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How to get rid of razor burn quickly

Shaving knife is a painful problem that can occur after shaving. Irritation, itching and inflammation can last for a week. However, there are ways to speed up the recovery process. Treating the problem with natural or discrete cures can reduce the healing time to just a few days.

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[ Edit ] Using natural remedies

  1. Apply a cold compress immediately after you shave or detect burns. Wrap some ice cubes in a small towel or run a washcloth under cold water and squeeze it until it is moist but not dripping wet. Apply to the razor burn for five to ten minutes several times a day until the razor burn has subsided. [1]
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  2. Apply an oatmeal mixture to your skin. [19659009] Oatmeal calms and exfoliates the skin naturally. Mix two tablespoons of ground oatmeal with one tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture on razor burned skin and hold it for thirty minutes.
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    • If you think the honey-oatmeal mixture is too thick and difficult to apply in an even, even layer, you can add a teaspoon of water to it.
    • Applying the mixture shortly after shaving would maximize its effectiveness.
  3. Cover the razor burn with honey and apple cider vinegar. [4] Honey has many natural antibacterial agents and moisturizing properties. Use a small spoon or spatula to cover the razor burn with a thin layer of honey. Let the honey sit for about five minutes. Wash the area under cold water and dry the skin with a small cloth or towel.
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    • Then sprinkle a small amount of apple cider vinegar over the affected area. For a smoother application, you can fill a small spray bottle with apple cider vinegar and spray the affected area once or twice. Once you have applied vinegar, let it air dry. The anti-inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar cool your skin and soothe your razor burn.
  4. Apply black tea bags to the razor burn. [5][6] Go to your local supermarket and get black tea bags. They are usually sold in small boxes of ten to twenty. All brands do, but make sure you only get black tea. Dip the tea bag in water to moisten it. Carefully rub it over the razor burn. Tannic acid in black tea can reduce redness and inflammation caused by razor burn. [7]
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    • Repeat two to three times each day, or if necessary.
    • Do not rub the bag too forcefully over the razor burned area, as the tea bag is very thin and easily torn.
  5. Mix a baking powder treatment. Add a tablespoon of baking powder to a cup of water. Stir until you get a smooth paste. If your solution stays liquid, add more baking soda. Dip a cotton ball in the solution and spread it over the razor burn. Let it sit for about five minutes. Remove the cotton ball and wash the area with cold water. Repeat two to three times each day, or as needed. [8]
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  6. Apply aloe vera to your razor. [9] Aloe vera is a plant whose leaves contain a gel with moisturizing properties. Cut an aloe vera leaf along the edge to squeeze the gel inside. If you have trouble squeezing the gel, use the knife or fingers to scrape it out of the blade. Rub the gel on the razor burn in a circular motion with your fingers. Continue massaging it into the skin for about two minutes. Let it sit on the skin until its soothing properties decrease. Then rinse the affected skin with cold water. Repeat this application two to four times each day, or as needed.
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    • If you do not have an aloe vera plant or cannot easily get aloe vera leaves, you can use the same technology with store-bought aloe vera gel.
  7. Apply cucumber and yogurt to your razor. [10] Cucumber contains many moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, and yogurt contains lactic acid which exfoliates the skin. Together, they can help you get rid of your razor burn quickly. Mix half a cucumber with one to two tablespoons of plain yogurt in a blender or food processor. Pour part of this cucumber yogurt mixture and apply to the razor burned area in a thin layer with a spoon or spatula. Wash the mixture after twenty minutes with lukewarm water.
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    • If you apply the mixture to a larger area with a razor, you should add two tablespoons of yogurt rather than one, and use a whole cucumber rather than just one half.
    • If you have no yogurt on hand, raw cucumber slices can also be applied directly to a razor for quick, soothing relief. Cut some thin cucumber slices and place in the fridge for about thirty minutes. Apply them for twenty minutes. [11] [12]
  8. Use witch hazel on your razor. [13] Witch hazel is an extract from the bark and leaves of a small shrub. Witch hazel contains many astringents that help heal and soothe your razor. Dip a cotton ball in a small volume of witch hazel and rub it on the razor burned area. You can also choose to fill a spray bottle with witch hazel and spray two or three syringes of it on the razor burn. Whichever method you choose, apply the witch hazel two or three times a day, or as needed.
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[ Edit ] Applying Oil to the Skin

  1. Apply essential oils to the razor burn. There are many essential oils that can help you get rid of your razor. Essential oils with lavender, chamomile and calendula are useful for calming razor burn. [14] Mix six to eight drops of whatever oil you choose with a quarter cup of water. Soak a cotton ball in the oil-water mixture. Apply the cotton ball to the razor burn two to three times each day, or as needed.
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  2. Treat the razor burn with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can quickly relieve your razor burn. [15] Mix three drops of tea tree oil with a tablespoon of olive oil or four to five drops of tea tree oil to two tablespoons of water. Gently massage the mixture into the affected area with your fingers and allow it to work on the skin for about ten to fifteen minutes. Wash off the oil with lukewarm water. Repeat twice a day or as needed.
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  3. Use coconut oil to soothe your razor burn. [16] Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a compound with healing, moisturizing and antiseptic properties. Pour a small amount of coconut oil into the razor burned area and rub it over the skin. Do not apply a heavy layer. Repeat two to four times each day, or as needed.
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[ Edit ] Using detergent 19659006] Use an aftershave. Aftershave is a product specifically designed to care for the skin after shaving. There are two types of aftershave: aftershave splash and aftershave conditioner. [17] Aftershave splash is a fragrant, alcohol-based astringent. Aftershave conditioner is a moisturizing lotion with a more gentle scent. Experiment with a variety of aftershave brands and products to find one that soothes your razor. "

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  • Aftershaves with vitamin E, provitamin B5 and chamomile are especially good for razors.
  • Shea butter and birch wood are also ingredients that you should look for in a
  • Use a lotion. [18] There are a number of moisturizing lotions that can effectively get rid of razors. The best lotions for razor burn contain glycolic acid, which encourages healing in Razor burned lotions containing alcohol, salicylic acid or both are also useful, but can dry out your skin. If you have sensitive skin, check the ingredient label on your lotion to make sure it contains glycolic acid instead.
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  • Use petroleum jelly. [19659058] Petroleum jelly can relieve irritation caused by razor burn and keep h Rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly over the razor-burned area. Your skin absorbs it, so you don't have to dry or rinse it off. Apply another layer after about two hours. Continue until your razor has burned.
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  • Make an aspirin paste. [20] The anti-inflammatory properties of aspirin do wonders on your skin. Take two or three aspirin tablets and crush them in a small bowl. To crush them, you can use the flat bottom of a cup or a wide spoon. Add a few drops of water to the bowl and mix the contents with a fork to create a creamy paste. Four to five drops of water are usually enough, but add more if needed. Rub pasta on the buns and wait ten minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Apply this treatment twice a day until the bumps heal.
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    • If you are pregnant, allergic to aspirin, have a bleeding disorder like haemophilia or have a history of bleeding, do not use aspirin. Do not use aspirin when breast-feeding or taking blood thinners.
  • Apply a lightening cream containing hydrocortisone. [21] Hydrocortisone is a topical medication that reduces itching, swelling and redness in irritated skin. It can help calm itchy areas and speed up healing time.
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    • Do not use hydrocortisone cream for more than three days at a time.
    • Avoid applying it to open cuts.
  • [ Edit ] Change how you shave

    1. Don't shave too often. Shaving too often does not allow your skin the time it needs to heal enough from previous shaving treatments. Try not to shave more than once every four to five days. [22]
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    2. Use a sharp razor. Razors should be discarded after five to seven shaves. This way you always use a sharp blade and are less likely to irritate the skin. [23]
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      [19659012] Use straight cream. [24] Wet skin with mild soap and warm water before shaving, then apply shaving cream or shaving gel. Shaving cream helps you get a smoother shave and reduces the likelihood of getting razor burn.

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    3. Perfect your technique. Shaving in short strokes. [25] Do not use overpressure; The weight of the razor should be sufficient to help you shave with the right pressure. Always move the blade in the direction the hair grows. If you pull the razor in the direction the hair is not growing, you may end up in the hair of your follicles. [26]
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    4. Don't try to cover the razor-burnt skin. If you let your razor exposed to fresh air, you can get rid of it faster. If you have to cover the razor burn, just wear loose fitting clothing to allow your pores to breathe. [27]
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      • Wear cotton clothes. Synthetic clothing can irritate razor-burned skin. Wool can similarly aggravate your razor. Cotton, on the other hand, is a more breathable material and will speed up the healing process of razor burning. [28]

    [ Edit ] Expert Advice

    Prepare the skin before shaving to prevent razors:

    • Wash your face carefully.
    • Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.
    • Warm your skin by taking a hot shower or placing a warm cloth on the face to soften the hair and open your pores.
    • Shaving with the grain of the hair to prevent red bumps and irritation.
    • Apply a witch hazel astringent after you shave, then sprinkle your face with cold water to close the pores.
    • Avoid touching your face as much as possible to prevent bacteria and oils from being transferred to your skin.

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