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How to make a headband in place

Headbands are great for holding back your hair, but not when they keep slipping back! If your headband continues to slide back on your head, there are a few things you can do. If you are looking for just a quick fix, you can secure it with hair spray and bobby pins. If you want a more permanent fix, you can line the inside of the headband with puffy color or velcro.

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Using Hair Spray and Bobby Pins

  1. Pull up the hair in a bun or ponytail. Brush your hair so it is smooth and tangled and then collect it in a bun or ponytail. You will keep your hair in this style all day, so make it nice and neat. [1]
      Make a headband Stay in place Step 1.jpg
    • Create a medium or high bun or ponytail. Do not make a low bun or low ponytail.
    • This method works best for elastic headbands, but it can also work for silk scarves.
  2. Apply a light mist of hair spray, then let it dry. Focus the hairspray on the top and sides of the head, where the headband will sit. Don't worry about your neck or the bun / horse tail itself. [2]
    • If you can, use a non-flexible, structuring hair spray. [3]
    • No hair spray? Try dry shampoo, sea salt spray or some hair wax or pomade.
  3. Put on the headband. Pull the headband down over your head and then slide the front upwards so that it sits just behind the hairline. The rest of the headband should sit behind your ears and towards your skull bottom. [4]
    • If you are using a silk scarf, place the knot on top of your head for a safer grip. You may not even need to use bobbin needles! You can also tie the knot on the back of the head to blend your look. [5]
  4. Secure the headband with a bobby pin behind each ear. Slide the tip through the hair so that the tips point to the face. You want the bobby pin to point down, not up. This will prevent the headband from riding back on your head. [6]
    • You will need 1 bobby pin on each side of the head.
    • Select a bobby pin that matches your hair color to blend into your hair. [7]
    • Make sure the wavy side of the bobby stick is facing down towards the hair and the flat side is facing up.
  5. Push another 2 bobby pins through the back of the headband, make an X. As with the first set of bobby pins, make sure they also point downwards. This will prevent the headband from riding up the neck. [8]
    • You can skip this step if you feel the headband is secure enough.

[ Edit ] Add puffy Paint to Elastic Headband

  1. Get an elastic headband. This method works on all types of elastic, elastic headbands. It may be the thick, training headband made of stretchy jersey material, or it may be the skinny band-like headband made of colored or printed elastic.
      Make a Headband Stay in Place Step 6.jpg
    • You can try this method on unstretched straps that are connected to a small piece of elastic. If the headband is made of lace, use hot glue instead!
  2. Turn the elastic inside out so that the wrong side is exposed. If this is a wide, exercise band band, you might actually see a stitch that goes along the length. If this is a colored or printed elastic headband, the color will be lighter or completely colored on this side.
  3. Draw a twisted line with puffy color over the elastic. This can be a smooth, wavy line or a sharp zigzag line. However, do not draw a straight line, otherwise the color will break when you put on the elastic headband. [9]
    • Match the color of the puffy color to the elastic or printed design.
    • Puffy color is sometimes called "puff color" or "dimensional fabric color."
    • If you do not find puffy paint, use hot glue instead. This is an excellent alternative for unstretched lace bands.
  4. Let the color dry and then do the other side. Your headband is circular, but you work with it while it is flat. You only did one side, but now you have to do the other. This is easier than working in a full circle. When the paint dries, just flip the headband and do the other side.
    • Make sure the ends of the twisted lines on the front and back of the headband match each other.
    • It can take several hours to get dry paint, so be patient. When it dries, it will look a little darker and flatter.
    • If you use hot glue, just wait a few minutes. Hot glue comes up quickly.
  5. Wait for the color to dry, then turn the headband aside. Puffy paint or hot glue will act as a kind of rubber grip. When you put it on your head it will create friction and catch your hair. [10]
    • Be careful not to stretch the elastic too much. If you pull on it too much, the puffy color or hot glue can be snapped. However, it should stand up to pull it over your head.

[ Edit ] Glue Velcro straps on ribbon ribbon

  1. Get a ribbon with an elastic closure. These types of headbands look like a strip of tape that joins at the ends with something elastic. Do not use an elastic headband; The Velcro will prevent it from stretching.
      Make a headband stay in place Step 11.jpg
    • This method is not recommended for clean or pointable headbands because the Velcro is visible. Use the puffy color method, but with hot glue.
  2. Buy Velcro strap that is a little narrower than the strap. The Velcro strap can be any color, but black works best because it doesn't get dirty as quickly. The exact width of the Velcro strap does not matter, as long as it is narrower than the strap.
      Make a headband in place Step 12.jpg
    • If you can get Velcro in several colors, match the color to the band.
    • If you can't find anything narrower, get Velcro straps that are the same width instead.
    • Avoid adhesive Velcro straps. The glue is not very strong and it will create a sticky, rubbery – not a good combination for hair!
  3. Cut the Velcro so that it is the same length as the band part. You do not need to measure the tape. Hold only 1 end of the Velcro strap against 1 end of the strap. Pull it over the top of the tape to the other end and then cut it. [11]
    • If your strap is wrinkled when it goes in the elastic, pull off the Velcro. This way, the Velcro is not glued together when you paste it.
    • Hold the scraped, crooked side of the Velcro. Set the soft, coiled side for another project.
  4. Hot glue the Velcro strap on the underside of the strap. Turn the headband in and out so you can see the back of the band. Work at a time, apply hot glue to the back of the Velcro and press it against the strap.
    • Try to adjust the ends as best as possible. If you cut the Velcro strap shorter, you start gluing it from the end of the strap.
    • If you do not have hot glue, use cloth glue instead. It will work well, but it will take longer to dry.
  5. Turn the headband right and out and wear it. The Velcro strap will now function like the small hooks on a plastic strap. It will grab your hair and help keep the headband in place! [12]
    • Hot glue dries almost immediately, so it should be clear when you are ready to paste the Velcro. However, fabric glue will need about 15 to 20 minutes to dry.

[ Edit ] Tips

  • The closer you place the headband to the hairline, the less likely it is to slip off! [13]
  • Try the headband before you buy it, if you can. This lets you make sure it suits you, as headbands are available in different sizes.

[ Edit ] Things You Need

[ Edit ] [19659062] Using Hairspray and Bobby Pins

  • Hair tie
  • Hairspray
  • 4 bobby pins

[ Edit ] Add puffy Paint to elastic headbands

  • Elastic headband
  • Puffy color or hot glue

[ Edit ] Glue Velcro straps on tape straps

  • Tape band
  • Velcro tape
  • Hot glue or cloth glue
  • Hot glue gun (if using hot glue)

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