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How to fix four common hot tub problems outdoors

Everyone loves to relax in their hot tub, especially on a cold winter night with snow falling around them. However, when these outdoor objects experience problems, it can be costly and strenuous to fix. Thankfully, there are some simple solutions to the most common hot tub problems outdoors.

Problem 1 – The water does not heat up

A hot tub really does not work properly if the water is not heated, right? This can be frustrating, but before calling a professional there are some fixes you can try. First, look for clogs in your circulation system. Also, take this opportunity to clean or replace filters, as this may be the cause. These small actions are cheap and easy ways to potentially solve the problem.

If this does not work, you can try turning the heat switch on and off and / or turning the reset button on. If you do, you will restart your heater if it is on fritz due to air trapped in your line or water that became too hot.

If none of these solutions made a difference, you may want to remove the heater in your hot tub if you feel comfortable doing so. If you do this and the element looks burnt, it may need to be replaced. This will require professional help.

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Problem 2 – Blocked Filter

It is common to experience a blocked [19659009] filter in your hot tub . This is due to the build up of body oils and other residues that the filter captures. Usually, if a filter is blocked, your hot tub will alert you through an error code on the display. Usually, this code will say something in line with "FLO", warning you that water cannot pass through the filter or that it cannot effectively clean the water in the tub.

If you get this warning, you don't have to panic. To fix the problem, simply replace your hot tub filter. A fresh filter will get your hot tub working again and ensure it is clean. Clean your filter regularly to prevent it from blocking. To do so, you can use one of several methods.

The first is to remove the filter every week and rinse it clean with a garden hose. Next is to buy a bottle of chemical filter cleaner and spray the filter with it once a month. Do so generously and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Rinse the filter thoroughly with a hose after such a nozzle to get rid of chemicals. The last way is to clean your filter every three to four months when you change water in your hot tub. Do this by using the bathtub filter cleaner and dilute it with water according to the instructions on the bottle. Make sure there is enough water and chemical mixture to completely lower the filter. Let the filter sit in the solution overnight and then rinse it carefully before putting it back in your hot tub. No matter how often you clean your filter, it should be replaced every two years.

Problem 3 – Poor Circulation

Optimal water circulation is the most effective way to keep your tub clean. Poor water circulation could occur because you do not run the pumps long enough or as a result of poor water chemistry. The production of biofilms may also be the cause of this issue. This can be avoided by wiping away dirt and debris around the walls of the tub.

To decode the root of the problem, try to run the pumps for at least one hour for every 10 degree temperature your tub is set to. If this does not improve circulation, you will learn that it is not due to a lack of pump movement. In this case, test the next water chemistry and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that it is well balanced.

If the problem is still not reduced, clean the area around the pump to get rid of debris, which may be the cause of the problem. If the action has no effect, bring in a specialist to check the flow sensors and pressure switch, as you may have more of an in-depth question at hand.

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Problem 4 – Noisy Pump

It is not uncommon to experience a noisy pump – whether it means the pump sounds or screams. The solution to this question differs depending on the sound you hear.

If the pump rumbles, it probably means that there is not enough water in it. To fix it, clear any panties from the circulation system, make sure all valves surrounding the pump are open and fill the water in the tub.

If you hear a loud screaming sound it means you have a problem with your bearings. A temporary solution to this is to lubricate the bearings, but eventually the pump will probably need to be replaced.

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