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How to keep curls in the rain

Checking the weather report and seeing rain in the forecast can give a feeling of fear, especially if you are planning to rock a fun and flirty curly hairstyle. Whether you have naturally curly hair or if you have added a little curling iron, you keep your curls intact all day so that you look good. By using the right products and keeping your hair covered by the rain, you can make your hair look good all day despite the humidity.


[[[[Edit]Wash and condition your hair

  1. Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo. Choose a moisturizing shampoo to prevent frizz and make your hair shiny. Rub it into the hair, focus on the roots and then wash it directly in the shower.[1]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Step 1.jpg
    • Look for coconut oil, avocado oil or jojoba oil in the ingredients section. These are very moisturizing and make your hair super smooth.
    • Try to find a silicone- and sulfate-free shampoo to avoid drying out the hair.
  2. Add some conditioner to the hair and then rinse it out. Take a bottle of sulfate and silicone-free conditioner and squeeze out a quarter size. Rub into the ends of the hair and then let it sit for about 5 minutes. Use cold water to rinse it off completely.[2]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Step 2.jpg
    • You can use your fingers to comb through your hair while it has conditioner in it to get rid of tangles or knots.
  3. Rub a leave-in conditioner into the hair. Squeeze out a quarter of a conditioner and then rub it into the ends of the hair. Scrape it at the ends with your fingers so that the hair absorbs it.[3]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Step 3.jpg
    • Leave-in conditioner locks in moisture even when the hair is dry.
  4. Dip off excess water with a microfiber towel. Squeeze some of the water out of the hair in the shower so that it does not drip wet and then use a microfiber towel to scrape out the majority of the water. Start from the ends of your hair and gently pat the towel on your locks, trying not to rub or create friction.[4]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Step 4.jpg
    • Microfiber towels are less coarse than regular cotton towels, so they reduce the jar.
    • If you do not have a microfiber towel, you can use a cotton t-shirt instead.
  5. Comb through the hair with a wide combed comb, not a brush. Take a wide comb and start going through the hair at the ends. Move slowly upwards and try not to pull or tear the hair until your hair is combed and smooth.[5]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Step 5.jpg
    • Wide-toothed combs are more gentle on your hair than a regular hairbrush, so they will reduce frizz.
    • If you have super curly hair, you do not need to comb it through at all. Combing through really curly hair can break up your curls and make them less defined.

[[[[Edit]Protects natural curls

  1. Scrape in a holding gel to keep your curls in place. While the hair is still wet, squeeze out a quarter size gel and rub it between your palms. Start from the ends of the hair and use your hands to scrape the gel in your curls from the bottom up.[6]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Step 6.jpg
    • Try to find a gel made for curly hair to avoid crispy curls.
    • Scraping in gel instead of rubbing it in promotes volume and reduces frizz later.
  2. Add an anti-frizz cream to cut down on the frizz. Squeeze a small amount of anti-frizz cream into the palms of your hands and rub it gently into your hair. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots to get an even coating.[7]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Step 7.jpg
    • You can find anti-frizz cream in most beauty stores.
    • The gel in combination with the cream locks your curls in place.
  3. Let your hair air dry instead of using a hair dryer for more curl definition. Even if you have a diffuse accessory for your hair dryer, it can cause more frizz than just letting your hair dry on its own. Try to let the hair dry naturally inside for up to 2 hours until it is completely dry and do not touch it until it is no longer wet.[8]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Steg 8.jpg
    • If you have to use a hair dryer because you have to go somewhere without wet hair, it is also good. Make sure you use a diffuse accessory for your hair dryer to cut down the curl.
  4. Rub a moisturizing product into your curls for extra protection. Grab a variety of pea size with moisturizer and rub it between your fingertips. Carefully screw in your curls, being careful not to comb through them or break them open.[9]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Steg 9.jpg
    • Anti-moisture products not only fight jars, but they also reduce the bulky volume that comes with rain and moisture. You can combine them with anti-frizz products to lock your curls and keep them frizz-free.
  5. Pull your hair in a loose updo when you go out. Now that your curls are defined and frizz-proof, it is important to keep them away from the rain. When you go out, pull the main part of the hair into a loose bun or a twist on the back of the head and secure it with a scrunchie or a hair clip.[10]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Step 10.jpg
    • Make sure the update is loose so that your curls have no tricks in them when you take it out.
  6. Spray a water mist on your curls to freshen them up when you are inside. When you finally get out of the rain, download the update as soon as you can. Fill a spray bottle with water and spritz your hair lightly to refresh and reshape the curls. If you need, you can add a lot of pea size to the ends of the hair for more definition.[11]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Steg 11.jpg

[[[[Edit]Preserve curly hair

  1. Use a round brush when drying your hair for more volume. When drying, point your hair dryer down at the top of your head. Use a round brush to pick up the hair near your roots and brush it outward as you dry it to give your roots more volume and lift.[12]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Steg 12.jpg
    • Rain and humidity can make your hair look flat and less voluminous, so it’s a matter of putting back the volume.
  2. Add some dry shampoo to the back of the hair for more lift. When your hair is dry, keep a can of dry shampoo away from the back of your head and spray it into your roots. Wait about 1 minute to dry and then use a brush to brush off the excess.[13]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Steg 13.jpg
    • Make sure you brush off any excess dry shampoo, otherwise you will have a visible white accumulation in your hair.
    • Dry shampoo gives volume, even when the hair is clean.
  3. Create small, dense curls with your curling iron. Grab a curling iron and start by grabbing wide strands of hair. Fold each section tightly around the curling iron and then hold it for about 10 seconds.[14]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Steg 14.jpg
    • Dense curls hold better than large, loose ones.
    • As you curl the layers around your face, curl them away from your face to open up your features.
  4. Comb through your curls with your fingers to loosen them. While your curls are still settling, use your fingers to gently comb them from the roots to the ends. This will loosen your curls and make them look a little more wavy, which is what the rain and humidity can do later.[15]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Steg 15.jpg
    • This also helps to break up the curls and make them look a little more natural.
  5. Spray a thin layer of hair spray everywhere for extra hold. Hold a can of hairspray away from your head and press the nozzle down lightly. Spray a thin layer over the entire hair to lock in your curls and let them dry for about 2 minutes.[16]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Steg 16.jpg
    • Hair spray also helps cut down the curls.
  6. Protect your hair with a hood or umbrella when you are out. Unfortunately, when rain comes on your curls, it will likely cause them to lose definition. If you are going out in the rain, pull on a hood or take an umbrella to keep the majority of the water away from your hair when you are out and about.[17]
    Keep Curls in the Rain Steg 17.jpg
    • You can also pull the hair in a loose updo on the back of the head.


  • Try to stay away from the direct rain as much as you can to protect your curls.
  • Applying moisture to your hair is the best way to prevent frizz.


  • Avoid using products with silicone or sulfate in them, as they can dry out the hair and make it frizzy.

[[[[Edit]Things you need

[[[[Edit]Wash and condition your hair

  • Moisturizing shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Microfiber towel
  • Wide toothed comb

[[[[Edit]Protects natural curls

  • Holds gel
  • Anti-frizzy cream
  • Anti-moisture product
  • Scrunchie or hair clip
  • Spray bottle

[[[[Edit]Preserve curly hair

  • Hair dryer
  • Round brush
  • Dry shampoo
  • Curling irons
  • hair spray
  • Hood or umbrella


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