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How to install a bathroom drain room: 4 steps

While the cement is drying, let's look at the P-trap kit. All these parts are usually in the kit: the waste drains, two plastic or rubber washers and two joint nuts.

Start with connecting the two black pipes . You simply push a nut onto the waste tube and push it against the other tube and then tighten the nut. No tiles are needed here.

Then find the tray that fits on the drain under the sink . You will notice that one of them is far too loose, but the other fits just right. Place a slip joint nut first on the tube, followed by the washer.

Tip : It is important to note the orientation of the tray when using grinding joints: make sure the tapered side is facing what you are trying to connect to.

Then connect the wastewater to the wall. Your pipe may be too long and can be cut with an arc saw.

When the waste drain has been cut, slide on a slip joint nut facing yourself, then another nut toward the wall and finally the remaining washer tapered side to the wall. Insert the tube into the wall and screw it to the adapter.

Finally, add the U-shaped tube and connect the slip joint nuts at each end, again loosening and adjusting the parts as needed to make sure everything is aligned without tightening any of the joints. If your parts are not in line and you find yourself forcing a connection, you will probably become a leak.

When everything is in line, tighten all the nuts. After that, I used some splices to tighten them a little more so that they are nice and dense, so that they do not tighten too tight.

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