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How to make a resin birdbath

If you hope to create a resin birdbath, there are some easy ways to make it look unique while creating a robust birdbath. Pick out objects and materials such as tissue, beads or tinsel to add the resin and give it color. Pour the resin into a silicone mold and add your materials. Let the resin dry completely before removing it from the mold and showing it, either by hanging it or putting it on a pedestal for the birds to enjoy.

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Collect materials and mix the resin

  1. Collect the textures or objects you will place in the resin. Decide what to put in the resin to create your bird bath, give it color and a creative look. These can be materials or objects such as tissue, buttons, fabric or tinsel. [1]
      Make a Resin Bird Bath Step 1.jpg
    • Other materials include beads, pieces of wood, stones or mosaic tiles.
    • For a more professional look, add the resin with mosaic tiles or stones.
    • If you are looking for a quick fix, glitter or tissue is a good alternative.
  2. Place a silicone mold on a flat surface. The shape should be in the shape of a bird bath and be large enough for a pair of birds to fit comfortably, approximately in diameter. Set the silicone mold on a stable, even surface so that the resin will go evenly into the mold. [2]
      Make a resin bird bath Step 2.jpg
    • Place a plastic plate or paper under the mold to protect the surface you are working with.
    • Buy a silicone mold from a craft store or online.
  3. Mix the resin carefully by following the instructions. The resin comes in two separate bottles which you will mix directly before pouring. Follow the instructions for your specific resin carefully to ensure that it works properly. Stir the resin together in a container with a stick, making slow circular motions to avoid creating too many air bubbles. [3]
      Make a resin bird bath Step 3.jpg
    • See the instructions for how much resin to use depending on the size of your silicone mold.
    • Each resin layer will probably use resin.
    • Use clear resin if you want to see the materials or objects through the resin.
    • Resin has a strong odor and can be toxic, so work in a room with good air ventilation.

[ Edit ] Pour the resin and add material

  1. Pour the resin into the mold so that it covers the silicone thoroughly. Pour the resin slowly, spreading it with a resin spreader to cover the entire silicone mold base. Use the diffuser to apply the resin to the sides of the mold as well and create the edges of the birdbath. [4]
      Make a resin bird bath Step 4.jpg
    • Don't worry if the resin slides down the sides slowly – you can add additional layers later.
    • The resin must be poured immediately after it is mixed so that you get as much working time as possible before it starts to dry.
    • How thick you make your resin layer is entirely up to you, but a solid first layer can be roughly thick.
  2. Carefully place your material or object in the resin. When a thin layer of the resin is in the silicone mold, you start placing your materials or objects down in the resin beginning with the center of the mold. Work your way up to the outer edges of the mold and then start going up the sides, placing things like buttons or tissue flat against the resin. [5]
      Make a Resin Bird Bath Step 5.jpg
    • For example, if you are using trays or tissue, place them right next to each other so that they are lined up and there are no empty spaces.
    • If you use materials such as beads or even small shapes, these can be placed sporadically throughout the resin.
  3. Wait for 12 hours until the resin starts to set. For timing instructions related to your specific type of resin, read the instructions that come with the resin. After about 12 hours, the resin has dried enough to put a top coat of resin on top of the object or material inside the mold. [6]
      Make a Resin Bird Bath Step 6.jpg
  4. Add another layer of resin and allow to dry. This is a good idea to help keep the added material intact and protect them from the elements outdoors. Pour a thin layer of resin into the silicone mold using the resin spreader to create an even layer that covers all objects. Wait 12-24 hours until the resin dries completely. [7]
      Make a resin bird bath Step 7.jpg
    • Add more materials or objects to the second layer of resin, if desired.
    • If you add another layer, wait another 12 hours for the top coat to dry completely.
  5. Carefully remove the resin bird bath from the silicone mold. After waiting for a day for the resin to dry, gently peel off the silicone mold from the resin bird bath. Begin at the upper edges and gently peel down. [8]
      Making a bird bath in resin Step 8.jpg

[ Edit ] Displays the bird bath

  1. Drill holes in the resin with a drill if you hang it. Use a permanent marker to make 3-4 dots representing the holes and evenly distribute them around the perimeter of the bird bath. Use an electric drill to gently make each hole in the resin so you can pull a small rope or chain through them. [9]
      Make a Resin Bird Bath Step 9.jpg
    • A 1/8 inch (1/3 cm) drill bit works well.
  2. Attach ropes or chains to the bird bath to hang it. Pull ropes through each hole and create knots to hang the bird bath, or attach chains through each hole and hang it that way. Regardless of which method you use, make sure that the hanging material will not slip through the holes to make sure the bird bath does not fall. [10]
      Make a Resin Bird Bath Step 10.jpg
    • Look for ropes or small chains in your local hardware store or online.
  3. Set the resin on a pedestal to create a standing birdbath. Standing bird baths are popular because they are easy to move and clean. Place your resin bird bath centered on a pedestal with a flat top so the bird bath does not tip or move. Consider using a strong glue to attach the resin to the pedestal, if desired. [11]
      Make a resin bird bath Step 11.jpg
    • If you choose to use glue, look for a waterproof glue such as Gorilla Glue or outer glue.
    • Consider sanding the bottom of your birdbath if it is circular and create a flat part where it can rest on the pedestal.
    • Look for bird bath pedals at your local home improvement store or online.
  4. Hang or set the bird bath in a place where birds can easily reach it. Position your bird bath so that it hangs from your porch or sits in a stable location where it does not fall or cause the birds damage. While hanging the bird bath from a tree limb is possible, you know that you need to rinse the bird bath more often because of the leaves and other plants caused by the tree. [12]
      Make a resin bird bath Step 12. jpg
    • Place a standing bird bath on stable ground so that it does not tip over.
    • If you live in a colder climate, consider placing your bird bath in a sunny location so that the sun warms the water. In warmer climates, place the bird bath in the shade to prevent the water from getting too hot.
    • Avoid placing the bird bath near a knitting bush or where predators can easily reach the birds.

    [19659009] Fill the bird bath with clean water. Pour water into the bird bath with a garden hose or bucket, being careful not to top it up. When you have filled it with water, check the bird bath regularly to refill it or clean out dirty water. [13]

      Make a Resin Bird Bath Step 13.jpg

[ Edit ] Things You Need

[ Edit ] Collect materials and mix the resin

  • Objects or materials (buttons, tissue, etc.)
  • Round silicone mold
  • Plastic pen or paper
  • 2-piece resin
  • Mixing pin
  • Copper or container

[ Edit ] Pouring the resin and adding material

  • Resin spreader

] [ Edit ] Displays the bird bath

  • Permanent marker (optional)
  • Drill (optional) [19659009] Rope or chains (optional)
  • Socket (optional) [19659009] Waterproof adhesive (optional)
  • Pure water

[ Edit Warnings

  • Many types of resin emits toxic fumes, so make sure working in a well-ventilated is a.

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