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How to crop a poinsettia

The distinctive red and green foliage of poinsettias can be seen throughout the Christmas season, but these beautiful plants are often forgotten for the rest of the year. If you have a poinsettia that you want to keep healthy when the holiday is over, you must cut it back and regulate water, soil and temperature conditions. By doing so, you will get attractive poinsettias all the more because you keep them growing yourself!
. irritating juice. When sliced, poinsettia leak a milky white sap which, although not toxic, can cause some irritation, especially for people with latex allergies. [1]

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  • If you get juice, rinse it off quickly with water and soap should be enough to prevent irritation.
  • The juice can also damage the plant itself if left on stems or leaves for too long. If some sap leaks out at the poinsettia plant, wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  • Cut off the dead foliage with clean garden shears in February or March. Cut off discolored, dry or limp leaves by making 45-degree incisions on the stem just below the blade. Do not cut foliage that is green and lively. Some petals and leaves can fall off naturally, and you can discard them however you choose to. [2]
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    • Using clean scissors prevents bacteria from entering the plant, so you may have to disinfect your scissors before making any cuts
  • Cut the stems so they are about long. Poinsettias naturally grow into a large shrub. To keep them in a compact size throughout the year, you must cut the stems to a shorter length. After cutting away the dead leaves that block them, you can cut the stems to this length more easily. [3]
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    • If you want larger poinsettias during the holidays, you can leave the stems a little longer so that they end roughly from the edge of the container they are in.
    • The cut stems can be used for to spread new plants. Do this by dipping the trunk into a rotating hormone and then planting it in a pot of soil.
  • Often cropped throughout the year to hold poinsettias of this size. Check your poinsettia once a month. If it has grown since the last check, cut the stems down to or to the desired size, leaving 3 or 4 new leaves on the stems. Your poinsettia should have a rounded shape with dense and compact growth. Pick off small shots to encourage business. [4]
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    • Pinched shoots can be used for spreading.
  • Stop cropping in early November. Shorter days in late autumn and early winter cause poinsettias to start blooming and changing color. [5] For large red foliage, you should stop cutting the plants to allow maximum growth during this time.
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  • [ Edit ] Maintaining a good environment for resuscitation

    1. Water the plant regularly and ensure proper drainage. Poinsettias, like all plants, need water to grow, but they can be very sensitive to overwatering. Water the plant when the earth's surface feels dry when touched. [6]
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      • If you bought your plant in the winter, it is probably in a pot wrapped in foil. Remove the pot from the foil to allow for drainage.
    2. Store the plant in a sunny location with a temperature of at least. The plant should receive a good amount of light, but should not be placed directly in the sun. Avoid harsh places where temperatures can vary during the day and night. [7]
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    3. Place the plants in complete darkness for 13 hours a day beginning in mid-September. For the characteristic pale red leaves, poinsettia need about 13 hours of absolute darkness per day for 8-10 weeks. Place them in a wardrobe, under a drawer or inside a shelter, and make sure absolutely no light can come through. [8]
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      • Setting a daily alarm is the best way to remind yourself when to do this and stay on track for beautiful plants during holiday.
      • During the other hours of the day, the plant should receive normal lighting conditions.

    [ Edit ] Tips

    • Growing poinsettias is a year-long process that requires adhering to a fairly rigid schedule. Make sure you are prepared to stick to it throughout the year.

    [ Edit ] Warnings

    • Keep poinsettia away from pets. Ingestion of leaves and juices can lead to vomiting and diarrhea in many animals. [9]

    [ Edit ] Things You Need

    • Garden Scissors [19659009] Gloves
    • Pot
    • Garden Earth

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