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How to hold a knife: 10 steps (with pictures)

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To hold a chef’s knife, grip the handle of your dominant hand. Pull your middle, ring and pink fingers around the upper third of the handle so that the fingers point upwards on the other side of the wrist. Lift your thumb and rest it on the side of the blade, securely near the top of the blunt side of the knife. Reach out your index finger and bend it slightly. Rest it against the blade on the opposite side of the thumb. This will help you balance and position the blade to make accurate cuts. If you want to hold a thin knife, such as a cutting or deboning knife, hold the handle near the top with your middle, ring and pink fingers. Raise your thumb up to the junction where the handle meets the blade, near the top of the blunt side of the knife. Then lift the wrist 2.5-5 cm and extend the index finger at the top of the blunt side of the blade. If you cut something hard, rest your index finger against the side of the blade near the top or load it around the handle next to your middle finger. This will help you control the thinner blade as you make your cuts. For tips on how to control your knife with your other hand when chopping, read on!

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