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How to declutter your boxes

While boxes can help you store the various odds and ends of your home, they can be a catch all the time. While this may seem like a daunting task, you can dress up your junk, kitchen and dresser cabinets with a little sorting, discarding and reorganization. If you find that you have many items of clothing or decorative items that you do not need, consider donating, selling or throwing the items. With a regular cleaning schedule in place, you can ultimately make your household more streamlined and organized!

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[ Edit ] Organizing a Junk Drawer

  1. Remove everything from the box. Find a clean, flat surface, such as a worktop or table, and move the items from your junk bin over there. Don't worry about sorting your belongings right away ̵
    1; focus instead on clearing everything out of the trash so you can start making the most of your space. [1]
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    • Ideally, you want to clean your junk boxes every six months.
  2. Disinfect the box with a universal cleaner. Take a clean paper towel or cloth and spritz it with the detergent. Wipe with debris sides, edges and bottom with the wet paper towel. Follow the packaging instructions to see how long the surface needs to vent before objects can be placed back in the box. [2]
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    • You can also use soap and water instead of a disinfectant napkin. [3]
    • If you are working with a box, pour a large amount of cedar oil on a clean cloth and rub it in the material.
  3. Throw everything out of the box you don't need. Examine each item individually and evaluate whether you really need it or not. If you can't decide, try asking yourself if the item makes you happy or if it simply takes place in your home. If the item does not serve an active, positive purpose for you, throw it out or set it aside for donation. [4]
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    • For example, a flashlight may be a useful item to keep handy, while a bag of old batteries would not be as practical.
    • Throw out something useless, like dried white-out or inkless pens.
  4. Sort the items in your box by practical. Create small piles on the countertop, table or other flat surface. Examine each pile to determine which items are most commonly used, as these can go in front of the box. On the other hand, think about which articles don't get much use every week or month, as these can go in the back. [5]
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    • For example, add your calculator in front of your box and a bottle of super glue in the back.
  5. Invest in box dividers if you want a long-term solution. Use a tape measure to determine the length and width of the box. With these measurements, look online to find a set of dividers that fit into your specific box. Follow the packing instructions so that you can install the divider or organizer correctly. [6]
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    • You can buy many box dividers for under $ 25.
    • For example, you can place binder in one compartment, sticky notes in another and sticks in a separate partition.
    • If you organize a toolbox, you can hold screwdrivers in one section, a tape measure in another, and batteries in another partition.
  6. Use small cups or containers to store small odds and ends. Place a variety of small, rectangular and square compartments in the box. Experiment with the placement of the articles until you find a layout that works well with the contents of your junk bin. [7]
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    • For example, you can use a variety of square trays to hold decorative tape, pens, paper clips, business cards and other ornaments.
  7. Arrange your most used items in front of the box. Place your moderately used items in the center of the box, depending on how often you use them. If you only use certain items sometimes, arrange them in the back of the box instead. [8]
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    • Add, for example, the tape in front of the box, while a bag of labels or swivels can go against your back.

[ Edit ] Straighten a kitchen drawer

  1. Eliminate old, broken or unused items from your kitchen drawers. Pull out a trash can as you examine the contents of the kitchen drawer. Look over any utensil, utensil or other cooking supply to see if it is broken, moldy, unused or otherwise past its best. Discard the old, unwanted items so you can create more space for more useful utensils and kitchen equipment. [9]
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    • If you have unused items that are in embossed condition, you can consider donating them to a used store or other charity group.
  2. Fill your boxes with the things you use most often. Think about the meals you prepare and other tasks that you normally do while in the kitchen. If you use some tools and tools more than others, you group these items into a single box. Place items that you do not use as much in a separate box or cabinet. [10]
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    • For example, if you are preparing a lot of meals, place your measuring cups and cutting knives in the same box.
    • If you spend a lot of time preparing tea, coffee or other drinks, put your juice press and tea strainer in the same area.
  3. Use box dividers to separate your tools and tools. Take a ruler and tape measure and find out the basic dimensions of your kitchen drawers. Look online or in a home goods store to find a storage space that matches these dimensions. Slide or place the divider in your box, then use the different partitions to separate and organize your kitchen items. [11]
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    • For example, you can place your measuring spoons in part of the box, then use another section for your knives and tongs. You can also dedicate a section to your can opener, corkscrew or meat thermometer.
  4. Put your knives in a box instead of using a knife block. Assign a page or part of your box to your knife collection, as a knife block can take up a lot of valuable counter space. For an extra organizational layer you can try to sort the knives by type, such as split and crossed leaves. [12]
      Declutter Your Drawers Step 11.jpg
    • You can also dedicate a separate box for your tools.

[ Edit ] Cleaning your Dresser drawers

  1. Remove and sort your clothes 1 box at a time. Remove all clothing from a desk and place it on a flat surface, such as a bedspread or rug. Separate your clothes by item type and then remove everything you no longer want or need. [13]
      Declutter Your Drawers Step 12.jpg
    • Thrift and consignment shops are great places to send unwanted clothes. You can also explore local charities near you that collect unwanted clothing.
  2. Wipe each box with a cloth. Take a clean cloth and wipe the edges, sides and bottom of the box. Leave your boxes open for a few minutes so that they can fully vent. [14]
      Declutter Your Drawers Step 13.jpg
    • If your drawers are particularly dirty, clean them with soap and water. [15]
  3. Assign certain boxes to specific clothes. Do not mix your socks, tops and shorts in one area! Instead, put a box each for your underwear, tops, bottoms, pajamas, etc. [16]
      Declutter Your Drawers Step 14.jpg
    • For example, if your agency has 3 drawers, the upper part adds to underwear and socks, the middle section to the shirts and tops, and the bottom section to pants and bottoms.
  4. Fold your clothes to fit in the chest of drawers. Try to keep your clothes as uniform and compact as possible before placing them in the office. Stick the sleeves in the fabric so that your garments look square and uniform. Place these shirts upright in the box so that they are side by side with each other. This way you can access and see them easily later. [17]
      Declutter Your Drawers Step 15.jpg
    • If you want to take your precipitate to the next level, try sorting your clothes by color in the box! [19659060] [ Edit ] Tips
      • Roll and tie together all loose cords that you find and decide to hold your junk boxes. [18]

      [ Edit ] [19659064] Things You Need

      [ Edit ] Organizing and Junk Drawer

      • Disinfectant wipes
      • Measuring tape
      • Box divider
      • Small trays or cups

      [ Edit ] Straighten a kitchen drawer

      • Trash cans
      • Tape measure
      • Box divider

      [ Edit Cleaning Your Agencies

      • Large Bags
      • Dustcloth
      • Divider or Tray

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