a dragon shape.[15]
    • This will act as the neck and head of your giraffe.
  2. Fold the front of the paper back to form the neck and front legs. Press along the left and right parts of the neck and fold them in place so that they fold around the giraffe’s body.
  3. Bend the back section of paper down to form the hind legs. Create a first fold for the hind legs before you actually fold them in place. Take the right folded paper point and fold it down to create a basic bone shape. Press along the edge of the fold to create an exact fold.[16]
    • This is not the permanent position of the hind legs – the folds only help you mount the giraffe.
    • The point on the front and hind legs must be the same length. If the hind leg is too long or too short, you may need to follow back.
  4. Fold out the hind legs and fold them into place. Lift the folded paper so that it is back in a straight line, and then turn the paper inside out. Fold and fold 1 triangle along the left side of the giraffe and the other triangle along the right side of the giraffe. Check that both of these triangles are mirror images of one another.[17]
    • The hind legs should still be in line with the front legs.
  5. Fold and fold over the top of the paper neck to form the head. Take a small section or so from the upper, upper point of the giraffe’s neck and fold it forward. Fold along the fold so that you have a clear idea of ​​where the giraffe’s head will go. As you did with the hind legs, fold up the piece of paper that consists of the head and fold 1 triangle along the left and right sides of the giraffe’s neck.[18]
  6. Fold and fold both halves of the neck so that it is thin and rectangular. Fold up the giraffe’s neck slightly, which should look like a large folded triangle. Folds and folds in the tilted edge of the neck, which gives the giraffe’s neck a straight edge and a rectangular shape. Repeat this on the other side so that the giraffe’s neck looks straight and elegant.[19]
  7. Repeat this folding and pleated section along the giraffe’s back. Open the folds on top of the back of the giraffe and fold a small, triangular piece of paper inwards on each side. Wrinkle along the edges so that the giraffe’s back looks straight instead of being pushed.[20]
    Make an Origami Giraffe Step 20.jpg
    • You can show your giraffe by balancing it on the paper legs.


  • An origami giraffe is much harder to make than some other origami shapes. If you are new to origami folding, you can start with a simpler animal, such as a crane.

[[[[Edit]Things you need

  • yellow origami paper
  • Markers (optional)


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