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How to fix a Wrap Dress Neckline

Wrap dresses are versatile garments that look good on many different body shapes. A common issue with them, however, is the neckline – they tend to sit too low or drop open. If this is the case with your dress, don't worry! There are many ways you can fix it quickly with things you probably already have at home. There are even a few different ways to change the dress to fix the neckline.

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[ Edit ] Secure neckline

  1. Use a safety pin to hold your wrap dress in place- the-go. Put on your wrap dress and pin that dress across the waist. Press the safety needle through the fabric layer instead of all the way through, if possible so that the safety needle is not visible. [1]
      Fix a Wrap Dress Neckline Step 1.jpg
    • Attach the dress where the cross near the waist will hold the neckline in place without causing it to pull.
    • Use safety pins to fix a gaping neckline.
  2. Keep your neckline exactly where you want it with double-sided tape. Buy double-sided tape that is specially designed for clothing so that it sticks to your skin without causing irritation. Put on your dress and cut off a strip of tape. Place the tape along the inner edge of the dress's neckline before pressing it onto the skin to hold it in place. [2]
      Fix a Wrap Dress Neckline Step 2.jpg
    • Double-sided tape for clothing is available at a large box store or online.
    • The tape will be attached to the right at the bottom of the neck ring in V-shape.
    • This is a good option if your neckline is too low.
  3. Attach a button to the neck to hold it together. Put on the wrap dress and decide where you want the snap button to go so it holds your neckline together without pulling too much. This is usually where the bottom of the V-shape is in the neckline of your dress. Mark this with a safety pin and sew the bottom of the snap button on the bottom layer and the top of the button on the top layer by threading a needle and thread through the holes in the snap button parts. [3]
      Fix a Wrap Dress Neck Ring Step 3.jpg
    • If your neckline is far too low, move the snap button upwards from the bottom of the V-shape.
    • Button the button in place and enjoy your dress's new neckline.
    • Snap buttons can be found in a local craft or large box store.
    • Use a button to fix a too-low or gaping neckline.
  4. Sew a hook and eye lock to the neck for a permanent solution. These locks are a bit more visible but will hold your neckline together similar to a snap button. Place the lock where the fabric gapes or place it higher than V if the neckline is too low. Sew each piece to one side of the wrap dress neckline by attaching a needle and thread through the holes in the clips. When sewn on, put on the dress and hook the lock to show off your new neckline. [4]
      Fix a Wrap Dress Neckline Step 4.jpg
    • Look for a hook and eye lock in a craft or large box store, along with a needle and thread to attach them to the dress.
    • High-and-eye locks fix gaping neckline as well as low neckline.

[ Edit ] [19659026] Adding layers or extra material

  1. Wear the strap dress over a camisole or slip for a quick fix. Pick out a sock or slip that matches your dress and pull it under you so you don't have to worry about the neckline. Wearing a modest layer of clothing under your wrap dress is a great way to fix a neckline that is gaping or too low. [5]
      Fix a Wrap Dress Neckline Step 5.jpg
    • Choose a cami or slip that is the same color as your dress so it blends in seamlessly.
    • Ties or camisoles with V-neck are best because your wrap dress also has a V-shape.
  2. Have a pointed bra peek out from your dress to add texture. If your neckline is a little too low, it can be a nice way to cover more skin while still creating a nice look to let a little lace show. Pick out a pointed bra or bralette that matches your wrap dress and wear it under the dress to show off some contrasting textures. [6]
      Fix a Wrap Dress Neckline Step 6.jpg
    • For example, you can wear a black lace bralette under a black, blue and white floral wrap dress.
  3. Add lace or ribbon to the neckline to make it more modest. Buy pieces of lace or ribbon that match your dress. Measure the length of the neckline and cut the string or ribbon so that it is long enough to go around the entire neckline. Use a needle and thread to attach the strap or tip to the edge of the neck, making the neckline taller. Sew the band or lace on the inside of the dress so that the seams are not visible. [7]
      Fix a Wrap Dress Neckline Step 7.jpg
    • Select wide band or lace for more coverage.
    • If you have a sewing machine, you can use this to attach the strap or tip instead.

[ Edit ] Changing the neckline

  1. Grab the shoulder seam to fix a large neckline. Loosen the stitched seams in each shoulder of your wrap dress with a seam ripper or scissors. Pull up the fabric so that the neckline becomes slightly shorter and sew the shoulder seams back again at the new fabric points. Use sewing sticks to hold the seams in place as you sew them. [8]
      Fix a Wrap Dress Neckline Step 8.jpg
    • Try your dress on to see how much fabric you should take in each shoulder seam before attaching it, if you wish.
  2. Create a drawstring collection to make your neckline smaller. If you do not care that part of your neckline looks good, this is an easy way to bring in the neckline to suit you better. Sew a straight stitch along the area you want to gather, for example near the shoulders or at the foot of the "V" shape. Pull the fabric to lift it up before tying the thread so that the fabric stays in place. [9]
      Fix a Wrap Dress Neckline Step 9.jpg
    • Use thread that matches the color of your wrap dress neckline to blend in.
  3. Use a strap along the neck to prevent stretching. Take out the seams at the bottom of the neckline and cut the strings on the strap that fits along each edge of the neckline. Secure the holding tape with steam or its sticky coating in a straight line along the fabric edge before folding it over the neckline. Sew the seam together to make your wrap dress look like it did before, but it now has a tape to prevent it from stretching. [10]
      Fix a Wrap Dress Neckline Step 10.jpg
    • Use a straight stitch or zigzag stitch to hold the folded neckline in place.
    • Some types of tape need steam to attach to the fabric while others already have a fabric glue on them.
  4. Make darts in fabric to remove excess fabric to fit the neckline. Remove the entire body seams on your shawl dress so you can lay the front flat. Select the fabric where you want to create the arrow and cut a narrow triangle on each side of the chest area to form them. Squeeze the fabric to collect the material and sew the triangle together so that there is no more empty space. [11]
      Fix a Wrap Dress Neckline Step 11.jpg
    • Put on your wrap dress and create two darts on each side of the chest by dragging the fabric into an overlapping triangle with your fingers to see how big the arrow must be.
    • When you finish making the arrows, sew the body part of the lace dress back to the dress.

[ Edit ] Tips

  • If you bring your wrap dress to a tailor, they can fix your neckline for you.

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