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How to create concrete letters: 7 steps

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Step 1: Cut the cardboard to make letters

  • Draw small boxes with ruler and pencil
  • face outwards so you may have to flip over it before cutting Use a knife or scissors to cut the cardboard

Step 2: Create a template

  • makes a template with glue gun toll and ribbon

Step 3: Rough line bottom of letter with wax paper

  • gives it a nice structure and also slows the dry time so you have more time to level up the top.

Step 4: Mix Concrete and Fill Templates

  • Make sure you have your PPE (personal protective equipment on) before you start handling the concrete mix.
  • Add some mixing spoons and add a small amount of water to your mixing container.
  • Adding more water weakens the concrete somewhat. In total, you have to mix for 2-3 minutes to make sure everything is integrated.
  • fill the letters to overflowing. Then use a trowel and smooth the top. If you do not have one then just use a knife or other tool to level out.
  • Place wax paper on top and allow the cement to dry.

Step 5: Scale of cardboard and wax paper

  • put some water in the cement molds

Step 6: Paint (optional)

  • To do this, put on a glove (so you don't spray your fingers) and hold on to the top of the letter and spray the shapes with your spray paint of your choice.

Step 7: Enjoy !!

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