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How to fix a junk waste management

Waste management is usually a simple solution, but always remember to unplug the unit before attempting to clear paper jams. Pressing the overload button during disposal can solve the problem immediately. If the blades are still stuck, rotate them with an Allen key or a special key. If waste management still does not work, it is time to call a plumber or replace the unit.

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Press the reset button

  1. Disable the garbage. Pull the plug out of the socket to ensure that the disposal unit cannot be activated while you are working on it. It is better to be safe than sorry.
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  2. Press the reset button on the bottom of the waste disposal. The reset button or thermal overload button is at the bottom of waste management. Crawl under it and look for a red button. If it looks like it is sticking out, push it back into the unit. This can immediately clear the paper jam. [1]
      Fix a junk junk Step 2.jpg
    • If the reset button does not stick out, move on to other methods that involve manually rotating the grinder to clear the block. Keep the unit disconnected.
  3. Wait 15 minutes if the button reappears. The red button runs out when the garbage is overheated. Allow time to cool down and then press the button again. Repeat this until the button remains in place. [2]
      Fix a junk waste management Step 3.jpg
    • If the button still does not remain in place, switch to another method.
  4. Run cold water in the sink. Turn on the crane. Check that the water is cold, then allow it to drain into the drain and through the disposal for a minute or two. [3]
      Fix a Jammed Garbage Depasting Step 4.jpg
  5. Test waste management. Reconnect the device and make sure it is on. The reset button should remain in place when the disposal blades start spinning again. If they are still jammed, listen to the engine buzzer to indicate that the unit is operating differently than the jammed grinder.
      Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal Step 5.jpg
    • If the unit is not buzzing and you know the power is on in your house, it is probably broken and needs to be replaced.

[ Edit ] Rotate the disposal blades

  1. Insert an Allen key into the hole during disposal. Unplug the unit, then climb under the sink and find the hole on the bottom of the dispenser. It will be hexagonal and in the middle. Retrieve the Allen key that came with the disposal unit and place the head into the hole. [4]
      Fix a junk junk Step 6.jpg
    • If you do not have the wrench that came with the unit, buy a hexagon wrench from a hardware store.
  2. Tighten the wrench to rotate the motor shaft of the waste. First, turn the wrench counterclockwise as far as you can. Then turn it clockwise until it stops. Continue to tighten the wrench back and forth until you can rotate it completely in a circle. [5]
      Fix a junk junk Step 7.jpg
    • It is okay to use force while doing this. The wrench is designed to bend slightly and not damage the disposal unit.
  3. Run cold water in the sink and test the disposal unit. Remove the wrench and then turn on the tap. The water helps to rinse away any debris that is still stuck on the leaves. Connect the unit and turn on the disposal. If you were able to rotate the wrench, the unit should function normally again.
      Fix a junk waste disposal Step 8.jpg
    • If the unit does not work or if you could not rotate it, unplug the unit, drain the water and try another treatment.

[ Edit ] Manually remove blockages

  1. Turn off the room's power supply. To turn off the electricity, go to the fuse box in your home. It is usually on the ground floor or in the basement. Locate the switch corresponding to the room with the waste management unit and turn the switch off. [6]
      Fix a Jammed Garbage Depasting Step 9.jpg
    • Switches should be marked, but you can test the room for an electrical current by plugging something into a wall outlet and trying to turn it on.
    • Another way to do this is to turn the light switch near the disposal unit. This only works if the switch controls the electrical outlet to which the unit is connected. Check by listening to the device to hum.
  2. Look down through the sink for any blockages. Get a flashlight and shine it in the drain and waste management. Shine the light over the outer edge of the unit, as these are typically blockages. Find the small teeth of the disposal blade on the outer edge and look for anything that prevents them. [7]
      Fix a Jammed Garbage Depasting Step 10.jpg
  3. Remove pliers or pliers. For safety, avoid holding your hand in the disposal unit. Instead, get a couple of kitchen bars or pliers from your toolbox. Insert them through the sink and into the disposal unit. Use them to break any blockages you notice.
      Fix a Waste Disposal Step 11.jpg
  4. Rotate the blades with a special junk wrench if they are still stuck. Instead of using the Allen key, you get a spam. It looks like a claw with 2 rods at one end. Insert the tabs into the drain until they are around the unit blade. Spin the leaves counterclockwise and then clockwise until they rotate freely. [8]
      Fix a junk waste management Step 12.jpg
    • Turning the blades in this way requires a lot of force. Continue turning the wrench back and forth until the blades come loose.
  5. Remove the wrench and turn on the waste. Pull the wrench out of the drain. Connect the unit to the outlet and then reset the electrical current in the room. Turn on the disposal to try it.
      Fix a Waste Disposal Step 13.jpg
    • If waste management still does not work after all these treatments, it probably needs to be replaced. [19659046] [ Edit ] Warnings
      • It is dangerous to hold your hand in a rubbish bin. Always use pliers or other tools.

      [ Edit ] Things You Need

      • Allen Wrench
      • Special Waste Disposal Key

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