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How to Get Rid of Flies Outside

The average female fly has a life span of about one month, but during that time she can lay about 500 eggs. Obviously, even a handful of female flies around your patio can translate to thousands of flies in a very short time. [1] As flies feed on debris and feces they transmit diseases, so you should do everything you can to keep their population to a minimum.

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[ Edit ] Avoid attracting flies

  1. Keep your garden clean and get rid of debris or food. Flies are attracted to any strong odor, which often comes from debris or food left outside. [2] Flies have very short lifetimes (only about two weeks), so if you eliminate anything that causes odors outside your house, the flies will leave or die within that period. [3]
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    • Pick up the feces of dogs. Make sure you put it in sealed bags before putting it in the trash.
    • Keep the trash can lid closed. If you are having a party, make sure the trash can be used for disposable stationery with a tight fitting lid and ask guests to replace the lid after they have discarded the trash. [4] [19659011] In general, flies are attracted to pretty much everything that we consider to be a horrible smell and find practically no odor repellent. [5]
  2. Cut your lawn frequently. Flies love tall grass and piles of brush, so keep your bushes trimmed and don't leave piles of mowed grass, leaves or brush in your garden.
  3. Think about your compost bin. A compost bin is filled with decaying matter; which is like a sandwich table for a fly.
    • Don't keep your compost pile too moist.
    • Keep the compost pile as far from your house as possible.
    • Keep your compost pile properly. Keep it "cooking" so that it is too hot to support the fly.
  4. Protection against stagnant water. Flies are attracted by moisture and standing water; keep the water in a bird bath fresh and do not allow buckets or other containers to fill with rainwater. You should discard old tires or other debris in your garden that may collect rainwater.
  5. Store fruits and fruit peels from your bird feeders. If you want to give your garden birds goodies, make sure to find fruits or peels as far from your house as possible.

[ Edit ] Repelling and Eliminating Flues

  1. Make air traps. Mix the molasses and cornmeal and place it in a shallow bowl or saucer. Place the dish far away from your patio – the flies can gather there while you enjoy your meal in peace. [6]
  2. Buy predators that eat fly larvae or otherwise interrupt the life cycle. Try nasonia vitripennis and muscidifurax zaraptor in conjunction with each other.
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  3. Place air traps at night. A fluff light trap is an electrically charged light that attracts flies and drops them. Try to hang them around a recreation area – way above where anyone can encounter them.
    • Be sure to set these. Light traps can never seriously hurt anyone, but it is still quite painful to lose them.
    • Alternatively, test a UV light trap. Flies have compound eyes and therefore find the spectrum of UV light attractive. The UV light attracts the flies, and when they go to examine the light, they stick to the glue plate built into the light. [7]
  4. Hang vodka bags. Flies avoid the smell of vodka. So try hanging bags of vodka around your porch or any other outdoor area for leisure activities. [8]
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    • Quarter gallon freezer bags, tied with string to the gutter, work well.
    • All cheap vodka works.
    • You can also try putting small amounts of vodka on your skin, even if you pay attention to the pungent smell and your skin drying.
  5. Landscape with carnivorous plants. While some plants simply reject flies, others actually eat flies: Venus Fly Trap, Pitcher Plant, etc.
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  6. Landscape with fly rejection plants. Flies are deterred by the scent of some plants, so keep potted plants on your patio or near your doors that repel flies: Basil, Elderberry, Lavender, Mint and False Indigo.
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  7. Do not destroy all spider webs outdoors. Spiders eat flies, but if you destroy their paths loses flies a natural predators.
  8. Set outdoor fans. Flies don't like a breeze. It may seem silly to put a fan outdoors, but if you maintain, a small house fan on your deck or patio can deter flies.
  9. Avoid leaving meat out. Flies are strongly attracted to the smell of meat and will swarm your grill when you take meat outside to cook it.
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    • Keep all meat covered when not on the grill.
    • Keep the grill grill lid closed while the meat is cooking.
    • Protect your barbecue tongs and utensils – flies smell the meat and land on them. (If you see that flies have landed on your barbecue equipment, take them in and wash them before sticking through or flipping the meat with them.)
  10. Place cloves around an outdoor dining area. The smell of cloves repels flies. Decorative placement of cloves on an outdoor dining table can deter flies from landing on food. [9]
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[ Edit ] Tips

  • If you want to make a fly that sticks to the flies, mix peanut butter, school glue and honey. You will be surprised!
  • Some people swear that hanging shiny objects around their garden prevents flies. There is no concrete evidence to support this, but you can try hanging strips of aluminum foil or something else that has a reflective surface, near your patio or in your garden.
  • Flies also have their place in the ecosystem, so it is not prudent to try to eradicate them completely. Beside bees and wasps, flies pollinate most plants and flowers. Fluoride also helps control other insect pests.
  • By removing material where the larvae develop, the life cycle of life can be broken, preventing subsequent production of adult flies. Although chemical pesticides can be effective in suppressing adult aviation populations in some situations, they are not a substitute for proper sanitation and aggressive elimination of fly development sites. Flies can quickly develop resistance to insecticides and house flies are now resistant to many of the pesticides registered for their management. Use only insecticides as a last resort to gain immediate control of adult flies [1]

[ Edit ] Warnings

  • Flies can spread typhoid fever, malaria, yellow fever, sleep disease and dysentery. [19659055] [ Edit ] Related wikiHowes
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