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How to make a bathroom rug

Making your own bath mat is a fun, inexpensive way to add a new look to your bathroom. In addition, it is a great way to use up fabric that you may no longer need, such as old towels, sheets or T-shirts. For example, you can braid strips of fabric to create a wrapped rug, or you can tie them to make a ragged bath mat. But you can also cycle other items in carpets for a fun and environmentally friendly alternative!

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Braid a bathroom rug

  1. Cut 3 towels into strips around long, remove any clips. Choose 3 towels in colors to suit your bathroom decor. Measure over the short side of the towel, mark each inch. Then cut the towels into long strips using a scissors or a rotary cutter and a mat. [1]
      Make a bathroom rug Step 1.jpg
    • Cut off the seams at the ends of the towels, along with any trim or decorative sewing.
    • This project is a great way to use old towels that you don't want to throw away, but you can buy new towels if you want!
  2. Stack 3 strips of towels together and sew the ends together. If you use multiple towel colors, put a strip of each color in a bundle. Then use a needle and thread to sew the tops of the strips together and leave the other end free. [2]
      Making a Bathroom Mat Step 2.jpg
    • This helps to hold the strips together as you braid them.
  3. Fold the end of the upper strip towards the center and then fold it in half. Take the upper strip on the bundle and fold it along the length so that both outer edges meet in the middle of the strip. Then fold the strip halfway along the middle. [3]
      Make a Bathroom Mat Step 3.jpg
    • This will prevent the towel strips from being torn out when braiding them.

    [19659009] Press the pins through the strip each time and then repeat for the other strips. After folding the first strip, slide straight pins through the material so that it does not fold. Place them around and go down the entire length of the strip. [4]

      Make a Bathroom Mat Step 4.jpg
    • When you are done, repeat this for the middle strip, then the bottom one.
  4. Merge the strips together and press them flat. Once you have folded each strip, you begin to braid them loosely by crossing the left side over the middle and then the right side over the original left strip, which should now be in the middle. Press the strips with your hand as you braid to keep the braid as flat as possible and continue braiding until you reach the end of the fabric. [5]
      Make a bathroom rug Step 5.jpg
    • The braid should be secure, but not tight. If you pull the strips together too tightly, the fabric will gather in more rope form, rather than laying flat. But if you braid it too loose, the fabric will not fit.
    • Remove the pins from the braid as you work. Be very careful to remove all the pins from the material. Otherwise, someone may be injured by stepping on a pin when the carpet is ready. [6]
  5. Sew the ends of the next set of strips to the first set. Match the strips color-to-color, then sew the ends with your needle and thread. This way you can create a long braided rope for your mat. [7]
      Make a bathroom rug Step 6.jpg
  6. Continue to fasten, braid and sew all the strips. When you are stuck in the next set of strips, fold them, insert the pins and braid them together in exactly the same way you did the first set. Sew in new strips and repeat the process until you have used them all. [8]
      Make a bathroom rug Step 7.jpg
    • Don't forget to remove the pins when you go!

    [19659009] Roll up the braid and sew the coils together. Take the top end of your braid and start rolling it into a long circular bobbin and push it so that it is as flat as possible. Continue wrapping the braid around itself in a dense spiral to create the shape of your round mat. Then, use the needle and thread to sew the edges of the bobbin together where they move side by side and add a stitch or something. [9]

      Make a bathroom rug Step 8.jpg
    • The closer the seams, the safer the carpet becomes.
    • This can be a time consuming process. When you're done, however, you have an eco-friendly wicker rug to enjoy!

[ Edit ] Knotting a Shabby-Chic Rug

  1. Buy a piece of grid mat the size of your finished mat. Obtain a large piece of grilled mat, which can also be called matte cloth. Then use a pair of scissors or a rotary cutter to cut the mat to the size you want your bath mat to be. [10]
      Make a Bathroom Mat Step 9.jpg
    • If you want to make a contour bath mat to go around your toilet, try cutting the mat so that there is a square dip in the middle of the top.
    • You can find ground rugs in many fabric stores, box stores and online.
  2. Cut your fabric into strips long. Pick up a bundle of old towels, T-shirts, sheets or other material. Use scissors to cut the material into pieces, and then cut these pieces into strips about wide. [11]
      Make a Bathroom Mat Step 10 Version 2.jpg
    • The amount of fabric you need will depend on the size and thickness of your finished mat. However, about 2 or 3 bath towels should be enough to make a thick mat that measures. [12]
    • You can use any material you have available for this project, and as many different colors as you like. However, the carpet will look best if you use everything from one type of fabric rather than mixing them.
  3. Tie a fabric strip through a corner hole in the mat. When you have cut all your fabric strips, take a strip and slide it into one of the corner holes in the ground mat. Then pull the same strip up through one of the adjacent holes and tie the material into a double knot. [13]
      Making a Bathroom Mat Step 11.jpg
    • You should have two short pieces of fabric that stick out when you tie the knot. This is what will create the shabby-chic look when the carpet is done.
  4. Continue knotting fabric strips along the carpet. Work your way either vertically or horizontally along the ground mat and tie the knots with your fabric strips as you go. If you use two or more colors, replace them. When you have covered the entire carpet, your new carpet will be ready! [14]
      Make a Bathroom Mat Step 12.jpg
    • Knit the fabric along each line of the mat for a rag, thick mat, or skip each other hollowed to make a thinner mat. [15]
    • This project is simple, but it can be time consuming. But the finished result is an adorable rug for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one!

[ Edit ] Upcycling Items in a Rug

  1. Sew strips of fabric together to make a simple, machine-washable rug. If you want to take a quick grab on an upcycled DIY bath mat, try cutting old towels, sheets or T-shirts into long strips. Then sew the strips side by side to create a super-simple rug that you can throw in the washing machine when you need to. While this rug will be on the thinner side, it can be a fun, easy way to change the look of your bathroom! [16]
      Make a Bathroom Matte Step 13.jpg
    • Try mixing multiple colors and designs for a fun, eclectic look!
    • To make a bath mat of T-shirt, try cutting out the logos from your worn favorite sweaters. Then sew them side by side!
  2. Cut water-resistant memory foam to size for a super-plush bath mat. To create a DIY memory foam bath mat, use an electric knife to cut the foam to size for use as a bath mat. The electric knife will help you get smooth, even cuts, and you will love how the foam feels under your feet when you get out of the shower! [17]
      Make a Bathroom With Step 14.jpg
    • If you & # 39; considering that the mat will not stay in place, glue a piece of non-slip sleeve coating into the bottom of the memory foam.
    • If you are using water-resistant foam, the carpet should not be waterproof. Usually, normal memory foam will absorb too much water to be useful as a bath mat.
  3. Transform wine cork into a unique mat for a natural look. Collect about 150-200 wine corks and cut them in half with a sharp knife. Then brush white wood glue on the cut side of each cork and place it on a non-slip sleeve lining. Work in sections and allow each area to dry completely before going to the next. When done, cut off any excess food from the edges of the mat. [18]
      Makes a Bathroom Mat Step 15.jpg
    • It may be easier to cut the cork if you place it in boiling water only about 2-3 minutes. Carefully remove the corks and cut them immediately, then allow them to dry completely before assembling the mat. [19]

[ Edit ] Things You Need

[ Edit ] Braid a bathroom rug

  • 3 towels
  • Scissors or rotary cutting and mat
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Straight pins
  • Needle and thread

[ Edit ] Knotting a Shabby-Chic Rug

  • Gridded matting
  • Scissors or rotary inserts and mat
  • Fabric (eg 2-3 old towels)

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