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How to make a clipboard from a monopoly game: 4 steps

Instead of throwing away the remaining bread trips, I made a half-sized clip with one of the craft shops that I found. For another piece, I painted over the table with a little watered acrylic paint to make it a little less bright. Then I cut some holes, sneaked some artistic paper and added some binder clips to put it together. It will make a nice gift for a artsy friend.

My favorite project was a tiny macram and tosk disk that I made from a smaller game board (Scrabble game). The clipboard is good for macrame because the clip holds the lead. I took it one step further and added a second clip to the other side. In this way, I will be able to keep the cable tight both at the bottom and at the top. It also doubles as a tufting tool. Just turn the tow bar around on board. The clip holds the power cord in place while it is the covers.

I'd like to hear what ideas you need to reorganize game boards. Please share your ideas as a comment.

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