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How to cut Shaggy Bangs

Not to be confused with layered bangs, raggy bangs (otherwise known as curtain or Bardot bangs) is a relaxed and elegant hairstyle that frames your face at a downward angle. Although it's always best to consult a professional hairdresser with all major hair changes, you can make your own adjustments with a set of cutting or texturizing scissors. With patience and precision you can create a fun new look for yourself!

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Trim the first section

  1. Comb your pimples in front of your face with a wide tooth comb. Brush through your hair to remove any tangles or creases. Instead of brushing a little hair aside, use a wide-toothed comb to arrange your future bangs in front of your forehead and eyes. [1]
      Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 1 Version 2.jpg
    • This process helps you visualize how much hair you have to work with, and makes it easier to split your bangs.
  2. Separate a triangular part of the hair in front of the forehead. Use your comb to divide a section of hair in front of your forehead and eyes. [2] Make sure the hair section falls around the hairline so that your bangs are thick enough to frame your face. [3]
      Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 2 version 2.jpg
    • If you have thinner hair, you may want to divide some of the hair that falls around your hairline.
    • When divided, this part of the hair would have an angled, triangular shape along your hairline.
  3. Divide this section of hair into two equal sections, A and B. Use a comb to split your bangs in the middle of the brow. Before you start trimming or adjusting your bangs, check both sides to make sure your messy bangs will have equal amounts of hair. To prevent confusion later, label the longest part of the hair as section A and the far right as section B. [4]
      Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 3 version 2.jpg
    • Because these bangs will frame your face, want to you make them look as even as possible.
  4. Brush section A to the right of the head. Squeeze the hair between the pointer and the middle finger, then pull your comb through section A. Pull this section of hair next to section B. Now use your pinched fingers to find out how much hair you want to cut away. [19659018] Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 4 Version 2.jpg "src =" https://www.wikihow.com/imagesorna/1/1a/Cut-Shaggy-Bangs-Step-4-Version-2.jpg/ aid11734003-v4-728px-Cut-Shaggy-Bangs-Step-4-Version-2.jpg "width =" 728 "height =" 546 "class =" whcdn "/>
  • Try to keep your hair dangling under your fingers [6]
  • Squeeze more hair than you plan to cut overall.
  • Pulling your bangs to the right makes it easier for you to see and cut them.
  • Cut the pile into a downward Angle in small steps Use scissors or texturizing scissors to make small adjustments to the hair dangling under your pinched fingers. Cut your hair into short, vertical or angled movements to create a balanced, springy effect along the edge of your straight sticks. Do not cut the entire section with hair clamp hair – instead cut a few millimeters at a time. [7]
      Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    • Try at Don't avoid doing a horizontal haircut, as this type of trimming will not be as accurate.
  • Trim the edge of section A to make it look smoother. Squeeze the bottom of the hair to create more accurate section A adjustments in your bangs. Pull your trimming shears into slow, angled movements to smooth the edge of your bangs. [8]
      Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    • At this point, the shortest part of your bangs will be around eye level, while the longest part will be near your chin.
  • [ Edit ] Adjust the second section

    1. Transfer 1 of the shortest hair tubes from section A to B. Cut a small, 5 to 10 mm section of the shortest hair from the right side by section A. Move this little part of your hair over to section B so that you have a reference to how short your bangs must be. [9]
        Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 7 Version 2.jpg
      • This process helps both of your piles look more accurate.
    2. Combs section B to the left of the head. Pinch section B between the pointer and middle finger, then pull it toward section A. Pull your comb through this part of the hair to ensure that both hair sections are relatively even in length. [10]
        Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 8 Version 2.jpg
    3. Pinch your hair and cut it down. Hold Section B firmly between the pointer and middle fingers and leave the hair dangling under your fingers. Cut the hair at a 45-degree angle to shape and angle the hair. Try using light, gentle movements to cut your hair so you can make adjustments later. [11]
        Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 9 Version 2.jpg
      • Sections A and B are mirror images of each other.
    4. Cut your beats vertically to make small adjustments. Continue holding Section B between the pointer and middle fingers and look for uneven hairs. Make the edge of your pile even by cutting down the edge with short, vertical movements. [12]
        Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 10 Version 2.jpg
      • Vertical incisions help you make more accurate adjustments to your bangs.
    5. Compare sections A and B to see if they are even long. Stand in front of a mirror and hold both parts of your furry pile next to each other. Check that the short ends are the same length and that the long ends are even. [13]
        Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 11 Version 2.jpg
    6. Brush and cut your bangs to make the necessary adjustments. Use your wide-toothed comb to smooth out your newly trimmed bangs. Once done, use your cutting or textured scissors to cut the angled edge of your straight bangs with short, vertical movements. Make small adjustments until you are satisfied with how your piles look. [14]
        Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 12 Version 2.jpg
      • You can always cut extra hair, but you cannot add extra hair back to your bangs. Keep this in mind as you cut!
    7. Style your bangs on the sides of your head so that they blend in with your hair. Chambers section A to the left of the face and section B to the right side. You can also use a curling iron to add more lift and style to your pile. [15]
        Cut Shaggy Bangs Step 13 Version 2.jpg

    [ Edit ] Things You Need [19659050] Width Toothbrush
  • Scissors
  • Mirror
  • Texturizing Scissors (optional )
  • Curling iron (optional)
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