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How to determine your IP or MAC address in Windows 10

This short guide shows you how to quickly find your IP address and / or MAC address of the network card (wired or wireless) as you use.

  1. Click the Windows 10 "Start" button and select Settings
  2.   Windows 10 Start Button with settings selected

  3. Select Network & Internet from the Settings panel.
  4. Select Status from the column to the left of the window, and then Change Connection Properties from the right side of the window (you do not need to change anything).
  5. Scroll down to the Properties section. From here you will find your IP address (both IPv4 and IPv6, although it is likely that you were looking for your IPv4 address) in addition to your MAC address and various other internet-related addresses. If you are currently connected to any type of home or work network, it will be your "internal" IP address for the network being displayed. If you need to know your external public IP address, just visit a site like WhatsMyIP.com (the link will open in a new tab / window) where it will be clearly displayed.

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