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How to join (combine) several MP3 files into one

This tutorial explains how to merge two or more MP3 files into one (longer) MP3 – with completely free open source software.

The screenshots in this guide come from a Windows 10 computer. But the software used in this guide is available to users of Windows, macOS and Linux – so even if you do not use Windows, you will have no problems at all to follow because the steps and images are almost identical.

  1. Start by downloading and installing Audacity. Audacity is a well-known, highly regarded, free and open source audio editor for Windows, macOS and Linux.
  2. When the installation is complete, start Audacity and select File and then Open…
  3. Audacity File context menu with an arrow pointing to Open

  4. Navigate to the MP3 files you want to combine. Select both files by clicking on each one while holding down the CTRL key (macOS users hold the Apple key) and then click Open button.
    a File Explorer window with two MP3 files selected
  5. Each file will now be imported into Audacity.
  6. the import message in Audacity

  7. When the import is complete, you have two Audacity windows open – one for each file.
  8. two open Audacity windows
    Click to enlarge

  9. Choose the track you want to be first in the final, combined file. Click Select and then All
    Audacity Select menu with an arrow pointing to All
  10. Click now Edit and then Copy
  11. Audacity Edit menu with an arrow pointing to Copy

  12. Retrieve Other Audacity window in the foreground, select Edit and then Paste
  13. Audacity Edit menu with an arrow pointing to Paste

  14. You should now have a screen similar to the image below. Use the horizontal slider to scroll through the “timeline” of your newly created file. In all likelihood, you will be able to see where two files should be connected.
  15. to MP3 files merged into one Audacity window
    Click to enlarge

  16. You can use Play button to hear how the whole “combined” MP3 will sound.
  17. Audacity Play button

  18. Now it’s time to save the combined files into one. Select Filethen Export and finally Export as MP3
  19. movie menu with an arrow pointing to Export as MP3

  20. Give your new MP3 a name and choose a location to save it.
  21. a Save file as dialog box

  22. IN format options , select Quality drop-down menu. Select from one of the available presets – Insane the option gives you the highest sound quality and the largest file size. The Medium the option encodes the file with the lowest sound quality and the smallest file size (although still fully listening, this is best suited for spoken audio tracks). When you have made your selection, click on Save button.
    Options for formatting sound quality
  23. Now you can enter metadata for your file, if you want. Click OK when you are done.
    edit metadata for connected mp3 files
  24. Audacity will now join the MP3 files and encode them together into an MP3, which probably will not take that long.
  25. Audacity joins MP3s and encodes them

  26. That’s all! Give your newly created MP3 file a listen so that everything runs smoothly. You’re done 🙂

Should the need arise, we also have a guide on how to divide an MP3 into two or more parts.

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