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How to handle autumn leaves

In many areas, autumn is the time of year when trees and other vegetation shed leaves. While the leaves will eventually decompose if left on the ground, you may want to speed up the process by breaking them down. Or you can decide to collect the leaves and either recycle or discard them. But you decide to manage your autumn leaves, you can make autumn cleaning easier with a plan!

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Planning Ahead

  1. Add landscaping near deciduous trees. Make beds with plants that like natural milk near the trees in your garden that hide leaves. When there are leaves on the ground, drive them over once with a mower. Then shave them straight into the beds. [1]
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    • Think of shrubs, garlic, roses and soft perennials for your bed. [2]
  2. Determine if you need to collect the leaves. Several inch leaf layers are natural and even an ecosystem. Wild animals such as salamanders, turtles, chipmunks and other species survive in such mini-habitats. [3] Leaf litter also provides wintering protection for beneficial insects and earthworms. But if thick mounds of puffs stifle your lawn, you may want to break them down, if not collect them. [4]
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    • Consider collecting the leaves if they cover over one-third of your garden and you cannot see the top of the grass leaves. [5]
    • You may need to collect the leaves if you have a homeowner who has specific requirements for autumn cleaning.
    • If you decide to collect them, don't try to do a whole season of leaf picking in a single day. Plan cleaning of leaves for several days during the fall season. [6]
  3. Rake numbers are first pinched. You may want to separate pine cover from hardwood. Pine needles are acidic, and there are some plants that like acidic soil – and others that do not. Therefore, it is advantageous to separate the pine needles to use as their own separate clovers. [7]
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    • Rake the needles as soon as you notice them on the ground, as they usually fall before leaves do.
    • Pack the pines in garbage and store them in a dry place. Use them when you need sour mud.
  4. Decide if you want to shake wet or dry leaves. Wet leaves will form a more stable pile, but they are also heavier to shave. [8] Select dry weather to use a leaf vacuum, as wet leaves can clog the vacuum. [9] Do not shave wet leaves if you have allergies, as molds and molds in wet leaves can upset your sinuses.
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  5. Pick up sticks. You can choose to do this before or during cleaning of blades. Collect the sticks in your garden and set them aside in a pile. Consider keeping brush piles there as a shelter for birds, chipmunks and other wildlife. You can also set sticks aside for use as a fire ignition. [10]
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    • Use a wheelbarrow or yard waste container if you want to move the stick pile somewhere else in your garden.

[ Edit ] Collecting the Leaves

  1. Rake sheets. Raking is ideal for small lawns and gardens. [11] Use quality rakes, preferably with soft grips. Rakes 36 "or wider require more power, so choose a rake that has a standard width (24"). You can choose ergonomic rakes, which have specially curved handles. [12] Don't go back your steps. Work from one side of the lawn to the other in a zigzag. [13]
      Shop for Autumn Leaves Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    • With each row you rake, move the leaves into areas where there are leaves that you haven't shaved yet. Each time you create a border with leaves, slide it a few meters into the unshaded area. Repeat this until your pile is two meters long (0.6096 meters) or becomes difficult to move.
    • You can purchase ergonomic handles separately and attach them to your rakes. Secure the handles by screwing them into your rakes. By doing this with two rakes you can rake leaves with both arms and without bending. [14]
  2. Move the sheets with a tarpaulin or bag. Use a sheet, tarpaulin or cloth to move large piles of leaves. Assemble the four corners of the tarp and move the stack by dragging it. You can use this method in addition to or instead of using leaf bags. [15]
      Deal with Autumn Leaves Step 7 Version 2.jpg
    • Eight feet by eight feet (2.44 meters) is a good size tarp for this purpose.
    • You can buy fun, seasonal leaf bags such as large bags with jack-o-lantern faces to decorate your garden and move leaves out of the way at the same time!
  3. Cut your lawn and the leaves. This is a good option for large lawns. Use a grass on the lawnmower to collect the chopped leaves. [16] Raise your mower to the next highest position before mowing your lawn. [17]
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    • If the blades are wet, use the mower side discharge mode for the first time to loosen and lift the blades. Then switch to either fall or suspend mode and cut the leaves again.
  4. Use a leaf blower and / or vacuum. Consider using a leaf blower, especially if you have a large garden with many trees. [18] Leaf blasting is especially useful if you have forests up against your property, as you can blow the leaves back onto the forest floor. [19] You can use a vacuum mount for your leaf blower or use a leaf vacuum in itself. Handheld blade vacuum is handy for small farms or areas. [20]
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    • If you buy a leaf blower or vacuum, look for one that has a fragmentation feature. Consider the ratio reduction; for example, if the product offers a reduction ratio of 10: 1, it will convert ten bags of uncut leaves into one bag.
    • Keep in mind that leaf blower is high. In addition, the most efficient are gas-powered, which use fossil fuels that contribute to air pollution. [21]
  5. Employees. If you decide to hire a professional to do your blade cleaning, you can expect to pay for each job several times per season. [22] If you do not have time to clean the leaves, this may be the option for you. Alternatively, you can rent a blower with wheels that the pros use for about $ 50 a day. [23]
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    • Most homeowners pay between $ 174 and $ 491, but that depends on the size of your lawn. You can expect to pay anywhere between $ 75 and $ 900. [24]
    • Try to contact a professional and have your yard measurements ready as well as how many trees are in your garden. Ask if they can give you a quote for cleaning leaves.

[ Edit ] Discard leaves

  1. Mulch them in the lawn. You may be able to aerate the lawn first to provide nutrients deeper into the soil. [25] Fold the blades into small pieces with your mower, roughly two-shaped. You may need to cut them a few times if the leaves are large or the layer is deep. [26] When you clean a garden like this, you will leave the small pieces on the lawn to enter the soil. Leaf mulch suppresses weeds and fertilizes the soil. Mulched leaves will enrich your soil in the spring. [27]
      Deal with Autumn Leaves Step 11 Version 2.jpg
    • You should be able to see about half of the grass through the chopped leaves if you want them to decompose quickly.
  2. Make mulch for gardens or flower beds. Once you have collected the leaves, you can shred them for use in compost or mulch. Place the leaves in a large trash can. Then break them down with a weed cutter. [28] You can use a blade mower instead. [29]
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    • Leaves make great natural mulch. They do not transmit black spores to houses and buildings in the same way as cotton, which can damage siding and damage plants. [30]
  3. Compost them. Turn your leaves into "black gold!" Compost is an excellent natural fertilizer for your lawn and garden. You may want to break down the leaves into mulch before putting them in the compost pile if you want them to decompose more quickly. You can use the broken leaves to fertilize your garden in the spring. [31]
      Deal with Autumn Leaves Step 13 Version 2.jpg
    • You can leave your leaf pile to the weather and add it to your compost pile in the spring. [32]
  4. Dig them in with a tiller. Shred leaves first. Then you can to the chopped leaves in the soil with a tiller. This will provide organic substances and nutrients to feed your lawn in the spring. [33]
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  5. Ask your location. Contact your local city, city or county and ask for an autumn cleaning policy. If they don't have one, find out how to throw leaves and other garden waste. Some county and city officials have specific regulations for you to follow when cleaning a yard. [34]
      Managing Autumn Leaves Step 15 Version 2.jpg
    • Try asking, "Do you have an autumn leaves recycling program? Is there a municipal composting system with pickup on the streets?" there is some municipal program for autumn cleaning, ask how you can dispose of general farm waste.
    • In some cities, you just put on your leaves and put the bags on the curb so a designated party can pick them up on a specific weekday. Other areas rake leaves in the gutter and leaf collectors drive down each side of the road to collect them.
  6. Invite them to a neighbor. Your trees should look healthy without known fungi or other diseases. Bag your leaves and offer them to neighbors who may want mulch or compost. This can be especially useful for neighbors with gardens or flower beds. [35]
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  7. Burn the leaves. You can choose to burn the leaves if you live in an area that allows this. You may need a fire permit to discard leaves this way. Some states and cities require a member of the fire brigade to be present during the fire, while others require you to notify the fire department in advance.
      Deal with Autumn Leaves Step 17 Version 2.jpg
    • Check with your locality by contacting them or searching their site for keywords like "burning" and "fire."
  8. Make crafts. You can use autumn leaves as fun craft projects. There are different ways you can preserve leaves. You can then use them to create bookmarks, coasters, wall art, candlesticks and many other crafts for children or adults. [36]
      Take care of Autumn Leaves Step 18 Version 2.jpg [19659080] [</span> Edit <span class=] Tips
    • Choose a quiet day to discard leaves so the wind doesn't blow them all over the yard.
    • If you have children in your household, consider getting help with raking … and jump in the leafy hills!

    [ Edit ] Warnings

    • If you do not clean your garden in the fall, you may need to do additional work in the spring.
    • If you are planning to burn leaves when cleaning a garden, make sure you have a metal screen and a closed compartment or other fire safety equipment. Failure to contain the fire may allow burning debris to blow into forest areas, farms or other flammable places.
    • Don't throw your leaves in the trash. They will be buried underground in a landfill where they will take a long time to decompose and will not do any good. [37]

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