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How to draw a braid

Braids are a challenge that has frustrated many artists. The good news is that training is often easier.

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Sketch a braid

  1. Outline a vague description of where you want the braid to go. Braided hair will be wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Sketching some quick guidelines will help you keep your place.
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    • Even if the person has straight hair, the braid does not need to fall straight down. Curved lines make it more interesting and realistic.
  2. Sketch or represent the parts of a braid. A braid consists of interconnection curves, shaped like a parenthesis. When placed together, they make a kind of "Y" shape.
      Draw a Braid MLR1 2.png
    • Figuring this out can be difficult for many beginning (or even intermediate!) Artists. It's okay if you need to delete it and try again. It gets easier the more you exercise.
  3. Begin to draw the actual contour of the braid. If you draw digitally, you will create a new layer. Follow your guidelines, draw each lock. Remember that there may be some space when the bits of hair twist around each other.
      Draw a braid MLR1 3.png
  4. Draw a ring to tie the braid. You must cancel one of the hair sections; This is okay. Many hair ties must be twisted once or twice to wrap around someone's hair, so try to draw several pieces.
      Draw a braid MLR1 4.png
  5. Draw the "tail" under the tie. This is where the hair eventually tapered. It may "fluff out" a little beyond the boundaries of the hair tie, but then it will usually decrease to a close point.
      Draw a braid MLR1 5.png
    • How much hair that is under the tie depends on you! There will need to be some (or tie would fall off), but some people leave just a little at the end while others prefer to finish the braid higher.
  6. Add details. The braid looks better if you add some extra threads. Some of these strands will be inside the braid, showing how the hair flows. You can also draw threads that have come loose from the main braid.
      Draw a Braid MLR1 6.png
    • The hair should go in similar directions to the surrounding hair, but it does not have to be exactly the same. A little variation makes it interesting.
    • How much hair falls out of the braid, and how far it goes from the rest, will depend on the looseness of the braid. Braids become looser over time, so if the person wears the braid for a while, it will get dirty.

[ Edit ] Coloring Digital

  1. Create a new layer for coloring. Put it under your line layer. Add a flat color or a gentle slope to begin.
      Draw a braid MLR1 color 1.png
    • Some people like to create a layer mask. If you use a mask, you can shade freely without worrying about painting off the lines.
  2. Add highlights and shadows. Each strand of hair in the braid gets darker near the ends (where it is folded under other sections) and lighter in the middle.
      Draw a braid MLR1 color 2.png
    • Think about where your light source comes from. In this picture, the main light source is mild and comes from the upper left.
    • You can color the hair ring in a different color or leave the same tone as the hair. Some people prefer to use hair rings that are a close match with their hair color, so that it blends in visually a bit more.
    • A transparent brush can be useful if you want to avoid hard lines.
  3. Consider colored highlights and shadows to make your image a little more vivid. If you adjust the hue for highlights and shadows, your art may look more interesting.
      Draw a braid MLR1 color 3.png
    • This image uses a gold color in the Add (glow) mode and a purple color in linear firing mode. A low opacity prevents the effect from becoming overwhelming.

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[ Edit ] Tips

  • Do not be discouraged if your first attempts do not look good. This is normal. Take a break and try again later. You will find out as you continue to experiment and learn.

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