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How to create a T-shirt folder

Folding T-shirts can be painful, especially if you are trying to pack a bunch for a trip or if you are organizing your wardrobe. A T-shirt folder can help you fold many shirts quickly so that they all look nice and organized. You can create a T-shirt holder in just a few minutes using materials that you probably already have around the house. Make one for yourself or your kids to make folding T-shirts quickly and easily!


[[[[Edit]Assembly of cardboard pieces

  1. Cut a wide and long piece of cardboard. You can use a straight piece of cardboard or cut a cardboard together. Measure out your piece and use a box cutter to cut it out in a straight line.[1]
    Create a T-shirt folder Step 1 version 2.jpg
    • If you are wearing more than one XL size T-shirt, add both measurements before cutting out the panels.
  2. Cut out two more identical pieces of cardboard. Take a little more cardboard and cut out and measure two more panels that are the same size as the first piece. Use the first box you cut out as a guide to make sure they are all the same size.[2]
    Create a T-shirt folder Step 2 version 3.jpg
    • If the panels are not as long, use your box cutter to cut off the excess until smooth.
  3. Lay all 3 panels side by side in the longitudinal direction. Choose a flat surface, such as the table or floor, and spread out the pieces of cardboard. Reach the panels lengthwise with no space between them so that they form a long piece of cardboard.[3]
    • If there are any gaps between the panels, your T-shirt folder may not work as well.
  4. Tape the top half of the panels together. Take a roll of masking tape or duct tape and hold the three panels together so that they are still side by side. Use 2 different pieces of tape to attach them, but tape only the top half of the panels together so that the bottom can still be bent.[4]
    • Your T-shirt folder must be folded up, so you must leave a space at the bottom of the panels.
  5. Measure halfway up the center panel and draw a line across it. Use a ruler or tape measure to mark a line in the center of the center panel. Use a permanent marker to draw a line across the center so you can keep track of where it is.[5]
    • This will be approximately from the top of the panel.
  6. Rate a line across the center of the center panel. Use a knife or box cutter to carefully cut a line across the center of the panel, but do not cut all the way through the box. Instead, draw a line about halfway through it so that the panel can bend, but it is still attached to the top half.[6]
    • This will make the bottom panel easier to bend so you do not have to fold and fold it a lot of times.

[[[[Edit]Use the T-shirt folder

  1. Place the T-shirt face down on the center panel. Try to center the collar at the top of the panel and flatten the shirt so that it does not crease or wrinkle. The sleeves of your shirt will be spread over the right and left tabs of the T-shirt folder. The more centered the shirt, the better it folds.[7]
    • Always start with the T-shirt with the front facing down so that the design faces upwards when it is together.
    • The t-shirt folder works best on short sleeves, light T-shirts.
  2. Turn the left flap over and fold the left arm. Grab the left panel of the box and turn it over on top of the T-shirt, then pull back the panel. The left sleeve of your T-shirt should now be folded over in the middle of your T-shirt.[8]
    • Turn the panel quickly so that the sleeve does not have time to fall or apply.
  3. Turn the right flap over and fold the right arm. Now do the same for the other sleeve on your T-shirt by quickly turning the right flap over the middle of the shirt. Then pull off the flap so you can see the straight line in your collapsible T-shirt.[9]
    • If your shirt is wrinkled or does not fold properly, you can just undo it and try again.
  4. Fold down the bottom panel. Finally, select the bottom panel of the box to fold down the lower half of the T-shirt on top of itself. This complements your folded shirt, and you can flip it over to see the design on the front.[10]
    • Try to put your folded shirt directly in its storage place so that it is not accidentally interrupted.
  5. Store your T-shirt with the design facing outwards. Now you can put your folded shirt in a box or suitcase so that it stays stylish and wrinkle-free. Try to place the design facing outwards so that you can see which T-shirt you pick up when it’s time to dress.[11]
    Create a T-shirt folder Step 11.jpg
    • If you store shirts that are folded nicely, you save a lot of space, so that you can fit several sweaters in your wardrobe or suitcase at once.
    • Try using your T-shirt folder to fold shorts and pants too! Just fold the clothes in half lengthwise and then center it on the cardboard. Use the bottom panel to turn the bottom half upwards for a nice, clean fold.



  • Try using your T-shirt folder to fold shirts before a long trip.
  • Create a T-shirt folder for your children so that it is easier for them to fold the laundry.


  • Be careful when handling a box cutter and always direct the blade away from you when mowing.

[[[[Edit]Things you need

[[[[Edit]Assembly of cardboard

  • Cardboard
  • cardboard knife
  • Masking tape or duct tape
  • Marker
  • Ruler or tape measure

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