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How to make a pencil

A pen is a great way to improve your accuracy when drawing or writing on your touch screen device. Try to create your own pencil at home from basic materials. If you have a metal pen on hand, simply remove the ink tube and replace it with a cotton swab. Alternatively, you can use aluminum and foil to turn a pencil into a pencil. These methods are quick and easy and work on any device that has a touch screen.


[[[[Edit]Use a metal pen

  1. Remove the ink tube from a pen that has a metal body. Unscrew the mouth of the pen to reveal the ink tube. Pull the ink tube and feather out of the pen body, and then screw the pen back together. Throw the ink tube straight into the trash when removing it to prevent it from leaking on your furniture.[1]
    • It is important to use a pen with a metal body, as it conducts the electrical charge from your hand which makes the pen work.
  2. Slide a small cotton ball into the tip of the pen. The cotton ball helps to conduct the electric current and gives the pen a padded pointer. Roll up a small cotton ball and push it into the pen. Try to push as much of the cotton ball as possible into the pen so that it does not come loose when you try to use the pen. [2]
    • If you do not have a cotton ball, use a small piece of cotton cloth.
  3. Cut off excess cotton ball hanging out of the tip. This makes the pen easier to use and makes the touch more precise. Let the cotton ball hang out of the pen so that the tip of the metal pen does not scratch the screen.[3]
    • If the cotton ball falls out or slides into the pen over time, simply push a little more of the cotton ball into the tip of the pen.
  4. Use the pen the same way you would use your finger. Press the cotton ball on the screen to activate it. Move the pen around the screen to navigate around the device. Keep extra cotton balls on hand to refill your pencil if it falls out during use or storage.[4]
    Make a Pen Stylus Step 4 Version 2.jpg

[[[[Edit]Create a stylus with aluminum foil and cotton

  1. Unscrew the pen to remove the ink tube. To make this pen, you need a pen that can be unscrewed. Remove the spring and ink tube from the inside of the pen, and then reassemble the pen.[5]
    • Keep the small internal parts of the pen out of the reach of children, as they can pose a choking hazard.
  2. Cut the center of a Q-tip at an angle. Estimate where the center of the Q-tip is and then chop it at a sharp angle. This creates a pointed end on the plastic part of the Q-tip, which makes it easier to insert it into the pen.[6]
    • Throw 1 half of the Q-tip in the trash, as it is not needed for the pen.
  3. Point the pointed end of the Q-tip into the tip of the pen. Leave the cotton part of the Q-tip and approximately the plastic handle out of the pen. Do not worry if the Q-tip is a bit loose, just keep it in place for now.[7]
  4. Secure the Q-tip in place with a piece of tape. Fold the tape around the plastic part of the Q-tip and the mouth of the pen so that it stays in place when you use the pen. If the Q-tip still feels a little loos, simply put another piece of tape around it.[8]
    • Both tape and masking tape work for this task. Avoid using washing tape, as it is not usually so sticky.
  5. Fold a square of foil around the Q-tip and the pen. Cut out the aluminum foil with scissors. Fold the box tightly around the plastic part of the Q-tip and around the pen. The aluminum foil helps to transfer the electric current from your hand to the tip of the Q-tip.[9]
    • Do not cover the cotton part of the Q-tip, as this will help prevent the screen from being scratched.
  6. Moisten the Q-tip with water each time you use it. Wet your fingers and then wipe off the Q-tip with your damp fingers. This small amount of water helps to conduct the electric current and makes the pen in the pen more accurate. Use your homemade pen to navigate around your device. If it loses its accuracy, just place a little extra water at the end of the Q-tip.[10]
    • Avoid soaking Q-tip in water, as it may leave drops of water on the screen.

[[[[Edit]Things you need

[[[[Edit]Use a metal pen

  • Scissor
  • Cotton ball
  • Pencil with a metal body

[[[[Edit]Create a pen with aluminum foil

  • Scissor
  • Q-tips
  • Tape
  • Water
  • Aluminum foil

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