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How to make a brochure with Google Docs

This wikiHow teaches you how to create and print a brochure in Google Docs. The most common type of brochure is a three-part brochure, which can also be called a brochure. Although Google Docs does not have a triple brochure template, it’s pretty easy to create your own. If you are not worried about the format and just want to create a simple two-page brochure, you can use one of Google Doc’s free business brochure templates.


[[[[Edit]Tri-fold brochure

  1. Go to https://docs.google.com in your browser. If you are not already signed in to Google Docs, follow the on-screen instructions to sign in now with your Google Account.
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    • Before you start, decide what you want your triple brochure to look like. Brochures come in many shapes and sizes. Think about how many pages you want your brochure to have and the size of each page.
  2. Click to create a blank document. It’s the big rainbow plus sign at the top left of the page.
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 12 version 5.jpg
    • To name the file, click on the “Untitled Document” text box in the upper left corner of the window and then enter a type in a title for your brochure.
      Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 13 version 5.jpg
  3. Click on the menu and select. This is where you can set the file size.
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 14 Version 7.jpg
  4. Click the radio button next to Landscape. This changes the page orientation of the document to landscape so that you can fold the brochure properly.
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 4 Version 6.jpg
  5. Set the margins to “0.25” and click. The margins are on the right side of the window. This gives you more space for images and text.
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 16 Version 6.jpg
  6. Create a table with three columns. You need to create three columns on both sides of the page so you can put it in thirds. To do this:
    Make a brochure with Google Docs step 6 version 6.jpg
    • click Insert menu at the top of Documents.
    • Select Chart menu.
    • Drag the mouse so that only the top three boxes are selected. Each of the boxes represents a column in your brochure.
    • When you see the new table, press Get on or Return to extend the columns to the bottom of the other side. Since you are making a triple brochure, you want your columns to be aligned on both sides of the sheet. The idea is that you see three vertical columns on either side of the page (you can hide the actual rows later). Even if you have not added data yet, it gives you some visual table rows to work with.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the triple layout. You should now have two pages with three columns each. As you fold the brochure along the lines, the layout looks like this:
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 7 Version 8.jpg
    • Page 1 (“outside”): Inside flap (this part is folded in) | Back | Front
    • Page 2 (“inside”): Other side of the inner tab | Inside of the back | Inside of the front
    • It may be more useful to visualize if you take a sheet of paper, draw column markers, and then fold it in this order:
      • Fold down the left panel (behind the lid).
      • Fold the right panel (lid) back so that it covers the other panels (the back will now be at the top).
      • Turn the folded booklet over so that the cover page is at the top (and opens like a book).
  8. Design the front cover. The front of the triple brochure is the column on the far right of the first page (column 3).[1] The design of your cover is up to you, but here are some ideas to get you started:
    Make a brochure with Google Docs step 8 version 6.jpg
    • Type the desired title at the top (or anywhere, really) in column 3. Just click the mouse pointer in the column and start typing. To style the text, select what you have typed and use the text style menus and buttons at the top of the document.
      • For example, you can select a style by clicking on the menu that says Normal text and select an option. You can also change the font face, size, weight and even color.
      • It is common to center the title. To do so, select it and click the four-centered button on the toolbar.
    • A strong cover image is important to illustrate the purpose of the brochure and attract readers’ interest. To add an image, click on the desired location, click on Insert menu, select Picture, navigate to the location of the image, select it, and then click Open.
      • Drag the blue anchors around the edges of the image to lie down if desired.
  9. Design the back cover. This is the center panel on page one, so it’s directly to the left of the front. The back panels of the brochure often contain contact information, credits and closing statements. Sometimes back panels are even designed as mailing panels so you can send it without an envelope.
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 9 version 7.jpg
    • It is a good idea to make the back panel as vivid as the front so that it draws attention to the matter where the brochure is placed.
  10. Create the first inside panel. Now that you’re done with the two covers, it’s time to add the rest of the content. Page 1 of the brochure will be inside the cover, which is the third column on the other side. Since this is usually where you introduce the product or service, it will probably be a little more text-heavy than the front or back covers.
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 10 version 6.jpg
    • When you open a triple brochure, you will see a flap on the right side that can be opened. The tab, which is the leftmost column on page 1, should contain separate information, such as an ad or a special offer.
  11. Add content to the rest of your brochure. Since you introduced the product or service in the first column of page 2, you can continue to add content to the remaining pages. Since you already know how to add text and photos, check out these tips for more in-depth text formatting:
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 11 Version 6.jpg
    • If you add images, you want them to work with the text by setting covers. Click on the image after inserting it, and then click on one of the three cover icons below it.
      • Inline (icon 1) means that the image will be added as part of the text, which causes the image to be moved when text is added or deleted. This is not recommended as it may cause formatting issues in the event of a brochure.
      • Wrap text (icon 2) lets the text flow around and to the side of an image. This is a good option for the inside of a brochure when you have small pictures in paragraph text.
      • Break text (icon 3) means that the text stays above and continues below the image. This is a good option for triple brochures because the columns are small and do not have much space for text to go around the image.
  12. Hide the table overview to see the final product. Now that you have designed your brochure, you can get rid of the black guidelines. Here’s how:
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 12 Version 6.jpg
    • Click on an empty area in any column to select a table.
    • Right-click on an empty area in the table and select Table properties.
    • Change the default row size (1pt) to 0pt.
    • Click OK.
  13. Print the brochure on a duplex printer. Because the inside and outside of the brochure technically span two separate pages, you will need to print both pages together on both sides. Here’s how to do it in Google Docs:
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 13 version 6.jpg
    • click File menu and select Print.
    • Select your printer from the “Destination” menu.
    • Choose how many copies to print (start with one just to make sure you like what you see).
    • Expand More settings menu.
    • Check the box next to “Print on both sides” in the “Duplex” section, then select Fold on short side from the drop-down menu. This is because the file is in landscape mode – flipping the long side causes the inside to be written upside down.[2]

[[[[Edit]Two pages brochure

  1. Go to https://docs.google.com in your browser. If you are not already signed in to Google Docs, follow the on-screen instructions to sign in now with your Google Account.
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 1 version 5.jpg
    • Although Google Docs has a brochure template, this is not the typical triple style you would expect. Still, it works in a pinch when you need to get people the information they need.
  2. Click. It is located at the top right of the Google Docs page. This expands a set of ready-made templates that you can use to create documents.
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 2 version 5.jpg
  3. Click on a brochure template in the “Work” section. There are two brochure templates in the “Work” section – one called “Modern Writer” (one travel-oriented template) and another called “Geometric” (a basic product template). Click on the template that best suits your needs.
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 4 version 5.jpg
  4. Replace the placeholder text with your own text. You will notice that all the text in the brochure is generic, such as “Your company” and “Product brochure.” Placeholder text blocks starting with “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet”. Triple-click on any placeholder text to select it, and then start writing your own content.
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 5 version 5.jpg
  5. Replace an image. Brochure templates come with pre-inserted images, but you can easily replace them with your own images without ruining the format. Here’s how:
    Make a brochure with Google Docs step 6 version 5.jpg
    • Click on the image to select it.
    • Right-click on the image.
    • Select Replace the image.
    • Click Upload from computer (or choose another location, such as Google Drive or Google Photos).
    • Select the replacement image and click Open.
  6. Change the image size if necessary. With the image still highlighted, click and drag the blue boxes in the corners of the image to resize the image.
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 7 Version 7.jpg
    • If you upload an image that is smaller than needed, it may be pixelated and blurred if you make it larger.
  7. Reformat your text if necessary. If you want to make the text larger or smaller, use a different font or use a different color, you can apply your desired changes by selecting the text you want to change and then clicking on an option in the menu bar at the top of the page.
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 7 version 5.jpg
    • For example, you can make the text bold by selecting it and then clicking B at the top of the page. Or you can use the “Font” drop-down menu to change the font.
  8. Print the brochure. Use the following steps to print the brochure:
    Make a brochure with Google Docs Step 9 Version 6.jpg
    • Click File in the upper right corner of the menu bar.
    • Click Print.

[[[[Edit]Example brochure

WH.shared.addScrollLoadItem (‘! 5f80f981ecf2e’)Examples of triple roll mixes Recipe brochure


  • Google Docs automatically saves your work every few minutes. Do not worry about having to save your work.
  • Brochures are most easily created when all the files you need for the brochure are in one place. Consider streamlining all the photos and documents you want to use for your brochure to your computer desktop to streamline the process.
  • You can also create a brochure in Microsoft Word if you prefer not to use Google Docs.
  • Not all printers support duplex printing, which is what you need to create a folded booklet. Before attempting to print your booklet, make sure you have access to a printer that can print on both sides of a sheet of paper. You can also take a document to a printing company.


[[[[Edit]Quick summary

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