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How to make a Frontside 360 ​​on a snowboard

If you like snowboarding, you probably want to learn some tricks and jumps! A front 360 is when you leave the slope and rotate in the air 360 degrees before hitting the ground again. The "front side" part of the jump refers to the fact that you are turning your chest toward the bottom of the slope instead of your back. If you snowboard with the left side forward, turn counterclockwise; if you snowboard in "goofy" position with your right side forward, you turn clockwise. To land the jump, jump off the heel of the board into the air and use your arms, head and upper body to gain the momentum you need to rotate in the air. This hope can be difficult to master, so you may want to start with basic hope, since the 1

80s and 270s.

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Landing Frontside 360 ​​on a single slope

  1. Gather some speed to land the jump proper . This jump is actually easier to do if you go a little faster. This is because the speed gives you more air time, which means you have more time to swing. Do not try to do this very slowly. [1]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a snowboard Step 1 version 5.jpg
    • But don't go too fast that you feel out of control!
  2. Tips on your heel edge as you walk down the hill. This prepares you to start turning back up the hill. Place your weight on your heels rather than on your feet balls and lean the board against your heels, called the "heel" of the board. [2]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a Snowboard Step 2 version 5.jpg
    • It is important to use the edge of the board when jumping because it gives you something to shoot off in the snow. It digs in and provides leverage. [3]
  3. Turn your arms towards the back of the board. Turn your upper body toward your back and move your arms around that direction. This movement is a way to "wrap up" your body for the spin. [4]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a Snowboard Step 3 Version 5.jpg
    • So if your left side is facing forward, turn your arms back to the right.
  4. Bend at the knees as you enter the turn. Bending helps you get ready to jump into the air. You can also lean your upper body over a little. Basically, you are only ready to run when your board movement and arms propel you into rotation. [5]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a Snowboard Step 4 version 5.jpg
    • You don't have to sit down too low. Just bend enough to jump.
  5. Turn back up the hill and swing your arms around. With the leg in front, you start to turn the board to your back, as if you are going back up the hill. At the same time or just before, swing your arms in the direction you want to go, which helps start your rotation. [6]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a Snowboard Step 5 version 5.jpg
    • So if your left side is in front, turn back to the left.
    • This is called a "front side" 360 because you rotate the front of your body toward the slope of the slope first, rather than the back of your body. A back side would be if you had your left side in front of you and turned right first because you would turn your back to the slope of the slope first.
  6. Pop up in the air as you turn. Use your legs to push yourself up just as you start the rotation. Run into the air, stretch your body and lock your core as your torso lines up with the board below. [7] Try to jump as high as possible so you don't come down too fast. [8]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a Snowboard Step 6 version 5.jpg
    • Remember that the slope will help you with your lift. When you jump off the edge of the board you will continue straight out for a second while the ground slopes down.
  7. Keep looking over your shoulder throughout the movement. As you start the rotation, look over your leading axis. This movement also helps get the rotation going, but you have to keep doing it throughout the turn. Otherwise, you may not be able to make it all the way. [9]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a snowboard Step 7 version 5.jpg
    • You want to lead with your head and shoulders at all times.
  8. Land on your toe. When you get around the rotation you will have a blind landing. Tilt the board forward and stretch your legs to catch the ground. Bend your knees to absorb some of the impact when you hit the ground. [10]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a snowboard Step 8 Version 5.jpg
    • If you jumped high enough and used enough rotating power, you should be walking down the hill when you land again.

[ Edit ] Working with problem areas

  1. Practice spreading the ground on the trampoline. Part of the move is to lift your snowboard off the ground so you have enough room to rotate in the air. If you have trouble getting enough lift, take your snowboard on a trampoline. Work on jumping off the trampoline on your snowboard, and it will help you get a feel for the movement. [11]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a snowboard Step 9 version 5.jpg
    • Work on a large trampoline to make sure you have enough space, like the kind you see in drum gyms or trampoline parks.
    • You can also practice this move on flat ground in the snow. Bend your knees and use that motion to push yourself off the ground. Lift your knees below you to give you more air.
  2. Use the trampoline to work with the turning motion. When your snowboard is on, start bouncing, get some air. When you come down on a jump, wrap your arms around your body to the right. When you hit the trampoline, you start to move your arms and shoulders to the left, which helps your entire body turn. [12]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a snowboard Step 10 version 5.jpg
    • Work on the trampoline until you can walk all the way around.
  3. Try the flatland frontside 360's to help you understand the movement. That is, instead of jumping off the ground as you enter your rotation, just spin on the ground as you go down the hill. To spin, come in with your knees bent like you would for one in the air, but then stretch out your legs and straighten your body to rotate. On the way out of rotation, bend your knees and upper body slightly down. It helps you feel how you need to rotate once you're in the air. [13]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a snowboard Step 11 Version 5.jpg
    • When this rotation is smooth you can try the air again.
    • Don't forget the rotational movements with your arms and upper body! You do not turn unless you start the rotation.
  4. Avoid rotating too early if you do not spin all the way. If you start to rotate too much before going up from the ground, the friction on the board will slow down. To make sure you get around all the way, try to rotate the time approximately while lifting the ground. [14]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a Snowboard Step 12 version 5.jpg

    [19659021] Hold the board so it does not land on your butt. If you show up and are not level, you usually slip into the ground when you are done with the rotation. Try to lean slightly forward with the upper body as you enter the rotation and hold the board even with the horizon as it leaves the ground. [15]

      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a Snowboard Step 13 Version 5.jpg
  5. Do not stop rotating by waiting to detect the landing. This hope includes a blind landing. If you try to see it before the end of the rotation, you can spin too fast, which can cause a crash. Instead, keep an eye on the toe edge of the board. Then you can see the landing point on the slope as you get around the rotation. [16]
      Make a Front Page 360 ​​on a Snowboard Step 14 Version 5.jpg

[ Edit ] Making Your 360 More Impressive

  1. Make the move from a jump on the track. You definitely want to practice straight jumps first before trying a 360. But once you've taken care of regular jumps, you can try adding the rotation. Aim to start your rotation to the right as you hit the start of the jump, twist your arms and board to get your momentum going. Extend the legs at start to get the "pop" effect. [17]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a snowboard Step 15 Version 5.jpg
    • Start with smaller jumps and work your way up to bigger ones.
  2. Practice grabbing a trampoline with your snowboard. A grip is where you hold onto the edge of the board while in the air. Get on a trampoline with snowboarding on. Get some air by jumping a few times and then work up your board for a front grip. Lift the toe of the board and take it with your hand. Drop it quickly and land on the bottom of the snowboard. [18]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a snowboard Step 16 Version 5.jpg
    • You can also sit back and grab the heel of the board or flip the front of the board up (usually your left side) and grab it with your left hand, which is a nose. Try the back for a tail guy.
    • You can use either end to grab the toe or heel side of the board, but it will take different movements.
    • Try to combine this with the 360 ​​rotation of the trampoline.
  3. Lift the knees in your front rotations to work on adding a grip. To start adding a grip to the slopes, work on lifting your knees as you rotate. Tighten the body so that you are almost in the fetal position. [19]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a snowboard Step 17 Version 4.jpg
    • This movement brings the board closer to the hands, making it easier to perform a grip.
    • To help you make yourself compact, use a lot of force when jumping off the jump starting point. The hard pop will push the legs up towards the chest.
  4. Incorporate a grip on the slopes. When you get the feel of the movement you can try it while doing a rotation. Try to start with a simple jump, then try with 180 or 270 before moving on to 360. This way you get a feel for it while reducing your chances of wiping out on the jump. [20]
      Make a Frontside 360 ​​on a Snowboard Step 18 Version 4.jpg

[ Edit ] Tip

  • See others hit the function on the track to measure the speed you need to clear landing.
  • A common mistake is to start spinning while you are still on the function, causing you to lose stability in the air. Make sure you remove your lips straight.

[ Edit ] Warnings

  • Do not try this trick until you learn the basics. You can get seriously injured on some of these big jumps, so take it easy if you are new to sports.
  • Be sure to use proper safety equipment, including headgear, to reduce the risk of injury. [19659071] [ Edit ] Related wikiHows
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