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How to design a Poncho

Ponchos are flowing garments that usually only have a hole for your head and bulge out over your arms. Styling ponchos can be difficult because they do not have a shape well. If you have a poncho that you would like to wear but you are not sure how, try dressing it up with a mini skirt or tights, keeping it relaxed with skinny jeans or leggings and adding heels or tennis shoes to complete your appearance.

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Dress up your Poncho

  1. Wear your closed, knee-length poncho as a dress for a fashion ̵
    1; forward outfit. If you really want to turn your head on the street, try throwing your poncho over some tights to wear it as a dress. Make sure your poncho is about as long as a mini dress to create this look. [1]
      Style a Poncho Step 1.jpg
    • You can also forgo the tights if it is warm enough.
  2. Choose a midi dress or skirt for a layered look. Throw on your poncho over a midi dress or skirt that hits you at the knees to show off the pattern on your other layer. Make sure the dress and poncho complement each other in color or pattern so that your attire doesn't clash. [2]
      Style a Poncho Step 2.jpg
    • Keep your dress monochrome if you have a patterned poncho for an interesting effect.
    • This look can create a top-heavy effect, so be careful if you try to avoid it.
  3. Try a poncho over a maxi dress to keep warm and look good. Ponchos are already quite heavy and have a lot of fabric. Play this look by putting on a skirt or full-length dress that reaches your ankles. This look can keep you warm in the winter and even show off your style. [3]
      Style a Poncho Step 3.jpg
    • A gray or cream poncho pairs well with a light or patterned maxi dress.
    • You can use a poncho that opens on the front to show off the top of the dress.
  4. Pair your poncho with pants for a professional look. A solid colored poncho is a nice look over some pinstriped or dark colored dress pants. Wear a button down shirt under your poncho to take it to the office and look both cool and professional. [4]
      Style a Poncho Step 4.jpg
    • A white or cream poncho looks good with navy or dark green pants. [19659012] Throw on a purple or red-brown poncho with some black pants for a nice contrast.

[ Edit ] Create a casual look

  1. Show off your legs by wearing a poncho over a mini dress or skirt. Ponchos usually hit just above or below the waist. You can emphasize your legs by throwing on a mini dress or skirt that shows off some skin. If your poncho is longer, make sure it ends just above the edge of your dress or skirt. [5]
      Style a Poncho Step 5.jpg
    • A lively poncho over a neutral mini skirt is an amazing contrasting look. [19659009] Go for a retro look with some pleated jeans. Ponchos is already a callback to your era with bell-bottom jeans. Embrace this look with some lightly washed flanged bottoms and a plain top. Wear a shorter poncho with pants like this one so your outfit isn't too heavy. [6]
        Style a Poncho Step 6.jpg
      • Classic ponchos do not have an opening at the front, so one of them has to call back to the classic style.
      • Brown ponchos look good over lightweight trousers.
      • Emphasizes this look even more by wearing a pair of large sunglasses.
    • Create an elegant silhouette by wearing a skinny poncho. Ponchos are top heavy, so if you want to emphasize your shape underneath, throw on some skin-tight jeans or pants. This look creates a nice contrast between the heavy flow up and the molded bottoms. [7]
        Style a Poncho Step 7.jpg
      • Wear a fitted t-shirt or long sleeve shirt with your poncho to enhance the shape-fitting look.
    • Embrace a fashion-forward look with wide, oversized pants. Ponchos are often worn on the track with big pants that play the big look. Get high-fashion inspiration by pairing your poncho with leggings that complement your poncho in either color or pattern. [8]
        Style a Poncho Step 8.jpg
      • Wear a floating top to enhance the oversized look. [19659012] This outfit is great for keeping warm in winter.
    • Create a modern look with a poncho and distressed jeans. Since ponchos have been around for so long, you may want to modernize them with an updated style. Throw on some ripped or distressed jeans under your poncho to show that you have an updated sense of fashion while combining it with a classic piece. [9]
        Style a Poncho Step 9.jpg
      • Put on a band T-shirt to modernize your outfit even more.
      • Lightly washed distressed jeans create a nice balance with a darker colored poncho.
    • Wear an open poncho over shorts for a contrasting outfit. Because ponchos are usually worn during the cold months, you can create an interesting look by putting one on over a pair of fitted shorts. Make sure your shorts hit the knee and are not too baggy at the waist. Open the front of your poncho to show off your interesting costume. [10]
        Style a Poncho Step 10.jpg
      • Wear a sweater under your poncho to embrace the summer vibe.

[ Edit ] Adding shoes and accessories

  1. Raise your poncho with thick heels. If you wear your poncho over a dress, you can add large heels or platform shoes to stick to the poncho's oversized look. Match your shoes with the color of your other layers or paste in the color of your poncho for a cohesive outfit. [11]
      Style a Poncho Step 11.jpg
    • Chunky heels also fit well with jeans with bell bottoms or flared trousers.
  2. Stay comfortable and relaxed by wearing sneakers with your poncho. If you wear jeans or pants with your poncho, you can stick to the casual look by wearing a pair of sneakers. Throw on some high-tops or some tennis shoes to keep you comfortable all day. [12]
      Style a Poncho Step 12.jpg
    • Skinny jeans, a poncho and high-top sneakers make a classic outfit that can be worn almost anywhere.
  3. Wear high boots to accentuate your legs and dress up your look. Since ponchos can be top heavy, throw on some knee high or thigh high boots to pay attention to the skin you are showing. Wear your boots with a mini skirt or dress for an elegant, sophisticated outfit. [13]
      Style a Poncho Step 13.jpg
    • You can also wear high boots over tights if you wear your poncho as a dress. [19659009] Keep your poncho relaxed with some exciting sandals. If you're wearing your poncho for a casual occasion, stick to that theme by wearing casual shoes. Strappy sandals or flip flops work well with a poncho over leggings. You can wear this outfit on the beach to keep warm when the sun goes down or to an outdoor party. [14]
        Style a Poncho Step 14.jpg
      • Ullponchos are great for keeping you warm during the summer months. [19659009] Add thin heels to keep your poncho stylish. If you're wearing your poncho over a mini dress or some formal trousers, stick to the elegant style of your outfit by throwing on some thin stiletto heels. These shoes will lift your poncho to make it more formal and sophisticated. [15]
          Style a Poncho Step 15.jpg
        • This look works well with a neutral, plain colored poncho, like black or navy.
      • Cinch your poncho at the waist with a belt to accentuate your curves. If you want to wear a poncho but still want to emphasize the waist, throw on a belt that sits just above the hips. This will catch the poncho inward and give you more of an hourglass shape. [16]
          Style a Poncho Step 16.jpg
        • If your poncho has a front opening, you can use the belt to pull it open. [19659065] [ Edit ] Tips
          • Try your clothes in front of a full-length mirror so you can see the whole look.

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