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How to keep food away

Food is an important part of everyone's life, but it can be a problem when it's all you think about. If you try to make a change in your diet, you may be struggling with constant thoughts about foods you want. To keep the food away from you, try to stay hydrated, distract yourself with a friend and plan your meals to reach your goals and start a healthy relationship with the food.

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[ Edit ] Avoid cravings

  1. Drink water to keep hydrated. Sometimes the body gets its signals crossed and says you are hungry when you really only need a little water. Keep a water bottle with you during the day and drink water consistently. If you start thinking about food, chew some water to see if it saturates you. [1]
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  2. Plan your meals to feel prepared. Create a 7 day meal plan by printing out what to eat for each meal each day. Spend 1 day a week preparing lunches to take to work or dinners to jump in the oven. Eating meals that have already been decided will help you avoid worrying about what to eat next. [2]
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    • Don't be too hard on yourself if you distract from your meal plan once or twice.
  3. Keep junk food out of the house. If you buy things like cookies, chips and soft drinks, you will probably think about them while sitting in your kitchen. Avoid the temptation by just buying healthy foods that may not seem appealing to you. Create a grocery list before you shop and stick to it as much as you can. [3]
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    • Processed foods often have more sugar and chemicals in them that cause the body to suck them more. Avoiding these foods will help break the cycle of your cravings.
    • You may have "trigger foods" or foods that you can't stop thinking about until you eat them. Try to recognize what they are and avoid them completely. Common trigger foods include potato chips, snack cakes and cookies.
    • Never go to the grocery store while you are hungry. This can make you buy unhealthy foods that you long for.
  4. Eat more protein to feel fuller. Eating lean protein is a great way to stop your cravings by feeling full. Chicken, beef, fish and beans are all proteins that will take longer to digest, so they will make you feel fuller longer. [4]
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    • Eating lean protein also adds to your muscle mass and keeps your blood sugar stable.
    • Avoid eating foods like white bread or baked potatoes, as they melt quickly and make you feel hungry.
  5. Add healthy fats to your diet. Your body often wants fat and for a good reason. Fat helps the body stabilize cholesterol levels and can improve the health of your heart. Add foods such as avocado, walnuts, sunflower seeds and fish to your diet to satisfy your fat cravings. [5]
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    • Saturated fats are healthy in size, but many foods also have a lot of saturated fat in them. Pizza, cookies and fast food all have high levels of saturated fat that is harmful to your health.
    • Check the label on your food for trans fat or saturated fat and try to limit the food you eat with these ingredients. [6]
  6. Reduce your stress levels with meditation and exercise. If you are a stress eater, your thoughts can turn to food when you need to calm down. Try to reduce your stress levels with meditation, exercise and deep breathing instead of food. Managing your stress in a healthy way is also beneficial for your general health. [7]
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    • If you are struggling to manage your stress levels, talk to a mental health professional. [19659011] Get enough sleep every night. When you are tired, your body wants caffeine and sugar to give you a boost. Try to get about 8 hours of sleep each night so you feel rested and awake the next morning. Getting enough sleep every night is also beneficial for your general health. [8]
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      • You may need more than 8 hours of sleep per night, especially if you are still growing. [19659030] [ Edit ] Distracting Yourself
        1. Do a fun physical activity you like. If you start thinking about food, you can try to get up and go for a walk, run or even a round of soccer with your friends. Exercise is a great way to keep your mind and body busy while meeting your fitness goals. Try to find a physical activity that you like to do so that you look forward to it. [9]
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          • Hiking, rock climbing, weight training and swimming are all fantastic activities to get your body moving.
        2. Get out of the house. If you just sit in your home, you are more likely to think of all the food that is in your kitchen. Take a walk around the block, run some errands, or go to a movie to stay away from food. [10]
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          • If you have a pet, take them for a short walk around your area as an excuse to get out of the house.
        3. Call a friend for support. If you have shared your struggles with a friend or family member, call them as a distraction when considering food. Even if you haven't talked about your problem, you can still catch up with a friend as a way to keep your mind away from food. Ask them about their lives, leisure interests and what they enjoy lately. [11]
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          • If you have a friend who also struggles to keep their thoughts away from food, they may appreciate that you share your fight with them.
        4. End chores around the house. There is no better feeling than checking out things from your to-do list. Deal with chores that you intend to finish such as doing laundry, washing the dishes, dropping the floor and changing the sheets. You will stay away from food while also losing your living space. [12]
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          • Keeping your home tidy can help improve your general mood and mental health.
        5. Chew sugar-free rubber to deceive your mind. You may be able to trick your brain into thinking that you are eating just by chewing. Buy some sugar-free rubber to chop on when you are thinking about food. Do this in conjunction with another distraction to keep your mind away from your hunger. [13]
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          • You can find sugar-free rubber in most grocery stores. Look for the label "sugar-free."
        6. Write in a journal to keep track of your thoughts. Distracting yourself is good, but your brain may still be focused on food. Try to keep a diary or journal to write in when you feel like food is on your mind. Write down what you did that day, how you are doing and what your goals are. Get creative with your diary by adding pictures or stickers as decoration. [14]
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          • Use a pocket-sized magazine to keep up with you when you may need it.
        7. Watch a funny video to move your thoughts elsewhere. If your brain is fixed on the idea of ​​food, you may need to give it something else to think about. The fastest way to engage your brain is to watch a funny video on social media. Try search terms like "funny animals" or "funny prank." [15]
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          • YouTube is a great site for finding videos to distract yourself.

        [ Edit ] Tips

        • You may be thinking about food just because you are bored. Try to occupy your mind before turning to food.
        • If you cave in and snack sometimes, don't beat yourself up! Changing your eating habits is difficult and staying away from food is a process.
        • If you feel extremely hungry, try to eat something healthy rather than not eating at all.

        [ Edit ] Warnings

        • If you feel unusually hungry all the time, talk to your doctor to see if you have an underlying medical condition that is causing your hunger.

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