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How to cut Amaryllis Flower

Amaryllis is a beautiful, lively flower that boasts the colors pink, red and even orange that grows from a large light bulb. Usually these flowers are planted outdoors or in a pot, but you can also cut them and display them in a vase. Whether you are interested in creating arrangements for a special event or just want to enjoy this beautiful flower from home, you can easily harvest them with a little care.


[[[[Edit]Cut the flower from the light bulb

  1. Cut flowers away from the bulb before they bloom for long-term enjoyment. When the stem opens and you see several buds, but before they have actually started to open, it is the best time to cut them off. They get a much longer vase life this way.[1]
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    • With proper care, cut amaryllis can last for up to 3 weeks in a vase.
  2. Support the trunk with your hand when cutting it so that it does not break. Once you have cut the flower from the flower, the weight of the buds can bend the stem and break it. Carefully hold the stem under the buds so that it does not tip over after it has been cut.[2]
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    • The inside of the trunk is hollow, so it is very fragile.
  3. Make your cut at a 45 degree angle above the light bulb. Use either a sharp, clean knife or scissors to cut. Be sure to only cut the stem of the flower you want to harvest to avoid harming the others.[3]
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    • If you notice that sap is coming out of the light bulb, it is normal and does not mean that you damaged the light bulb.

[[[[Edit]Care for Cut Amaryllis

  1. Put the freshly cut flowers in a vase filled with room temperature water. At the moment, do not worry about trimming the stems to the right size for the vase you are using – it is most important to get the freshly cut stems in water as soon as possible.[4]
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    • The only exception to the rule here is if the trunk is too long for the vase and the amaryllis risks breaking because it is so top heavy. If so, continue trimming the stem so that it can rest safely in the vase.
    • Make sure the vase you use is clean and dust-free. If you have a minute, you may want to wash it quickly with detergent to make sure it is completely free of unwanted bacteria.
  2. Leave the flowers in a cool, shaded place for 3-4 hours. This recovery time helps the amaryllis to adapt to the shock of being removed from the light bulb. Put it in a dark room or bathroom with the lights off.[5]
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    • For even better longevity, move your amaryllis to a cool place every night before going to bed. Too much heat or moisture can cause the petals to wither prematurely.
  3. Trim the stem and move the flowers to their final destination. When the flowers have had some time to rest, you can continue and trim the stem so that it has the right height for the vase you use. Cut it at a 45 degree angle and place the vase in a room anywhere around.[6]
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    • Due to the maximum weight of the amaryllis, try to leave only the stem above the edge of the vase.
  4. Stir a packet of flower food into the vase. You can buy premixed packages of flower food from any florist. Simply cut up the plastic, pour the contents into the vase and gently shake the water around so that it spreads.[7]
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    • Flower foods can help balance the pH level of the water, eliminate mold-causing bacteria and add the necessary sugar to help feed your flowers.
    • When you buy flowers from the store or florist, the bouquets come with a package of flower food. You can always ask for an extra and save it at home for when you have your own freshly cut flowers to display.
  5. Keep the vase out of direct sunlight and change the water every 3-5 days. Direct light and excessive heat will wither your flowers quickly and can lose color. To change the water, remove the flowers from the vase and hold them in one hand. With the other, you drain the old water and fill the vase with fresh room temperature water.[8]
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    • When changing water, add more flower food if you have it.

[[[[Edit]Create a beautiful arrangement

  1. Choose a vase that can carry the weight of the amaryllis. Amaryllis tends to be very heavy, so a light, thin vase can tip over under its weight. If you want to keep the stems long, use a long vase with a heavy bottom. If you want to cut the stems short, a squat, wide vase works best.[9]
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    • If you are worried that the vase will stand upright, you can fill the bottom with small stones or stones for extra weight.
  2. Use a clear or transparent vase to show the living, green trunk. Because the stem is so thick and the flower itself is so large and colorful, a clear, minimalist vase will look best. If you are using a colored vase, look for one that is only slightly tinted so that the stem is still visible through it.[10]
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    • If you prefer a bright, colorful vase or maybe a solid white vase, this is also good. Do what makes you happy to look at your flowers every day.
  3. Add some filling flowers if you want a more detailed arrangement. Amaryllis can shine on its own, but there is nothing wrong with adding a little greenery to your arrangement. Stay away from stuffed flowers that have colorful flowers and focus instead on those that are primarily green or white, such as fern, ivy, children’s breath, eucalyptus, Irish bells or ragwort.[11]
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    • If you are worried that the flowers will stay in place, use flower tape to create a grid over the opening of the vase. Just put the flowers through a specific hole to place them.[12]
  4. Trim away dead flowers so that your arrangement looks healthy. As your flowers age and fade, you can revive your arrangement by pruning the parts that no longer look alive. Amaryllis probably had several buds, but they probably did not all bloom at the same rate. If one of them has started to wither and fade but the others still look good, just cut off the one that is past its best.[13]
    Clip Amaryllis Flower Steg 12.jpg
    • Always use a clean knife or scissors to avoid introducing bacteria into the flowers.
    • When taken care of, each flowering can last for about 3 weeks.


  • Do not throw away the light bulb after you have cut off the flowers! It blooms again and new stems grow when it heals.[14]
  • Always use a clean vase for your cut flowers. Washing the vase quickly with warm water and detergent guarantees that there are no bacteria that can infect your flowers.[15]
  • Place a flower stick inside the stem to provide extra support for the weight and flowering of the stem.[16]


  • Amaryllis will die if left outdoors in cold weather. If it’s cold enough for frost, it’s too cold for your beautiful plant to be left out.[17]

[[[[Edit]Things you need

[[[[Edit]Cut the flower from the light bulb

  • Sharp, clean knife or scissors

[[[[Edit]Care for Cut Amaryllis

  • Sharp, clean knife or scissors
  • Vase
  • Flower food

[[[[Edit]Create a beautiful arrangement

  • Vase
  • Filling flowers
  • Sharp, clean knife or scissors


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