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How to enjoy your long plan

Getting stuck in a small area for a long time can be difficult for even the most patient of people. How to transform your long-haul flight from a trial to a pleasant experience is a matter of preference. Some think that long flights are perfect for doing work, while others see it as the perfect time to relax with books and movies. Whatever you prefer, with a little planning and preparation, your long flight can be a pleasant part of your trip.

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[ Edit ] Ensure a comfortable flight

  1. Get the best possible seat. Although upgrading to business or first class is not always financially feasible, if possible the extra space in these parts of the plane can make your trip much more comfortable. When traveling financially, try to reserve a spot at a time, as it makes it easier to take a quick walk when you feel restless. You can also spray in the hallway for some extra leg room.
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    • Some flyers prefer window seats. The advantage of a window seat is that you can use the side of the plane as a cozy crane where you can sleep. The out-of-plane view can also provide natural beauty that you can enjoy if you find your activities boring. The biggest disadvantage of window seats is the difficulty you can face over two other people when walking or trying to use the bathroom. [1]
  2. Develop ways to reduce discomfort. Airline headphones / earphones are not always top quality, so you may want to bring a pair. Noise-reducing headphones, in particular, are praised by veteran long-distance flyers, although these can be expensive. Earplugs are a good, affordable replacement for these and can be purchased at most drug stores.
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    • You may want to download some relaxing white audio tracks on your media player to drown out other passengers or loud children. Rain sounds, beach sounds and meditative tracks with gentle music that accompany natural sounds can transport you to a more tranquil place. [2]
    • Many long-haul air travelers recommend wearing compression socks, especially when flying economy. The limited amount of space and long periods of stationary time can cause swelling of your feet and ankles or a dangerous condition known as deep vein thrombosis. Compression stockings can help prevent this. [3][4]
  3. Familiarize yourself with exercises in the plane. Keeping the blood flowing and the body engaged is able to prevent soreness, swelling and discomfort. The key to these types of exercises is small, controlled movement that is done consistently over time. Even if you only lift your toes, you will do this in 10 – 20 repetitions several times during your flight, helping you keep your body supple. Talking about raising your toes …
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    • Raise your toes while sitting . Keep your heels on the floor and slowly lift your toes as high as you can. Then lower your toes and repeat this movement with the heels while holding your toes on the floor. Do this 7-10 times with controlled, conscious movement.
    • Raise and rotate the legs . You can have better results with this exercise if you tilt the chair as much as possible first. Then raise your legs as much as you can and rotate your toes clockwise until you have completed at least 6 rotations. Then repeat the movement going counterclockwise with the same number of rotations.
    • Bring your knees to your chest . This engages both the abdominal muscles and the legs. Lean slightly forward so that your back is off the chair. After that, take one knee as close to your chest as you can, with both hands to gently support it. Hold this pose for 15 to 20 seconds, then lower your leg and repeat the process with your other leg. Do this at least three times. [5]
  4. Create an airplane. Your schedule does not need to be set in stone, but by planning out your plans for your flight time you can arrange activities to prevent boring gaps during your trip. You may be planning to spend the first two hours of your trip getting located and reading a bit. About the third hour of your flight is usually offered free drinks, including alcohol. You may want to skip alcoholic drinks; the cabin will already be dry, alcohol can lead to dehydration and alcohol can also damage your sleep quality. [6] After that, you can:
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    • Consider taking a nap or getting as much sleep as possible around the five-hour mark. Natural sleep aids such as chamomile, valerian root and melatonin can help. [7][8][9] By planning a nap for the middle of your long flight, you break up your activities so that hopefully you will not get bored by on-site entertainment. [19659023] Think of a walk along the aisle at the eight hour mark. Regular on-site exercise is also not a substitute for stretching your legs. After your nap, a little past the halfway point of the flight, excuse yourself from your seat and take a walk. This is also a good time to visit the toilet and freshen up your toilet bag in flight.
    • Enjoy your planned activities between eight and ten hours of your trip. Enjoy a great movie, read your book, do your puzzles – occupy yourself with all the fun stuff you brought with you for the flight.
    • Try to get a little more rest in ten hours. Your sleep quality on a long flight will probably not be as good or as long as you are used to. If you feel sleepy, listen to your body, but after a relaxing movie, a good read or some puzzle work, you may be ready for another short nap.
    • End the rest of your flight with planned activities. This is also a good chance for you to do your flying exercises. By doing your exercises now you will prepare your body to plan, snag luggage and take you to a hotel or wherever you are going. You may also want to take another trip to the toilet an hour before you land so that you feel updated when you reach your destination. [10]

[ Edit ] Have a good time on your flight [19659006] Brainstorm possible activities. Think about and create a list of activities you like to do in confined spaces, such as your room, school or office. Some common activities in flight include reading, listening to music, watching movies and doing homework / work. Don't forget your hobbies that you can do in one place, such as drawing, knitting, playing chess, doing puzzles (like sudoku or crossword puzzles), trapping origami and so on.

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  • You may also want to consider practicing meditation before embarking on your flight. Some people experience flying anxiety, and many become uncomfortable during a long flight. Meditating on your flight can help you calm down and put your body in a relaxed state.
  • A long flight can also be a good time for you to try a new activity, especially if you find that you normally do not have free time to try something new. If you've always thought of giving Sudoku a shot but never had a chance, your long plan trip may be the right place to focus on and try a new activity like this! [11]
  • Take advantage of free spaces. Some long-haul flights are less crowded than others. Keep your eyes peeled as you board and sit in your seat. If you notice any places that look empty, call over an air host and ask if you might be moving to those places so you and the other passengers can have more space. Don't be shy when you ask – in many cases, open spaces are available after the first mill. [12]
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  • Make a friend. Although it feels awkward to introduce you to a stranger, remember that your sitting mates are likely to feel the same way. Being on friendly terms with those sitting next to you can make it less troublesome when you have to leave your line to use the toilet or go for a walk.
      Save Money on Wedding Flowers Step 2 Version 2.jpg [19659037] To help you become friends with those sitting around you, you can bring an extra snack. Even if your sitting buddy refuses, most people will appreciate the gesture with good will. </li>
<li>  You may want to engage your sit pairs in a game, like chess, or ask for help with a difficult puzzle. You can say something like, "Hi, my name is Tom, you wouldn't happen to know anything about famous people, would you? Thirteen down in this crossword got me stumped." </li>
<li>  Consider changing pajamas. Routine can help you get some sleep. Even if you are in a closed, unknown space in your plan, you can go to the bathroom to change into nightwear / pajamas, it may be exactly what helps you nod. These lightweight garments can usually be packed in your suitcase without taking up too much space. <sup id= [13]
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    • You may also find it easier to fall asleep if you take off your shoes and give your toes some turning space. If you are uncomfortable laying the socks on the floor of the aircraft, you can ask your flight attendant for a blanket and use this to rest your feet.
    • If you are traveling in business and wearing a suit jacket or blazer, in many cases you can ask a flight attendant to hang up your jacket so that it does not get wrinkled. This way you can keep your business clothes sharp and fresh while you rest. [14]
  • Get cozy when you try to sleep. Although your space during the flight will be limited, there are still ways you can become comfortable as you try to rest. If you have a window seat, you can pull the window down and rest your head on it. But even if you do not have a window seat, remember to tilt your chair! Even a slightly backward tilt to your chair can improve your comfort levels.
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    • If you do not have a pillow, a jacket or scarf can do in a pinch. Fold or ball up an article of clothing to create a comfortable pillow for the head.
    • If you are trapped in a middle ground, you can try to find different positions to find what is most convenient for you. You may be leaning to the left or right in your inclined seat considerably. You might even be able to create a surface to lean on by wadding extra clothing, like a sweater.
    • Remember to buffer the lower body from discomfort. Sleeping while mostly upright can put uncomfortable pressure on the lower back. Sitting on a pillow, even one of the U-shaped variety, can help relieve this pressure, lift your legs lightly and increase your comfort. [15]

    [19659023] Stay on top of charging electronics. It's easy to get distracted from maintaining the charge of your electronics, especially if you, for example, enjoy a good movie on your tablet or laptop. Keep your chargers handy and try to keep at least one device charged at all times. This way, you have at least one unit of charge when the batteries on your other electronics are running low.

      Charging an iPad without a Charging Block Step 10.jpg
    • Depending on the type of plugs used in your home country, you may also want a power adapter for your electronics. To check if you need a power adapter or not, you can check the specifications of your flight online to see what type of socket, if any, is available. [16]
  • Give yourself something to look forward to. If you have a book, a game, or a puzzle you really like, try not to end it at a meeting. Take a break halfway through so you can enjoy it more later during the flight when you will probably be more restless and in need of something engaging. You may be watching a movie, doing exercises during the flight or doing some work between the activity you enjoy.
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    • Taking a break from a nice activity will also prevent you from being burned out on it. Even the funniest things, if done too long, can be tiring. [17]
  • Hydrate yourself. The dry air in the cabin can steal your moisture faster than you realize. Dehydration can lead to dry mouth, headache, dizziness, weakness and can contribute to mental fog. [18] Stay well hydrated throughout the flight by drinking plenty of water.
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    • To prevent dehydration, you may also want to avoid diuretics. Diuretics are substances that require you to urinate more often, such as coffee and alcohol. [19][20][21]
  • [ Edit ] Packing for Your Long Haul Trip

    1. Think about your basic needs. On many long flights, especially those over eight hours long, you will probably sleep or take a nap. A bathroom kit is excellent for just such situations. This way, you don't have to feel that you have to worry about "the dragon breathing" after you wake up.
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      • In your bathroom kit you probably want to at least include a toothbrush, travel size tooth, deodorant and hand sanitizer.
      • Many types of contact lenses can be uncomfortable when you sleep, or can dry out leaving your eyes itchy and blurry. A contact case and a solution in your bathroom kit can save you from this! Make sure your solution bottles are within your airline's permitted limits.
      • The cabin air for most flights, especially long flights, can be very dry. Some trips and lotion conditioners can soothe your dry skin. Eye drops can also be a lifesaver after a nap or after your eyes have been wiped out of the cabin air. [22]
    2. Prepare for sleep during the flight. A few hours of sleep, or better yet, a full eight hours, can reduce your long-haul flight to a fraction of what it would otherwise be. However, many people find it difficult to sleep in airports or ignore other passengers when trying to sleep. Try to anticipate things that can help you sleep better, like a sleeping mask to block light, a travel pillow, personal blanket and earplugs.
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      • Some travelers swear by sleep aids to help drive off, and if you also plan to try this strategy with the over the counter or drug-described sleep aids, you should give drug a test run before you fly. Sleep aids affect each person differently, and the last thing you want is to be caught with eyes and alertness when all you want to do is nod. [23]
      • You may also want to check the features offered on your flight. Many long flights offer amenities such as pillows and blankets, although the quality of these may not be as good as what you take from home. Still, if you find your carrying luggage full to the brim, you can use an airbag instead to create more space for something fun!
    3. Mount your in-flight bag. Although many long flights usually offer meal service, there is no guarantee that you feel the food is appetizing or that the amount is enough to satisfy your hunger throughout the flight. Pack some travel snacks approved by your airline, such as dried fruits and protein bars. Avoid nuts because of potential allergy problems that other passengers had. You also want to bring games, media and other things needed for the activities you have brainstormed.
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      • Prioritize snacks that you know from experience are friendly to your digestion. An upset stomach on a long flight can ruin any pleasure you may have had. [24]
      • Be sure to pack your chargers and possibly a power pack to charge your devices during the flight. Although many flights now have outlets for your electronic devices, if you plan to use a laptop / tablet, battery-powered headphones and your cellphone, you may find that you don't have enough outlets to charge them all halfway into your flight when your batteries are dying! A power supply package can save you in this situation. [25]
      • The technology is not always reliable, and the last thing you want is to spend a 12-hour flight and watch a movie in flight that you find boring. It is a good idea to bring at least one item that cannot function as a book and / or some paper puzzles (sudoku, crossword, etc.), along with some paper, a pen and a pen.
    4. Determine your suit during the flight. You may be surprised at how the temperature in your cabin changes. At the beginning of your flight you may feel relatively comfortable, but after you have been comfortable and asleep, you may feel cold. Dress in layers so you can be comfortable no matter how the cabin temperature fluctuates. Prioritize loosely fitting, comfortable clothing from your wardrobe.
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      • Even though it is not the scarf season, a scarf can be a great asset on a long flight. Scarves take up relatively little space and can be worn around your neck, but when it's cold you can drape your scarf over your arms, legs or wherever you warm up best. Scarves can also be used as a pillow in a pinch. [26]

    [ Edit ] Tips

    • Many people are sensitive to elevation changes when they take off or land. To prevent pressure that can cause headaches or uncomfortable ear popping, try chewing gum when starting or landing.

    [ Edit ] Warnings

    • At some points in your flight, you will probably be instructed to turn off electronic devices or put them in aircraft mode. Because of this, it is a good idea to also bring along a physical article to draw your attention, like a book or a puzzle.

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