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How to make a plant hanger

Hanging plants are an excellent complement to any room that can create a really cozy atmosphere. Hanging plantings can be expensive, however. Fortunately, you do not have to buy one! Macrame plant hangers are super easy to make yourself with just a few dollars and a little rope. In a few minutes you have your own plant hangers to decorate with.


[[[[Edit]Cutting and dimensioning of the ropes

  1. Get at least one thin rope or yarn. For a standard planter about high, you need each piece of rope to be or a little more than long. Get at least cotton rope. Most hardware or craft stores have rolls for just a few dollars, so this should not be difficult to find.[1]
    Make a hanger Step 1.jpg
    • You can also use a different type of rope for this activity. Jute or polyester are popular choices. Also look for colored rope if you want to be more decorative.
    • Make sure the rope is thin enough for you to tie knots. If it’s too thick, it’s not working for this project.
  2. Cut 3 rope sections long. Roll out the rope and measure it out, then cut off the rope. Repeat this to get 3 equal parts.[2]
    • It is always best to cut each thread a little longer so that you have plenty of space to work. You can always cut off any excess when you are done.
    • The original length of the rope gives you a hanger a little less than half as long. of rope will give you a planter far. If you want it shorter or longer, you can adjust the rope length. for example, gives you a hanger or a little over.
    • You can also use four strings, or even more, depending on the look you want. The process is not much different. You only need to tie a few more knots if you have more ropes.[3]
  3. Loop each rope halfway through a carabiner. Hold the three pieces of rope together and put them together through the opening in a carabiner. Pull the pieces through until you reach halfway.[4] Fold the rope so that you have a total of 6 individual threads.
    • Remember that the number of threads will be different if you use more ropes.
    • You can also use a regular metal ring if you do not have a carabiner.
  4. Tie a knot with all the threads just below the carabiner. Hold all 6 threads in one hand. Then loop the carabiner around them and pull it to get a knot. Make sure it is tight so that all threads are held together.[5]
    • Try to get this knot as close to the carabiner as possible. Feel free to remove the knot and try again if you have to.
    • If you use more threads, make sure you twist them all in one knot. Do not leave anyone standing out.
    • For a more decorative approach, you can also tie colored string under the carabiner to hold the threads together.[6]

[[[[Edit]Tie the strings in a hanger

  1. Lay the threads flat and divide them into 3 groups of 2. It will be much easier to work on the hanger in this way. Lay the rope out on a long table or floor. Spread each thread straight. Then group them into 3 pairs of 2 by pairing each thread with the one next to it.[7]
    Make a hanger Step 5.jpg
    • For this project, the pairs would be the 1st and 2nd strings, the 3rd and 4th strings and the 5th and 6th strings.
    • You have more pairs if you use more ropes. For example, if you used 4 pairs instead of 3, you have 4 pairs.[8]
    • Some people prefer to work on the plantation while it is hanging. In this case, you can hang it on the carabiner and tie the rope afterwards.
  2. Attach each pair of strings together from the top knot. Take a ruler or tape measure and measure down from the upper knot. Then take the first pair and loop them around each other to create a simple knot. Repeat this for the other two pairs of ropes.[9]
    • Make sure that each knot is at the same height or that your hanger is uneven.
    • These knots are where the top of your planter will rest, so you can adjust the height if you want.
  3. Tie the 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 5th strings under the knots. Again, take your ruler or tape measure and measure down from the knots you just tied. This time, do not tie each pair together. Instead, tie the second and third strings together. Then tie the 4th and 5th threads together as well. This creates a tiered hanger for more support and decoration.[10]
    • These knots are about where the center of the planter will sit. If you do not like the height of your hanger so far, you can always loosen the knots and make adjustments.
  4. Join the first and sixth ropes together. Fill in this pattern by folding the 1st strand over the other threads to the 6th. Then tie these two together.[11]
    • This pattern will be a little different if you use more threads for your hanger. For example, if there are 4 pieces and 8 strings, you would tie the 1st and 8th.[12]
  5. Make one last knot with all threads under the pattern. Measure more down from previous knots and hold all 6 threads. Loop them around each other and pull to create a knot at the bottom of the gallows.[13]
    • Make sure this knot is tight. If it is undone, the planter will fall.
    • You can also use less space between the knots and add more for decoration. You can try this if you make more than 1 hanger.
  6. Trim excess rope at the bottom if you do not want it to be hung. This depends on what you prefer. If you like the look of the extra rope dangling at the bottom, leave it. If not, then cut it off with scissors.[14]
    Make a hanger Step 10.jpg
    • You can always wrap colored string around excess rope to create a decorative pattern.[15]

[[[[Edit]Hanging plant

  1. Install a nail or hook in the wall where you want to hang the planting. You can use any of these to mount your hanger. Find the place where you want to hang the planting and find the nearest tap. Insert a nail into the pin or screw a hook into the wall where you want to mount the hanger.[16]
    Make a Plant Hanger Step 11.jpg
    • You can also screw a hook into the ceiling if you prefer to mount the planting like this.[17]
  2. Place the carabiner over the nail or hook to hang it. When the hook is mounted, it is easy to hang the plant. Start by taking the hanger and winding the carabiner over the nail or hook. Make sure the hanger is secure before inserting the planter.[18]
    Make a hanger Step 12.jpg
    • You can test the hook by giving the hanger a light tugboat so that it does not come loose.
  3. Rest the plantation inside the gallows. When you are sure that the hanger is safe, you can mount the planting. Pick up the planting and put it in the gallows so that it rests on the bottom knot. Adjust the threads so that they wrap around the planting and hold it in place.[19]
    Make a plant hanger step 13.jpg
    • Hold the planting and let it go slowly so that it does not fall out.

[[[[Edit]Things you need

  • Rope or yarn
  • Scissor
  • Nail
  • Carbine hook
  • Ruler or tape measure


  • If you have some planters to hang, you can make several hangers in different lengths for a more decorative effect.
  • You can also braid the threads together if you want to try a different style for your hanger.[20]


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