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How to hide electrical wires

Electrical cables are a necessity in every home, but that does not mean you have to like what they look like. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to hide these ugly wires.

Handled baskets

basket with open handles

Baskets with handles strategically placed around your home are a great way to hide power cords. Basket baskets that have open handles built into them allow you to pass the cord through the handles and leave the bulk of the wires in the basket, so they can be out of your line of sight for the most part.

Strategically placed rain gutters

the rain gutter leading electrical cable or cable

This sladdgömningslösning may seem strange, but it works like a charm. Especially under a console table or desk, the perfect way to keep things neat and clean is to install a rain gutter that can accommodate hanging cables. You can even paint the gutter so that it matches your furniture, which makes it fit perfectly.

Create a charge box

telephone charging door in the cupboard next to the bed

Instead of having your various devices on the calculator or on a table that is charged with their respective cords exposed, you create a charging box. Use a hole saw attachment on your drill and create a hole in the back panel of the box you are using for this project. Make sure the drawer is located near an outlet.

Feed the cord into a surge protector or current strip through the hole and use double-sided glue to attach the current strip to the back of the box, with the outlet openings facing forward. Then use drawer dividers to keep your devices organized when connected to the drawer to charge. It is also useful to drill a grip on the back of a nightstand to keep charger cables out of sight.

Use cable ducts

cable ducts for running electrical wires

Cable ducts are a simple and convenient way to hide cables that would otherwise run over your floors. This solution works especially well for things like lamps or other larger appliances. These are designed to run along your baseboards and cover the strings, knit them near the edge of the room and blend in with the baseboards. These can be purchased at your local hardware store and are self-adhesive and have enduring intervals to house the strings. These can be easily attached directly to the base tables, which makes the installation a breeze.

Cable Ties

zippers for tying electrical wires

For the strings that look out from behind furniture, a zipper is a simple solution. Tie the strings together with these small but versatile helpers and then mount a surge protector against the wall. This helps to hide power cords seen from the bottom of a piece of furniture. Remove the cord from the floor and out of your line of sight, as easy as that!

Auxiliary cables Follow the furniture

power cords and cables connected to organizing binders

Ropes of objects that sit on top of furniture – such as table lamps, alarm clocks and everything in between – can make it difficult to hide wires. However, you can easily use self-adhesive hooks or self-adhesive holders to let the wires follow the furniture and thus remain out of your field of vision. Use the hooks or cord holders to guide the strings down the back of the furniture legs so that you do not see the strings hanging.

Use a staple gun

staples with staples

A powerful staple gun lets you banish the sight of strings under a desk or table.

Install a cord organizer

cables mounted in cable clamps

For the many cords needed to power a computer along with other desk accessories, use a handy cord organizer that you can use on your travels. Then use a double-sided adhesive to mount it under the desk. Wind cables up as much as possible, each of them occupies its own place in the organizer. This will prevent cords from tangling and looking ugly.

binder Clips

cords assembled with binder

Use binder clips to unwind wires that have excessive slack, so you can put them in the bundle behind furniture or discreetly under a curtain.

Although a mess with electrical cords can be quite cramped, there are certainly many ways to hide them in plain sight. These are just a few ways to keep your leads organized and hidden.

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